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  1. As everyone above already stated, yes you can stay until your case has been adjudicated. However, it is to your disadvantage if you wait and waste time after you have received your marriage certificate file immediately
  2. Bring your GC with you, enter with your esta and be prepared to answer questions. When you left permanently in 2019, did you notify immigration or anyother relevant authority ?
  3. At least now you have an idea of what could be amiss. If you have a copy of your divorce decree, hold on to it as they might ask for it even though you submitted it before.
  4. You will need a new copy, this time make copies of it as you will always need it.
  5. If the situation cannot be helped, my advice is that you have waited all this while for this, You cannot afford to have it messed up....talk to your HR see if they can do something about your work trip.
  6. Do not forget to foward your mails to your new address with USPS.https://www.usps.com/manage/forward.htm, it might take a while for USCIS to effect your address change....meanwhile they will be sending correspondence to your old address. This has messed up alot of immigration cases...AVOID IT AT ALL COST
  7. was your GC process hitch free?......did you get NOID or anything of that sort?
  8. All true and make sure you guys dont overstay...that will be a real problem, stick to your itinerary
  9. No need to complicate an already complicated issue. Just file for a divorce and remove your conditions with a waiver
  10. Complicated, but i would say follow the foil through because if she got an extension for 24 months technically she is still a GC holder regardless of the domestic dispute situation
  11. It is visa fraud if she plans to enter the US , marry and adjust her status. If you marry in the USA , she has to stay only for the remainder of her permitted stay (determined by CBP at point of entry, its usually 6 months) then return to Europe petition for her to move to USA. If you marry in Europe then you go back to USA ALONE then petition for her to move to the USA. Green card petitions are slower, however if you become a citizen...you can upgrade your petition and it moves faster.
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