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  1. I am married to US citizen from 2014. Filed to remove condition on March 2016. Received REF on March 2017 (Not enough joint financial documents) Responded to REF April 2017. Got I-551 stamp May 2017. Contacted USCIS to follow up and was told the case has been transferred to local office. I guess it means we will be asked for an interview. Filed for N-400 to expedite the interview on August 2017. Now, US citizen spouse is asking for divorce!! I am waiting for possible interview letter and any day I might get the interview scheduled. She is pushing me to get mutual divorce since it is faster. otherwise the divorce will take over a year since we must spend 1 year separated before filing. Now I am stuck with her wanting divorce and I do not know to agree to get mutual divorce or let her file herself and go through this long divorce process.· If she files for divorce by herself, It will take over a year and half. What will happen to my status with 2 pending immigration cases and pending divorce decree?· How about I agree to get mutual divorce. Then what should I do with my pending I-751 and N-400? Should I go to interview? Will I get into trouble to get mutual divorce?
  2. .... it was an mutual ending to our relationship back in 2014, But at that point we were not on speaking terms, so neither of us sent any letters to UCSIS to have status waved. Ucsis terminated the cases overtime after failure to respond, That was what I received back in Oct 2016. At the time, after that I was not interested in getting married. But overtime, I met someone else I fell in love with in 2017 and she happens to be a resident of Japan. And things have gotten very serious for us, and we got engaged on my last trip in Japan in January. But beginning to get all the paper work and documentation together, I couldnt help but wonder would my previous filing create issues in this new process I am beginning with my fiance? My ex and I are legally divorced, it took a while due to her being in another country and not being reachable for years, but it was awarded the 1st of January 2018. Is it possible to file again in a new relationship, after the termination of a previous filing prior? Also is there anything that I need to do to ensure the case was really terminated? I typed the previous case number for the i-130 in the status search on the Ucsis site, and I was expecting it to say this has been terminated, but instead it said it was approved August 2014. I'm assuming that this is just like a record that it was approved, but in reality all the cases have been terminated, as the letter I received suggested. I know this is probably the case, but I am just sort of making sure, as I am sort of freaking out a little, with worry that maybe I missed something. Any help whatsoever would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hello, fall 2017 filer here. I got approved recently after responding to an RFE for my I751 petition. The forum has been incredibly helpful, arguably better than some immigration lawyer I spoke to. I want to share my experience and timeline in case it might be helpful or can alleviate some anxiety out there. Timeline: Fall 2017 jointly filed, Biometrics followed up very quickly in 2-3 months time. Then long wait until Feb 2019 for RFE for general documents to prove bona fide marriage. I responded in two weeks after receiving RFE. The response was acknowledged on Friday the same week the documents were delivered. Card in production around 10 days after the acknowledgement of RFE response. Long wait but quick turnaround after RFE response. There is one complication with my RFE: after getting married, my husband and I lived two years together and we lived apart for two years because of work reasons (relocation, different city) and then we were physically separated for another 8 months because long distance take a toll on our relationship. So when filing jointly 2017, we did not live together but NOT by choice, when receiving the RFE, we were not living together BY CHOICE. As you can imagine, this creates a complicated situation because we are in the limbo mode: not divorced but not living together either. I consulted an immigration lawyer about the best strategy going forward and he suggested me to get a divorce first, wait for the divorce decree and then respond to the RFE by switching from jointly filed to a waiver. He thinks this process will probably take more than a year and he thinks rather than wait for approval on 751, I should wait until 2020 to file N400 to force an interview happen quickly. All makes sense right? I thank god every second for not listening to him! What I did instead was to write a long letter explaining the ups and downs of our marriage as well as having my husband write a letter. In the letter, I told the officer that a divorce down the road is considered but we have not yet decided finally. I also told the officer that we want to REMAIN JOINT FILING STATUS. Note: my husband and I are still on good terms despite separation. I