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  1. Hello Today my wife had her CR-1 Interview in Islamabad, Pakistan. They gave her 221G ( See attached Image ) form asking to upload Petitioner and Beneficiary previous marriage photographs my wife told the CO /interpreter that we don't have photos of our previous marriage she told her that is your problem and walked away . I was able to find 2 pictures of me with my ex. But my wife she can't find any pictures of herself with her ex or other family members from her previous wedding day. What should we do ? Upload what we have? They kept her Passport original marriage certificates and previous marriage termination documents for both wedding photos and NADRA FRC Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated
  2. My husband was deported and now wants to be separated but doesnt want a divorce. He said he was told that the marriage would desolve after 5 years anyway. Has anyone heard of this.??
  3. We just received a letter from uscis indicating that I would need to get the 'certificate of making interim judgement final' from the family justice court. My first marriage was under muslim law and thus it was under the jurisdiction of the shariah court. So when I had my divorce finalised. It was also done in the shariah court. I submitted my divorce decree as an evidence however they require me to get the above document. It is unlikely that I would be given the above document even if I asked for it as the family justice court did not preside over my first marriage. I have contacted relevant parties and am awaiting a response. Just wondering if anyone has faced anything like this before? Please share.. would be really thankful to hear from someone..
  4. I have been following VJ off and on in last 2 years. I filled my I 751 divorced waiver in Aug 2016, received NOA after 5 days and received fingerprinting appointment after approx. 2 months. I was unable to check my status online it didn't recognize my receipt number. I received a letter from local USCIS office on March 23rd for an interview. I had an interview on April 25th, 2018. My interview officer checked my documents asked some questions and at the end, he said I am going to approve your application. On May 1st, 2018 my status on USCIS website updated with "New card is Being Produced". On May 3rd it changed it to New office has Jurisdiction. I freaked out and called my lawyer and he called USCIS office and told me that your case is approved don't worry about online status as they transfer my case to national benefits center. I got a letter in the mail it says that congratulations! we approved your application and you will get your green card within 60 days. after that I also receive a letter that my case was to transferred to NBC. After 21 days of my interview, i received my green card in the mail. Tips to prepare I 751 divorce application write a very good letter and get a lawyer to help you in this process. I took screenshots of my text msgs between me and my ex-wife I also received RFE and I already submitted all evidence so I attached one more letter of support and sent all evidence again. Attached 11 letter of support as I didn't have a joint lease and joint insurance. Interview experience: IO was really good he asked me about all the pictures and wrote it down about the event and when we took this picture. He asked my about my bank statement and asked the reason why we decided to get divorced. My lawyer went with me for an interview. Most important point is true information if your case based on reality and facts then you should not be fear of anything. A good lawyer is very helpful. I just wanted to share my journey with you guys especially those who are waiting and good luck!
  5. Hey guys I dont know if Im in the right topic but I will ask you this Friend of mine is getting a divorce and now He has a expired conditional green card and to make things worse the wife wont give him any help to remove the conditional status and all documents and proofs are with her, and wont give him any documents. My question is where could him start to renew it?
  6. Hello, my fiance and I have been approved and we are ready to move on to the interview process. While I was going over some preparation checklist and came across something that might be a problem to our process. I moved to the US from the Philippines as a K3 when I was 17 and got married when I was 19 years old. My passport expired so I went to the Consulate of the Philippines to renew my passport. Since my identification/documents had my married last name I had to do report the marriage to the Consulate of the Philippines. After 5 years, we had a divorce. However, I remained married in the Philippines. Now, I am in the process of getting my Fiance who is from the Philippines thru Fiance Visa. Will that affect my petition? I have been divorced since June 2015. There is a part in the checklist that says: "For K1,F21 spouse, and CR1/IR1 petitions: If your petitioner was born in the Philippines and lived at least one (1) year in the Philippines after the age of 18-- A Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) from the PSA valid within one (1) year from the date it was obtained." I was born in the Philippines, but I moved to the US when I was 17 and became a US citizen when I was 25. And never lived in the Philippines for a year after I turned 18. Do I still belong to this category of people who needed to submit a Certificate of No Marriage? PLEASE ADVISE.
