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    1.There is nothing normal about immigration....
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    5. Know everything about your spouse, fiance or fiancee
    6. Do not keep secrets from your spouse, fiance or fiancee. Any secret you keep the USCIS/DHS already knows about it,it will be used against you and your Spouse,fiance/fiancee will find out the hard way during interview.
    7. pray...pray more...then pray a little more.

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  1. Approved cases are not being sent to various embassies because they are closed at the moment....when they open they will request the files from NVC...until then we seat and wait. Its sad but I understand this. My only concern is that when embassies open will all the cases for a particular embassy be sent at once or will they send them in batches. I Sincerely hope they send them all at once.
  2. Nice, can find it again but someone else reported getting a 6 years DL after he went in to renew his TDL. They didnt ask for anything they just took the temporary and issued him a 6 year.
  3. @Lucky Cat Thank you much...I did a little research on my own .....It says they will issue only Temporary drivers licence based on the timeline to be determined by DHS source: https://www.dps.texas.gov/driverlicense/documents/verifyinglawfulpresence.pdf So basically I-94 will get max of 90days? what about AOS through K1?
  4. Yeah its better here...if the founding members of VJ chose other platforms because of convenience ....lawyers will be billionaires by now
  5. I recommended that, he refused ...says he does not want a scar on his scalp...think we should move to inbox we derailing this thread.
  6. @ClioNicoleyes it shows😂😂😂 but don't worry atleast we all get to learn something new... My fiancé is going bald and he hates it... Wears a ridiculous cap to cover it and I hate his caps.. Will offer him any solution to get rid of it... Thanks alot
  7. AFAIK... Visa validity is tied to medical... If you do it too early your visa will be shorter or worst case scenario you will have to redo it again. it's from a post by @Greenbaum. Before I shared it with you I went through it and it specifically said do not schedule interviews until the embassy sends you the P3. I would advise you you it for informative purpose only and gather the necessary documents you need for the process in advance. Your process will be significantly faster if you respond to P3 24hrs after the embassy sends it to you... That will only be possible if you already know what they will ask for.
  8. I concur, and your Spouse is your relative by marriage... Your fiance is not. The use of the word 'relatives' should not be confused with 'blood relatives' in which are people you related by blood. A spouse is a relative based on marriage.
  9. @RichardW002it's really unnecessary cursing them out like that.below is the link to the P3 you seek. https://vn.usembassy.gov/packet3k
  10. @Solaris81I see alot of sense in all the advice you have been given here... Not to be rude but I think you need to form the right attitude towards getting your approval. As @Sarge2155, @Greenbaumand the host of others already advised, all what they want is for you to write them an outline of your relationship so far... With strong evidence (think you should prioritize the kind of evidence you submit). About her being petitioned for the second time. I personally think that will be tough but not impossible if you both are in the right frame of mind to go through this and your fiancée needs it because she will have to defend her antecedent the embassy alone. She needs to tell you the circumstances under which that relationship ended.. And it needs to be explained to USCIS. You also need to focus on evidence of your relationship after you submitted the petition. Just like everyother person here,except the 'grandmasters' I really don't know much. But I have read everything readable on vj and it's opened my mind up to alot of scenerios. I have read your post even before you received the RFE... You need to understand it's not a right. You are seeking a benefit and the burden of prove is on you no matter what you submitted and how many times you have to do it all over again. Call your fiancee on a video call over the weekend, both of you with a pen and paper go over every sentence from your RFE, it's not as bad as it looks. Sorry for the long post but I think he just needed to be pointed in the right direction.
  11. It will be messed up if they have to ship petitions in batches to different embassies when all this dust settles... They should be able to send all the approved petitions of each country to the embassy responsible at once... Otherwise it will another waiting period. @ClioNicole, We know @Greenbaumis blessed and he knows it too.
  12. Just tell them you want it for American visa... They do a good job
  13. Try studioline... When I visited Germany my fiance and I took passport photos in Stuttgart for the K1 https://www.studioline.de/fotostudios/stuttgart-das-gerber/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Stuttgart+Das-GERBER
  14. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/photos.html
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