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  1. @Sweety sweety sister did you get the visa

    thank you 

  2. Hi @BatmanFlow you are right but my question was when you submitted the questionair email after how many days embassy acknowledge they receive their answer or request information I submitted 3 days ago but no any response from embassy thank you
  3. Hi I am looking for any one same experience.I have received questionsair mail after 2 month but in the mail no metion it’s 5535 just metion in the mail just metion we need some more information to processing your case Thank you
  4. Hi @kryptonite your experience and my experience is similar I already mentioned my experience on this platform.my interview was 21 October and did not got any response from embassy even my employer did not got any response. embassy did not asked any documents. I sent email this week regarding my case update but not receive any response.but actually you mention you sent email 1 December and they sent response on 8 December.I sent 6 and hopefully I will get next week .but I saw some people experiencing similar to our case.Montreal issues the visa in 10 week but right now holiday season may be little bit more .plz if you will receive any update plz inform us and if I will get any response I will inform you thank you
  5. Hi I just want to ask you guys how long embassy sends he actual response for your email .today I send the email and I just received the normal response (we are very busy and your email in line) Thank you
  6. Hi @Jorgedig The officer told me everything looks good .but your case is going for Ap. I asked her you need any more information or any other documents.but she said we don’t need any thing .we will send you email if we need anything .right now more then 6 week I did not receive anything or even my employer did not receive anything Thank you
  7. Hi friends I am new here on this form.I want to share my interview experience. I had a interview on 24 October 2022.she quickly asked me few questions.Afrer the interview she said your going to Ap.she kept my passport and all my original documents.she said we don’t need any documents from you but they asked me to sign a paper .she give me 22g white paper she said next communication we will touch with you in email..my case updated two time till right now can please anyone guide me how long it will take to issue the visa Thank you
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