  7. Hello everyone out there, My wife and I filed a joint i-751 petition 2 weeks ago because we were in the 90 days period, our marriage was going down but we were not sure we wanted to divorce, so we filed a joint petition. Now we are heading to divorce, unfortunately, she already filed. I received the NOA1 last week. I am looking to move out and change my address on the USCIS website, we expect the divorce will be finalized sometime around the end of the year or the beginning of 2017. I want to use the divorce waiver, but my question is, do I have to file a whole new application with all the supporting evidence? and pay a new fee again? and receive another NOA1? If so, can I ask them to return the old application to me so I can use the same evidence and just print and fill a new i-751 form? or can I ask them to amend my application to divorce waiver? Please your help is highly appreciated Thank you.
  8. Hello, Brand new to the forum. I've multiple questions, I hope that's okay. Facts - Received Green Card through marriage in late August 2018 (2 year conditional) - Broke up and moved apart in May 2019 (mutual but amicable). Evidence of bonafide marriage up until then. -Live in the state of California. -Filing for divorce this week (Jan 2020). - 2 year anniversary of receiving GC will be late August 2020. Questions 1) If we file for summary dissolution (we qualify) instead of regular divorce, do I jeopardize my chances of staying in the US and being allowed to remove the conditions of my green card? 2) When should I file i-751? Now? Or is it best to wait until I receive my divorce decree? (I estimate I will receive decree in June 2020). Thanks very much! Luke
  9. What should I do: I just had my Adjusment of Status/ Green Card interview. We got married last April and my husband has been showing really aggressive nature. We have had counseling but he walked out from the last session. Me and my daughters Green Card are on it’s way but now my husband decided to threaten me that if I don’t behave like he wants (do things like he wants) he is going to ask the immigration officers to cancel our Green Cards and send us back to our home country. I sold everything and gave up everything to come here based on his apparently empty promises and I cannot go back straight away for financial reasons and also cause it would be so hard for my daughter having to move again and leave her new friends. Is there any way that I could apply for removal of conditions on my Green Card this early?
  10. Hi all, My wife and I are going through a difficult stretch and would really appreciate some advice. Quick breakdown of the timeline: I'm an American citizen, and we filed her I-751 jointly in late November, 2018 (received early December). We never got a biometrics appointment notice, but when visiting our local USCIS office for an emergency travel waiver (so she could visit a dying relative), they were nice enough to get the Biometrics done right then and there in December 2018. We received a notice that her case had gone through preliminary review and been transferred to the Potomac office in late October 2019. We've been going through couples therapy for the last 2.5 years and have recently decided to get divorced, but we both still love each other and are fiercely supportive of each other. I want to do whatever I can to make sure she's able to live where she wants. We haven't yet filed for divorce, but are thinking to do so in January 2020. Normally we would probably just stay married until the process completes, but a few wrinkles: She loves her job here in Washington state and doesn't want to leave it (totally understandable). I've been offered my once-in-a-lifetime dream job in another state, and need to get there by early February 2020 at the latest. If we're selected for an interview, I would absolutely fly back to participate and support her case. We have an immigration attorney that helped us with the initial filing but it's been difficult getting more information about the steps in front of us. Washington state has a 3 month waiting period after filing divorce before it can be finalized, and our attorney has told us that USCIS doesn't recognize 'separated' as a relationship phase. We're both nervous about what happens next. I assume we should file for divorce before I leave Washington, because living separated (especially in different states) looks bad, but our attorney also says that we can't amend our petition (or basically refile) until the divorce is completed, either. What happens if we're called for an interview? Does the USCIS expect divorcing couples to continue living together until the divorce is finalized? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. I am in the following situation and I don't know what to do. Can I apply for ROC alone? 1) Divorce due to US spouse's multiple cheating (I haven't divorced him yet, but I am considering it) 2) Us not living together for half a year 3) Us not sharing the same bank account 4) US spouse on disability checks (We haven't done this yet, but we are considering it) Visa status: I am the beneficiary and I received my conditional green card around October 2018. We got married at the beginning of 2017, so the marriage itself has been for over 2 years, almost 3 years in a few months, but it has been less than 2 years since I got my conditional green card. Current situation: During the marriage, my US spouse cheated on me a few times, but since marriage is a big deal for me, I forgave him, hoping things would be better. Unfortunately, after all that cheating incidents, I have lost faith and love in him, and I am wanting to divorce him. However, I feel like I am stuck now because of this "you have to stay married for 2 years to prove bona-fideness of the marriage" thing. 1) Do I have to stay married regardless of all the infidelity of my US spouse, to prove the realness of the marriage? 2) After his last cheating on me, he devastated me and I stayed at my friend's place for 6 months. My spouse stayed at his parent's place. We are living together again, hoping things would turn in the better direction, but my feeling doesn't seem to come back because of many times he cheated on me and hurt my feelings. How does this affect my ROC if I do proceed to divorce him before my 2 years is up? 3) My spouse has a very bad habit of overspending (on alcohol and legal drug), and he always empties his paycheck quickly. On the other hand, I save every penny, but if we share the same bank account, he will start spending the money I earned on those things. I would love to help with life, bills, food, medical stuff, but I don't think it is fair for him to spend my money on those things. So we don't really do financial commingling. How bad could this be upon ROC by myself? 4) My spouse has not worked for about a year, during which I have been providing for him. He got fired multiple times because of his slacking off. Also he somehow damaged his shoulder, and now he was advised by his doctor not to work for the next 6 months. I have been paying all the bills, rent, our life together, his medical bills, and stuff, and now he cant work for the next 6months. He has 0 saving, and now all of my paycheck and even my saving is decreasing. Can my US spouse be on disability check? Or if you get a green card through marriage, is even the US spouse not allowed to use the public aid like disability check or food stamp? I know USCIS doesn't want the foreigners to use the governmental aid. Apologies for the long post, but it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help me get some idea on any of the above matters.
  12. As I said before: I will keep my timeline continuously updated so that some of you can be helped. I sent out my I 751 package with Divorce waiver (Good Faith Marriage) on last Friday. Even though I hired one of most prominent lawyer of state of Texas, I suggest not to hire lawyer if you are confident and you know what was inside your marriage. My lawyer and his office did nothing but just fill the form and organize a cover letter; that 100 bucks max job cost me $2,500 unfortunately. Any way -- Here are summary: Cover letter stating the materials inside, Copy of I 485 approval and Marriage certificate, My affidavit, copy of divorce decree; Copy of Marriage counseling as proof of attempts to save marriage, 1 letter from marriage counselor, emails and text correspondence as proof of attempts to save marriage, letter copy sent to Ex in Law family; Copy of evidences of Bonafide marriages- Joint Apt Lease, Joint utility bills (light and water), Joint 4 cars, Joint vehicle insurance, Joint 2 bank a/c, Joint 2 years tax return copy and transcripts, 12-15 pictures jointly and also with friends and family, Joint cell phone plan with Ex-law family, 3 sworn affidavits from friends and family (Nothing from Ex-Wife or from her family), ex-wife's employer provided spouse card, some joint purchases, I 94 of mine as a proof of visiting my ex-in law family and travel with ex-wife, Copy of Pet (3 dogs) papers. One big proof- MY RESPONSE TO HER DIVORCE NOTICE THAT SAYS ABOUT ALL DETAILS BETWEEN US! Some proofs of why we continuously had issues and arguments; That's all I sent. I will keep update in this post about Bio metrics and all later details. Please keep me in pray and stay blessed.