decided to be 100% honest with USCIS and listed my past address since we get married. Of course, I also sent a giant packet with photos, affidavits from a couple, banks statement for past three years, IRS transcript (I sent returns initially, not transcript), Amazon orders, birthday gift receipts, copies of driver's license with same address showing, copies of my H1B visa to prove I did not need green card to stay in the country, the proof to show that first two years of living apart was not by choice, and flights and hotel reservation for past trips. I bought a big multi-layer folder and fill it in full. Overnighted it via Fedex to USCIS. ~ Two weeks later, I got approved! The moral of the story is BE HONEST - worst strategy is to lie in an immigration application Lawyers are incentivized to complicate the situation so that they can charge you more. Also some of them are too busy that they will rarely help you respond to an RFE in two weeks, only you can do that. USCIS apparently values timely responds as indicated in their notification when RFE response is received. For really complicated situations you might need a lawyer, but be aware of their incentives and don't get bluffed by them. Word of mouth is probably important here when looking for a good responsible lawyer. USCIS officers understand marriage fall apart and takes a very humane customized approach when looking at our cases. Don't be afraid that they might not understand. As long as your marriage is real, you have nothing to worry about. Be creative and exhaustive with your supporting evidence. I underestimate the document requirement when I first filed, I thought they might retain the file when I get my conditional green card and merely send a few updates. If you have not filed yet, be sure to send as many documents as possible to avoid RFE. Be creative means not only tax document, children birth certificate or mortgage, you can send anything that shows you get married because you fall in love. I actually sent in the Facebook page of our relationship status change many years ago when we first started dating. Be as detailed as possible in your cover letter and in the affidavit letter. Let the witness talk about events you did together, how you get to know each other as a couple. Amazon orders histories are good proof of joint living as well as relationship. This is a long way to say, don't be afraid of RFE and don't be afraid that a damaged marriage might cause a denial of your petition. And most importantly, if someone say, you will definitely get an interview because you and your husband don't live together any more, WALK AWAY from that person as they know nothing about I751 petition. Thanks and hope this can be of help!
  4. Can anyone please help? My gf and I have been together for about two years. Finally her ex-husband (USC) has filed for divorce from CA. They have been apart for ten years. Since we have the divorce decree, can I apply for the K1 visa for her to fly here and be married in 90 days without dealing with the Philippines Annulment process? Is the divorce decree all the US Embassy need for us to apply for the visa?
  5. As I said before: I will keep my timeline continuously updated so that some of you can be helped. I sent out my I 751 package with Divorce waiver (Good Faith Marriage) on last Friday. Even though I hired one of most prominent lawyer of state of Texas, I suggest not to hire lawyer if you are confident and you know what was inside your marriage. My lawyer and his office did nothing but just fill the form and organize a cover letter; that 100 bucks max job cost me $2,500 unfortunately. Any way -- Here are summary: Cover letter stating the materials inside, Copy of I 485 approval and Marriage certificate, My affidavit, copy of divorce decree; Copy of Marriage counseling as proof of attempts to save marriage, 1 letter from marriage counselor, emails and text correspondence as proof of attempts to save marriage, letter copy sent to Ex in Law family; Copy of evidences of Bonafide marriages- Joint Apt Lease, Joint utility bills (light and water), Joint 4 cars, Joint vehicle insurance, Joint 2 bank a/c, Joint 2 years tax return copy and transcripts, 12-15 pictures jointly and also with friends and family, Joint cell phone plan with Ex-law family, 3 sworn affidavits from friends and family (Nothing from Ex-Wife or from her family), ex-wife's employer provided spouse card, some joint purchases, I 94 of mine as a proof of visiting my ex-in law family and travel with ex-wife, Copy of Pet (3 dogs) papers. One big proof- MY RESPONSE TO HER DIVORCE NOTICE THAT SAYS ABOUT ALL DETAILS BETWEEN US! Some proofs of why we continuously had issues and arguments; That's all I sent. I will keep update in this post about Bio metrics and all later details. Please keep me in pray and stay blessed.
  6. Any 2017 divorce waiver filers have approval yet? Let’s track status and current updates on the case . I filed a joint petition in Nov 2017 at CSC and in Nov 2018 I converted it to a divorce waiver. Haven’t got any updates on my case yet.
