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Found 14 results

  1. mkjsh

    Tourist Visa

    Hi, I am Indian, living in Canada as a student and finishing studies by April 2024, would like to apply for tourist visa to visit US. I applied for tourist visa to visit US from India in 2014 while working which got rejected. As I want to apply for visa again, what time would be the best to apply - as a student from Canada or wait till I get a job in Canada and then apply for US visa.
  2. Hi. I am a US Citizen and i’m trying to petition my parents. they currently have a tourist visa. if they have a pending i-130, are they still be able to travel here using their tourist visa? thank you
  3. Me and my partner are looking for the best way to proceed. I'm from Italy, he's USC. Since the waiting time is almost the same, we're leaning to get married and proceed with a CR-1 visa, more than picking the K1 path. Our concern about this is the traveling while the I-130 is pending. What are the chances of a tourist visa getting denied because of this? Would this be a problem only with a pending I-130 or also with a pending I-129F? I know for this purpose there's the K3 visa, but the waiting time is the same so there's no point. We are willing to wait for the whole procedure to go through, but not being able to see each other in the meantime would be crazy. Thank you for the help!
  4. Hello, I have enter USA on tourist visa (B1\B2) in 2014 (Valid till 2024) and did status change to student visa (F1) got approved (No stamp on passport) inland I was in USA till 2018 on Student visa (F1). Then I moved to Canada (in 2018) got married to Canadian citizen. Currently having Indian citizenship and Canadian PR. The question is these November 2022 my wife's cousin getting married in USA and they have invited us for wedding can I still re enter USA on tourist visa (B1\B2 as its valid till 2024) or I need to re apply for new tourist visa because of change of status inland to student (F1) and not having stamp on passport before leaving USA? If yes tourist visa (B1\B2) stamped on passport still valid, Speaking practically will the immigration officer will let me enter the USA or not as I previously enter USA on same status (B2) and change of mind to student (F1) he/she can deport me and bard me from re entering? (I will have my wife (Canadian citizen) traveling with me and will have return ticket for both of us) Thank you.
  5. I am a US Citizen. My mother wants to come to the US but she wants to bring mg younger sister with her at the same time. Is it better to do tourist visa first so that both of them can come at the same time then petition my mom after they got their tourist visa? Or what is the fastesr way to bring my senior citizen mom with my minor sister here in the US?
  6. Greetings Everyone, My wife and I want to bring her nephew, who is 8 years old, to live with us so he can have a better education. What kind of visa does he need? Do we first start with a tourist visa? Thanks, Elle
  7. Hello Has anyone applied for U.S. tourist visa from the Bahamas? Any tips or suggestions for applying? is the DS160 the only application needed?
  8. Hi, me and my wife have applied for Tourist visa, we have our interview at Vancouver consulate, we do not have our original marriage certificate, we have only photocopy of it, would it be an issue? or should we be fine. our passports do not show our names under spouse. we recently got married. Please let me know
  9. My parents are divorced and soon my father wants to apply for tourists visas for him and my two siblings who are under 18 (I am over 18 i am aware i have to do the application on my own). As a result of the divorce (which happened in 2016) he was granted full custody of me, and my mother got custody of my two siblings. However, they spend most of their time with my dad and I and even live at our house since my mother is always 'busy'. My question is, what type of documentation would he need to provide regarding the divorce. If he applies for tourist visas for my younger sibling would he need some sort of letter from my mother giving her permission for this to happen? Would he need to carry his divorce papers? Any information would be appreciated, thank you.
  10. Hello VJ members, Bit confused while filling out my parent's DS-160. For my dad's application, I put as 'Retired' on occupation and provided his previous employer. And while going through form, it didn't ask about if my dad has been to any countries in last 5 years. But while I was filling out for my mom's, I put her as a 'Homemaker' and form asked If she has been outside of country in last 5 years? is that expected? Both of my parents have been outside the country in last 5 years, just wanted to get some opinions out here.
  11. Has anyone recently gotten a tourist visa in naija? I would like my future mother in law to come for our wedding but we are getting no feedback at all from the embassy and appointments are years out. Any help appreciated
  12. Hi everyone, How can I find someone generous and humane to sponsor my tourist visa to United States? I'm a Nigerian, no insult please.
  13. Hi, I'm hoping for some input. I am a US citizen, and my wife is currently an LPR. My wife's mom is currently here with us in the US on a B1/B2 visitor visa. She entered the US on July 1st 2021, and her visa expires I believe December 31st 2021. We put in an extension request on Oct 4th 2021, and she had her biometrics appointment on November 3rd 2021. We are trying to extend her visa because she is from New Zealand, and we're worried she won't be able to get back into her country in time. This is because you can't just book a flight and return to NZ. You have to first have a spot secured in a government managed isolation hotel, but in order to secure a spot you are put through a lottery system. This means that there is literally no way of knowing if she can get back to her home country in time, if at all. So far from what I can tell, extension requests are useless. They either are denied or they take way too long to come through. So, my question is, do we abandon that plan entirely and try and instead plan to get her to another country entirely when her US visa expires? Are there any other options at our disposal that we can try? Has anyone else been in a similar situation? This whole process is so frustrating, because there's no way of making anyone care that there are things out of our control. My mother-in-law can't just hop between countries while she hopes to be let back into her own country!
  14. Hi everyone I’m 16 weeks pregnant and I just want to know if I am eligible to get a medicaid. I have a pending IV visa and im on tourist and got pregnant while vacationing now I'm doing my prenantal checkup with an outstanding bill of 360 usd plus additional billing for my upcoming check up next month. my boyfriend does not want me to get the medicaid because he thinks it will affect my immigrant visa but I worry because our bill is getting bigger. Anyone here who have the same scenario like mine. Thank You
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