  13. The past few weeks been so eventful. I posted before below about my marriage and the struggles we been going through. After attempting counseling twice, my wife declared that she don't want to be married anymore, and that she loves me so much, and she doesn't mind us working on our relationship in the future, but she just don't want to be married to anyone, period. She want to be independent, and the marriage counseling ended up revealing a lot about her feelings. We love each others, but in different ways at this point. The decision of divorce been so hard that the past 6 months we talked and re-talked about it like 20 times. At this point, it is 100% clear that divorce is happening no matter what I do. I need to file I-751 within the next 10 weeks, and divorce once filed, will take 2.5 to 4 months to finalize. Despite our great relationship, I am not comfortable with filing together as we are clearly getting divorced (despite it being a legal option), so I am taking my chances here. we just need to sort of some joint finances before we file, and hopefully I will have the decree within 3 months of sending the forms Now, I don't want to give up on my wife even after the divorce, and I want to keep trying to fix our relationship, maybe starting over down the road; however, I am scared that will look bad for USCIS? I understand that people usually don't get divorced to date each others again, but I don't want to give up on the love of my life, and I want to keep trying to win her back even after the divorce as she is open for us trying to fix our relationship outside the marriage. I honestly not sure what to do at this point. Outside being married couple, we are best friends, and I don't want to give all up and pretend we never happened, but I also understand that is not traditional to keep talking to your ex wife and be close after divorce? I thought divorce is easy, but it turned out to be more complicated than our marriage... Our divorce is not due to lack of commitment, or lack of love, or communication. It just we can never live together, and we can't live without each others. We can't deal with our strong differences, but we can't stop being together. I'd appreciate any advice really
  14. Hello, My husband filed i-130 for my son last year September and I expect to receive RFE soon. (My husband threw away RFE notice on purpose) As I brief my situation, my husband traveled to Philippines last year and cheated on me and he punched my face so I called the police. He got arrested and got 3rd felony but I hired the top lawyer and it dropped down to misdemeanor. We tried to work out the marriage so we decided to bring my son here and he filed i-130. But unluckily, the marriage didn't work out and may going to divorce. He became so ugly and now I'm going to move out. Here is the question. So what's going to happen to my son's processing? We've been waiting for a year and I regret I should have filed i-130. Does anyone have the similar situation as me? Thanks for reading this and I may need to meet immigration attorney.
  15. Hello, hope someone can really help me... I really don't know what to do... The first thing is that I'm getting divorced from a TN Visa holder (I'm a TD Visa holder/ dependent) and he committed physical and sexual assault against me in Mexico this year (we used to live together first in MI and then in CA, I came to Mexico to finish my studies for 6 months, and when he visited me he did committed the assaults and then leave to CA again)... When I asked for the divorce he just took all our money from the bank account (his bank accounts because he never let me have my bank account or a familiar bank account), leaving me without any money, now, I have a lots of debts behind (medical bills to pay because I was the patient, scholar debts, etc), he told me he was not going to give me any money, besides that he always sent a lot of money to a house he has in Mexico so that he "could finish to pay it ASAP" but he knew I wasn't going to have any benefit from that house (he bought it before our marriage, in his past marriage). It been already 2 months and he haven't send me any money, and I don't have a work because I'm not available to work as a TD holder. What can I do? PLEASE HELP!