  7. Hi I married a non us citizen, who overstayed his esta visa by 160 days. I never filed ANYTHING with uscis or an affidavit of support. He is now in his home country. (We don't have kids and he is not in the country) Here's why I didn't apply for anything: he quickly became abusive physically and mentally as well as cheating (he also abused another woman he cheated on me with.) had a drug issue and was arrested or petty theft but the charges were dropped in the short amount of time we have been married. He was even fired from his (illegal) job for drinking too much and doing drugs on the job. i want a divorce, he does not. Because he says if I divorce him I'm ruining his life so how about we apply for counselor of processing as friends...which I am obviously not going to do. But he's also threatening to just file for vawa. I'm scared he might be able to come back through this. i don't know who to forward the information to with my domestic violence police reports and such. has anyone been in my situation I don't know what to do. I asked him to stop contacting me so we can move on through divorce and he is cat fishing me through fake numbers and calling and texting non stop.
  8. I have been following VJ off and on in last 2 years. I filled my I 751 divorced waiver in Aug 2016, received NOA after 5 days and received fingerprinting appointment after approx. 2 months. I was unable to check my status online it didn't recognize my receipt number. I received a letter from local USCIS office on March 23rd for an interview. I had an interview on April 25th, 2018. My interview officer checked my documents asked some questions and at the end, he said I am going to approve your application. On May 1st, 2018 my status on USCIS website updated with "New card is Being Produced". On May 3rd it changed it to New office has Jurisdiction. I freaked out and called my lawyer and he called USCIS office and told me that your case is approved don't worry about online status as they transfer my case to national benefits center. I got a letter in the mail it says that congratulations! we approved your application and you will get your green card within 60 days. after that I also receive a letter that my case was to transferred to NBC. After 21 days of my interview, i received my green card in the mail. Tips to prepare I 751 divorce application write a very good letter and get a lawyer to help you in this process. I took screenshots of my text msgs between me and my ex-wife I also received RFE and I already submitted all evidence so I attached one more letter of support and sent all evidence again. Attached 11 letter of support as I didn't have a joint lease and joint insurance. Interview experience: IO was really good he asked me about all the pictures and wrote it down about the event and when we took this picture. He asked my about my bank statement and asked the reason why we decided to get divorced. My lawyer went with me for an interview. Most important point is true information if your case based on reality and facts then you should not be fear of anything. A good lawyer is very helpful. I just wanted to share my journey with you guys especially those who are waiting and good luck!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm completing my I-751 form (Divorce Waiver) and in Part 1. question 10 it asks if I'm Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed - my divorce is not final yet and is awaiting judgment - what do I put here? Married? Also in question 13 it asks me to provide the date the marriage ended - it hasn't ended yet - do I leave this blank? or do I put the date that it will end on (six months from filing)? Finally should I submit the court paperwork showing that I've started divorce proceedings? Or should I wait for an RFE requesting the divorce decree? Thanks for your help, just want to make sure I get it right.
  10. I'm a US citizen and should have no problem proving residency. My child was born in Argentina out-of-wedlock to my girlfriend (Argentinian and Italian citizenship). However, my divorce to my ex (which has been pending and taking forever) was still not finalized when my child was born. Am I still eligible to go through the CRBA process? The eligibility requirements from Argentinian embassy website seem to indicate I must be "unmarried" to qualify... BOTH of the child’s biological parents are U.S. citizens and one of the parents has resided in the United States at some point. Only ONE of the child’s biological parents is a U.S. citizen, the child’s parents are MARRIED at the time of birth, and the U.S. citizen parent has been physically present in the U.S. for a period of at least five years, two of which must have been after the age of 14. The child was born to an UNMARRIED, MALE U.S. citizen who has been physically present in the U.S. for a period of at least five years, two of which must have been after the age of 14. In this case, the U.S. father must agree in writing to support his child until the child reaches the age of 18 years. The child was born on or before June 11, 2017 to an UNMARRIED, FEMALE U.S. citizen who has spent at least 365 days of uninterrupted physical presence in the U.S. at any time prior to birth. The child was born after June 11, 2017 to an UNMARRIED, FEMALE U.S. citizen who has been physically present in the U.S. for a period of at least five years, two of which must have been after the age of 14.
