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  1. I'm going to refile I 130 I was revoked in first case Was the beneficiary EVER in immigration proceedings? Yes or no I didn't go to US before
  2. Does anyone refile I 130 after first one is revoked for more proof of marriage
  3. uscis revoke my case because my evidence delivered late on 25 after that they get it then send to nvc they can do that after revoke?


    1. JeanneAdil


      That is the progression when a case is revoked

      it is returned to NVC and NVC returns it to the USCIS service center


      in about 6 months the USC will receive the notice and have to respond to the NOIR with actual proofs that the CO issues are not the case


      tried to get the progression earlier but u said responded to NOIR/  it has to go thru the process to be retruned to USCIS office and USC has to respond 

  4. My case was revoke on 25 then they said they received evidence on 26 then on 29 case sent to nvc I'm confused
  5. My case was get back to uscis after interview and I submitted evidence to them again but it was delivered to them July 26 and they revoke the case 25 but they was saying they take with the day I submitted it to usps on July 29 I got updated saying sent the case to nvc idk what is this ?

    1. JeanneAdil


      evidence to where?

      to USCIS US office?


      If so, they reaffirmed and  case is at NVC awaiting sent to embassy for a follow up interiew


      evidence to embassy?

      they have sent case to NVC to be returned to the US office handling your case 

  6. My case get back uscis for possible revocation does any one had that before
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