  16. I need some legal help regarding my condition that i came to US last year Nov.2018 on CR-1 spousal visa from India and after reaching here i got my temporary green card for 2 years which is expiring on Nov.2020. but now as we are living together we actually fights a lot and always be on arguments.if i get my divorced , would my Tem. Greencard status be Revoked/cancel and i have any chances to go back to my country or is there any way to get permanent Residency without any condition/Restriction ? Thanks, Akash
  17. In 2017, I got married to a USC after graduating college on an F-1, on OPT status. We wanted to stay together, and had long-term plans together, and had been living together for about a year. I’m from the UK, she’s a US citizen. The relationship did become toxic after some time, with my partner moving into her friends apartment at different points, and threatening to break it off and stop petitioning; and then reaffirming that she did want to be together and loved me. During one of these long arguments , I postponed our upcoming interview because we weren’t ready . We didn’t hear back from USCIS, and got a denial notice in early 2018. We appealed, said we had called to postpone, and got the case re-opened. Time went by, we were together again, and got another interview scheduled later that year. I never received a notice of that interview though, only an email from our lawyer, because he’d received the notice after the appeal. I accidentally read the date wrong on the email, and we missed the appointment. I felt so stupid, and we filed everything again. After sending it back a second time with all the full fees, we had filed by early 2019. The relationship began to go very sour again, even when we were living together, and when the different forms were approved in mid-late 2019 and we got our interview date, we agreed to break up, since the relationship couldn’t continue, and I made plans to move home since I wouldn’t be in status after that. I have to make plans now for a divorce and to definitely spend some years back at home, away from my friends and community I made. I know now it will be hard to get another student visa, since I showed immigrant intent the last time I studied in the US. In the last couple months when the marriage broke down, I started a platonic relationship with a new person, whom I came to really care for a lot. She said one day, not soon, but one day we should get married. How possible is this? Would USCIS scrutinize my first, failed marriage? With most of the documents back in the US, and not in touch with my ex spouse, I would have to spend a lot of time gathering evidence. But, I could provide: - Lease agreements from the three years we co-habited. - Affidavits from landlords that we lived together. - affidavits from friends and family - affidávits from the job I had during my work permit - Photographs of us together on holiday, different places, going back to 2016. - shared bank account statements - shared dental insurance We were fairly low income and as of such didn’t have shared property, I didn’t file tax returns, didn’t have health insurance, etc. Can I come back here, one day, and reasonably expect I can marry and stay with the person I want to be with? I don’t want this unfortunate situation to cancel out that possibility.
  18. Hello, I am in a very difficult situation and any thoughts/suggestions will be very appreciated. I was on an F1 visa. I got married in February 2018 and applied for Adjustment of status in May 2018. I was approved and granted a 2-year conditional green card in August of 2018. We enjoyed a very good first year but things have turned sour lately. We are in constant arguing every single day and to be honest we both know getting a divorce will be the best option for both of us. I believe we have enough evidence since the marriage was entered in good faith but I am worried what will become of my status. Thanks! Kojo
  19. My CGC expires in about a little over 3 months from today. We lived together for 9 months, then we started doing long-distance due to some problems then education then work. Our marriage improved then it started to deteriorate earlier this year until recently when my wife asked for divorce (which will take on average 3-4 months form date filed). No big problems, we love each others, it just lack of intimacy. After few weeks, I successfully convinced her to go to marriage counseling once or twice, before we file for divorce, if she still wants it. We are in great terms, it is just our marriage is not working, and I honestly feel stuck in this cycle where I want to work to save our marriage, in the same time, I am stuck into this immigration process, which is really depressing and stressful. I went to multiple of lawyers, and I got multiple different answers, one wanted me to just hurry and divorce, second said it is complex, other said it is complex because the living situation and we will be investigated for fraud because of the USCIS new policies? So, I am not sure how to address this situation if our first marriage counseling session went well and we decide to keep going, and to file together for now and keep working on our marriage? I am being upfront about the living apart, but I am not sure how much details to write about our marriage and the current situation? Other option, I file a waiver on my own, and we start divorce proceeding (require 2 months cooling off), and in those 2 months if we amended our relationship, is it possible to switch back to joint application? I know this option sound stupid, but I am honestly running out of ideas