  11. Hello! I apologise if this has been answered a million times before but I am not great at this and can't work out how to search for it... I started my ROC in April 2017 and filed with a waiver as my ex and I were divorced at the end of 2016 and are no longer on speaking terms. I have since then changed my name legally and I would rather not have my married name on my CG (if I am approved of course). I have heard that having a GC reissued costs a lot of money and I don't want a constant reminder of my not-so-great marriage every time I look at it. I have tried so many times to get an infopass appointment, even trying at midnight as it worked for me once before but I just can't seem to get an appointment. I am CSC so I have probably another 5 months of waiting until I hear anything but I'd love to get it out of the way if possible. If you have advice or if you can point me towards a thread that can advise, I will be so grateful. Thanks so much in advance!!
  12. Hello I have a question about an issue. I have a friend who came to the United States on a student visa. During the time of the student visa my friend got married but the spouse never submitted for the adjustment of the alien spouse. Alien spouse never got a green card or any papers submitted on their behalf. They have since separated and are starting the divorce process. Questions: 1. What would the alien relative need to do to be able to get a green card? 2. Is getting a green card still an option? 3. Would the alien have to apply for green card prior to divorce? 4. Since student visa is expired what is the process? 5. Can you give me a link or guide me in the correct direction to help? Thank you for any input or suggestions it is much appreciated!!!
  13. So alot has happened since i been this site so I will try to make it short and explain myself. My wife ( then fiance ) came here january 2017 we got married in march 2017 , we had our long distance relationship since fall 2015 so alot of time has been put into this , i even visited twice . Ever since 2017 there has always been a communication issue between us and maybe that was because of being brought up differently im not too sure. Arguments , verbal attacks , lack of communication , divorce threats , silent treatment , fighting have all been happening atleast once a month ever since even with having a daughter back november 2017 it never got easier. I have my faults and im willing to work on my flaws but im with someone who will delfect , provoke , and use verbal attacks to get back at me for things. She will claim im a violent person , i have a temper etc etc. but the question has always been in this two way thing we have called marriage what has her input been? Why has this husband of mine gotten mad or loud? Instead of playing the victim all the time and taking responsiblity for her own inputs in the marriage its gotten to the point where she can threaten me with divorce multiple times , disrepects me infront of people , has called me all the names in the world , and still will blame me for everything on the sun. Right now im at my parents house and were just taking a "break" this separation will result in two things . 1 she calls me and shes finally ready to work on ourselves and we move on on all past things or 2 we stay separated for a year and i file divorce " no fault divorce" i tihnk they call it in nc . The only thing i care about now is my daughter and there is no point trying to force someone to stay married to you if there just going to keep threatening divorce to you every month. In this mess her 2 year GC expires next year , thoughts on what to do ?
  14. BuckMaster

    Hong Kong Divorce for Filipino

    Hello All, New member here. My Filipino girlfriend and I were introduced by an American / Filipino couple here in the U.S. They got their K-1 Visa two years ago. Our situation is an exact copy of theirs... My girlfriend and I have been dating via Skype since August. She has been working in Hong Kong for five years. She is married in the Philippines with one 17 year old daughter. She has been separated from her husband for 15+ years. As we all know, divorce is not allowed in the Philippines and annulments take a very long time (years). Just as her friend did, that introduced us, she has filed for a divorce in Hong Kong and will be receiving the divorce decree soon. My question: Will her divorce decree from Hong Kong be accepted, for the purpose of obtaining a K-1 Visa (as it was for her friend two years ago) or, has the law changed? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  15. We (unfortunately) decided to file for an uncontested divorce, no kids or any assets with me signing every agreement and settlement and acknowledgement of service. We already have everything sorted and dont disagree on anything, I contest nothing. I just want to go back home. He neglects me almost completely. We just tolerate each other, but without spite. We got a date for an ''Initial conference'' , but I had planned to go back to my home country before then, and Im scared that something can go wrong if I don't go... But since I am the respondent and not the plaintiff in this case, maybe its okay. I do know I don't have to go to the final hearing. Anyone got any advice? Will it matter if I dont go to the initial conference, or should I re schedule my flight? Thank you.
