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  1. I can recommend a few...my husband got a puppy and trained him to do things i didnt know dogs could be that smart....he also started learning computer programing languages (python etc) . He brainstormed a business idea which is presently in the works since he got his EAD. He also exercised everyday, read every book in the house.....made me delicious meals....Bought an old car (Toyota camry 2010) from auctions and fixed it in the garage all by himself. The car turned out to be a life saver with current gas prices.
  2. Learn a programing language like python. Let me know if you need free classes
  3. it is possible, however you also need evidence to back up your claims
  4. Dont worry about him, He will be back....with more questions😀
  5. K3 visa is obsolete..are you the petitioner of beneficiary? If you the beneficiary you will have to get your visa from Brazil anyways and you cannot stay more than 6 months in the USA if you currently here. It you the Petitioner, there is nothing wrong with staying abroad for a few months and moving back provided you file tax in the USA and you maintain a residence and an address for correspondence. Letter of intent ideally should jut state your intent to marry after you receive the K1 and file for adjustment of status ASAP. My advise is based on the much I know.
  6. Sparkle Sparkle


    My bad... Have yourselves a ball.
  7. Sparkle Sparkle


    Please clarify your question.... Give us some history
  8. It was an over sight on your part.. He should have visited you beforw you attempted to travel to to the states. Yes it does mean ESTA will be difficult from now on... However, you can still qualify for a B2 visa if you play your cards right
  9. Quit tactically promoting that god forsaken app... Stop sending sublimal messages... If you need help ask for help... Stop promoting apps.
  10. Follow the link above, if you have questions on answering any questions ask here for guidance. ....Are you both married yet?...is his name on your daughters birth certificate as the father?....it does not matter if your father lives in another state provided he has been filling taxes, meets the financial requirement and can send you documents to back it all up.
  11. was you k1 petition approved? were you interviewed at the embassy?
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