  20. Hello, fall 2017 filer here. I got approved recently after responding to an RFE for my I751 petition. The forum has been incredibly helpful, arguably better than some immigration lawyer I spoke to. I want to share my experience and timeline in case it might be helpful or can alleviate some anxiety out there. Timeline: Fall 2017 jointly filed, Biometrics followed up very quickly in 2-3 months time. Then long wait until Feb 2019 for RFE for general documents to prove bona fide marriage. I responded in two weeks after receiving RFE. The response was acknowledged on Friday the same week the documents were delivered. Card in production around 10 days after the acknowledgement of RFE response. Long wait but quick turnaround after RFE response. There is one complication with my RFE: after getting married, my husband and I lived two years together and we lived apart for two years because of work reasons (relocation, different city) and then we were physically separated for another 8 months because long distance take a toll on our relationship. So when filing jointly 2017, we did not live together but NOT by choice, when receiving the RFE, we were not living together BY CHOICE. As you can imagine, this creates a complicated situation because we are in the limbo mode: not divorced but not living together either. I consulted an immigration lawyer about the best strategy going forward and he suggested me to get a divorce first, wait for the divorce decree and then respond to the RFE by switching from jointly filed to a waiver. He thinks this process will probably take more than a year and he thinks rather than wait for approval on 751, I should wait until 2020 to file N400 to force an interview happen quickly. All makes sense right? I thank god every second for not listening to him! What I did instead was to write a long letter explaining the ups and downs of our marriage as well as having my husband write a letter. In the letter, I told the officer that a divorce down the road is considered but we have not yet decided finally. I also told the officer that we want to REMAIN JOINT FILING STATUS. Note: my husband and I are still on good terms despite separation. I decided to be 100% honest with USCIS and listed my past address since we get married. Of course, I also sent a giant packet with photos, affidavits from a couple, banks statement for past three years, IRS transcript (I sent returns initially, not transcript), Amazon orders, birthday gift receipts, copies of driver's license with same address showing, copies of my H1B visa to prove I did not need green card to stay in the country, the proof to show that first two years of living apart was not by choice, and flights and hotel reservation for past trips. I bought a big multi-layer folder and fill it in full. Overnighted it via Fedex to USCIS. ~ Two weeks later, I got approved! The moral of the story is BE HONEST - worst strategy is to lie in an immigration application Lawyers are incentivized to complicate the situation so that they can charge you more. Also some of them are too busy that they will rarely help you respond to an RFE in two weeks, only you can do that. USCIS apparently values timely responds as indicated in their notification when RFE response is received. For really complicated situations you might need a lawyer, but be aware of their incentives and don't get bluffed by them. Word of mouth is probably important here when looking for a good responsible lawyer. USCIS officers understand marriage fall apart and takes a very humane customized approach when looking at our cases. Don't be afraid that they might not understand. As long as your marriage is real, you have nothing to worry about. Be creative and exhaustive with your supporting evidence. I underestimate the document requirement when I first filed, I thought they might retain the file when I get my conditional green card and merely send a few updates. If you have not filed yet, be sure to send as many documents as possible to avoid RFE. Be creative means not only tax document, children birth certificate or mortgage, you can send anything that shows you get married because you fall in love. I actually sent in the Facebook page of our relationship status change many years ago when we first started dating. Be as detailed as possible in your cover letter and in the affidavit letter. Let the witness talk about events you did together, how you get to know each other as a couple. Amazon orders histories are good proof of joint living as well as relationship. This is a long way to say, don't be afraid of RFE and don't be afraid that a damaged marriage might cause a denial of your petition. And most importantly, if someone say, you will definitely get an interview because you and your husband don't live together any more, WALK AWAY from that person as they know nothing about I751 petition. Thanks and hope this can be of help!
  21. Good day, please I need help! I want a divorce from my husband who is in Nigeria; we got married in Lagos Nigeria, and I live in Indiana, but I don't know how to go about getting a divorce from Indiana - a simple and fast divorce. He isn't willing to start the process; we have no children and nothing to share; I just want to move on quickly with my life. Please any idea on what to do is welcome. PLEASE!!!
  22. Good day, please I need help! I want a divorce from my husband who is in Nigeria; we got married in Lagos Nigeria, and I live in Indiana, but I don't know how to go about getting a divorce from Indiana - a simple and fast divorce. He isn't willing to start the process; we have no children and nothing to share; I just want to move on quickly with my life. Please any idea on what to do is welcome. PLEASE!!!