  16. Hello guys, I'm really hoping this is the right part of the forum for this post, but I'm not sure. To make a long story short, I've been living in the US on a green card following marriage since 2015, and I filed the I-751 for Removal of Conditions in August of 2017. Approval (as expected) for a permanent green card is still pending and I'm currently on my second extension letter, according to which official, conditional residence has been granted until summer of next year. However, some things have changed. And I have decided to leave the US for good and go back to Germany permanently. The decision is made, and since my husband is just as adamant about staying as I am about leaving, we are planning on getting a divorce. We don't have any assets or children and we're in full agreement, so the Simple Dissolution of Marriage offered by the Clerk of Courts in our county in the state of Florida, seems adequate. My flight back to Germany leaves on the 8th of December, so we have to file the paperwork for the divorce rather quickly to say the least because it can take some time to get a court date. I am extremely nervous about this and full of questions. We are currently pretty much broke, too, so I'm trying to get some input from you guys before contacting an immigration attorney. First off, are we even doing it right? We both have to be present here in court for the divorce to take effect, right? There is no way to process this from overseas? I'm asking because I'm also nervous about what USCIS will do. If I get divorced now, but still have a few weeks to go before my flight, does that mean that I'm in the country illegally in the meantime? Does getting divorced now violate the conditions of my conditional green card holder status? Will my State ID still be valid? I really don't want to end up being arrested and detained here when I'm getting ready to leave, anyway. My other question is about filing the I-407, Record of Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status. I would like to do this, since, to the best of my knowledge, it will prevent a five to ten year penalty for leaving my permanent resident status behind, so I can visit the US in the future if I need to. Can I send it from Germany, or would it be better to send it from here while I'm still in the country? Thanks a lot in advance!
  17. Hello everyone, Thank you for reading my story, I am in a very dangerous place right now of my green card status, and I truly wish someone can give me some kind of guidance, so here is a brief timeline of my case, A little information about me, I am 26 and originally come from China, I met my ex-husband in China and came to the states together, he is 28 and originally from New Jersey, he is a smart guy and sometimes might be too "smart"=manipulative. He started physically hurt me about 10 months later we know each other, and we were getting ready to get married, I know that I should have left the relationship long time ago, but every time I change my mind when I see him put his knees on the ground and begging me to forgive him and said he will never do it again, and of course he did it again and again. 04/20/2013 we met each other by a chatting app in China 12/08/2013 He proposed to me 05/30/2014 Got married 08/16/2014 Arrived in the US 09/12/2014 I moved out after three continued fights and physical abuse again 09/28/2015 Divorce finalized 12/2015 Filed for waiver of my green card condition based on divorce and abuse 10/04/2017 Interview with USCIS at New Jersey Here is what happened during the interview: Officer told me that if I want to interview with him in NJ, he will most likely deny my case, reasons are he thinks that I didn't try to fix the marriage, and I used my ex-husband, but truth is we had restraining orders against each other, and I tried to talk to his lawyer to see if he wanted to reconcile, my ex rejected again and again and stated that he was only interested in divorce, that leaved me no choice but divorce him. Second option the officer told me was that to have my file transferred to California since I moved to California couple months ago from New Jersey, and let another officer decide my case. Because what happened in the interview, I am extremely worried that if my case can be still denied in CA office. I am trying to get more proof that I did not use my ex as a play doll, and I have the right to stay... ... More personally, I am in a committed relationship right now, and it would be enormously painful to even think about be separate from him and all of other people that I love here. I know my options are limited and I'm still waiting for interview notice from CA office, but will somebody can give a few advice to help? Thank you thank you so so so much! Whatever help can literally change my life. God bless all. Signed fighting for my right
  18. So, my boyfriend(ex husband) and I have rekindled our relationship, we were married in January of 2016, got together in May of 2015. (never filed any documents ) and because of distance things fell off and we divorced. Now since August of 2018 we have gotten back together and decided that will re marry and want to live together here in the USA. I am a US citizen. Because we were once married and divorced will that affect our application? Do we have to submit our decrees? He also just recently went to get a B2 visa and was denied, we were shocked because he had a student visa before, didnt overstay and he works, studies, has finances and vehicles etc. But anywho, we will go through the cr1 process, id like to know will all these things affect our process.
