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  1. Send an email to : support@ustraveldocs.com
  2. Since he filed for spousal support....then you should file for child support...there has to be balance somewhere
  3. Well ....you can bring up the issue of immigration fraud (not so promising but worth a try).....If I may ask...what is the grounds for divorce?
  4. It s still very difficult ...but am sure after covid is over, we are not going to take it slow and we are not going to take it one step at a time
  5. IMHO ...Just take the loss, accept the divorce....talk to a good lawyer about the spousal support
  6. You wont get yellow packet because they sent it digitally...so just get on your flight and no worries
  7. Dont worry too much about it, just submit it like that then take actions to request and correct the name on the birth certificate while waiting for their decision on your submitted forms.
  8. So now that 2 cases of the new strain has been reported in South Carolina, no travel history and no connection... Do we all agree the ban is necessary?
  9. I agree.... They already know what they know... They just needed confirmation and your story gave it to them.
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