  23. Hello! First time poster here, wondering if anyone could give some advice on my situation. I got married to my US citizen spouse in Jan 2017 after several years together, and we quickly moved to the US. I came on a tourist visa and applied for AOS, receiving my conditional green card in Feb 2018. It expires in Feb 2020. Sadly, over the course of the past year, my spouse and I have dealt with some irreconcilable differences causing us much turmoil in the relationship, and eventually decided to divorce. The process has not begun yet, but I am hoping to set it in motion this month. We previously had a great bona fide relationship, which I have plenty of evidence of, along with evidence of an extramarital affair on his part in the recent months. Despite these issues, we remain on good terms and communicate well. Since we do not share property or children and keep our finances relatively separate, I think the divorce proceedings will be short and hopefully finalized prior to the expiration of my green card. I plan to apply for Removal of Conditions exactly 90 days prior to the expiration. Unfortunately, I was also recently charged with a first time DUI. This was my first time ever committing a criminal offense - I blew 0.08 (the minimal limit in my state), was arrested, and left jail the same day. I will be going to court in two weeks and hoping to go through with diversion, meaning that after some educational classes and a trial period the charges can be removed from my record within 1 year. Of course, they will be on my record when I apply for Removal of Conditions. Considering all this, I am honestly rather worried about my chances of obtaining the 10-year GC on my own. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has been through a similar situation before, and if so - do you happen to have any tips for me? What should I be doing right now in preparation for the coming mess? Will it be a mess? Should I be worried? Should I hire an attorney to see this through, or will I be okay gathering the documentation on my own? Thank you all in advance!
  24. Hi VJ Family, below is the situation i'm in and need your help. -Applied N400 under 3 years rule. -got divorced while N400 was pending, told the interviewer that im getting divorce. she said they cant make a decision right now, 8 months passed nothing happened. i withdrew my case, got confirmation latter from USCIS that my case is withdrawn. -Now i'm again eligible under 5 years rule. - Married to a USC. - when i do "U.S. Citizenship Eligibility Quiz" online and answer this below question as NO "Have you been living in marital union with your U.S. citizen spouse for at last 3 years? No then it says "We are Sorry. Based on the answers you provided in the Questionnaire, you likely do not meet the criteria set forth by the USCIS to file an U.S. Citizenship (Form N-400) application." But when i answer yes to the question it says that i'm eligible. For some reason its assuming that i'm applying under 3 years rule. can i bypass that by saying that yes to question above and apply? any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  25. Hey all, I'm about to file ROC on my conditional Green Card that was based on Marriage, though I filed for divorce this year and plan on utilizing the divorce waiver to file alone. The marriage fell apart due to my citizen-spouse's substance use and mental/emotional/physical abusive behavior toward me; I had to utilize the services of a local domestic abuse non-profit to leave the situation, move out, seek extensive counseling, and file the divorce. I'm choosing the divorce waiver route due to a lack of physical evidence of abuse for VAWA, and because I successfully reached a judgement in the divorce case this month. Question is: I've read that the grounds of the separation must make it clear that the breakup wasn't the fault of the immigrant, otherwise they could face rejection; am I at fault for being the petitioner in the divorce? Should I be concerned about my application for ROC being rejected simply because I'm no longer married to the citizen spouse, or because I initiated the divorce? •••••• I have every piece of evidence in hand I could possibly acquire highlighting that we had co-mingled our finances, shared a life, and were married in good faith to be with one another. My Ex continues to work toward sobriety and seems to want to reconcile somewhere down the line if he can get himself back in shape. These kinds of changes take a lot of time, and the recovery from abuse is an exceptionally delicate subject; reform is unlikely, but possible. I really don't want to be forced to leave the country when it may be that he and I could reconcile at a healthier point in the future. All of the work we put in to be together, and the subsequent separation, are heart-breaking -- and it's a really challenging emotional space to be in while also having to file for ROC! Thanks for any and all help and advice. Xx
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