  19. We desperately need your help 😥😥 My husband asked me to marry him. Although I was on a tourist visa he said he loved me and was willing to petition and support me. So I did marry him in America. He believed he was single but apparently was not. The story is he was taken advantage by a woman he married in the Philippines before. Even though he was a battered husband he was accused of psychologically abusing that woman. He was detained at the embassy. He had to give an enormous amount of money in the condition that the case against him would be dismissed and for an annulment to be processed. After signing the hand over of cash at the embassy he was deported back to America. He was banned from coming back to the Philippines. Apparently the woman has relatives and friends in the government. Now we found out that my husband was scammed of an annulment. It wasn't processed at all. We're worried that my marriage to him is void. He's stressed because he can't go back to the Philippines to fix this. What should we do? We really need your help please
  20. wiredog

    Philippine divorce and CENOMAR

    Looking for anyone with experience in our situation. My Philippine is divorced. Please don't bother telling me that there are no divorces in the Philippines... there are and she is. In any case, she presented her annotated marriage certificate and her divorce decree to the interviewer at the embassy in Manila. All went well but the interviewer said she must submit a CENOMAR and he sent her to the NSO. She applied for the CENOMAR and was told it would be sent to the embassy. The question is this, everything I read indicates the CENOMAR is only for single people or annulled marriages so how can a CENOMAR be issued to someone who is divorced? In all lists of documents required for the interview the lists includes a CENOMAR for single people and then lists the annotated marriage certificate and divorce decree for divorced people. So now our case in in a status of administrative hold pending receipt of a CENOMAR. Will the NSO issue a CENOMAR for a divorcee? She said she submitted her divorce decree to the NSO right after divorce a year ago so the NSO should certainly have the divorce recorded. Any ideas anyone? Has anyone processed a K1 successfully with a divorce in the Philippines rather than annulment?
  21. Hello, I hope somebody can help. I have scoured the web and can't find a good answer. I married my Filipino wife in the Philippines(2015). We moved to the US and recently got divorced in the US (2018). I have a Filipino fiance, and we want to get married in the Philippines. My fiance is single and never married, no children. I am legally divorced in the US from my Filipino wife. Here is my question.... I know my ex-wife can't remarry in the Philippines without getting an annulment first, but do I need to file the annulment so I can be married again in the Philippines? I am a US citizen, so I wouldn't think the annulment requirement applies to me, just my ex. We want to get married soon, so I would appreciate some input on this. Thanks
  22. Hi. I’m a permanent resident holding a ten year greencard. I recently got divorced and I petitioned for my name change which was approved and mentioned on the divorce decree. I already had my ssn, driver’s license, bank accounts, etc changed back to my maiden name except my greencard. I am eligible for citizenship on February 2019 since I will meet the 5year rule by May 2019. Should I change my greencard name now using form I-90 and pay almost $500 or should I just wait until I apply fof citizenship next year? Would there be any issues if I wait until I apply for naturalization? Please help.
  23. Hi, I'm a 10 year green card holder and recently divorce. I also have a court order of name change after divorce since I wanted to use my maiden name again. My question is do I need to change my name in my green card now or can I just wait until my naturalization? I also wanted to save some money since I know filing for i-90 will cost a lot. Hope I get some answer, advice and help. Thank you!
  24. I am unsure how to best phrase this post, especially as I am unsure what to actually *do* but I suppose there's no harm in asking first. I am a British person, currently a holder of a conditional green card awarded to me on the basis of marriage to an American citizen. We married in July of 2016. However, as of 12th of February of this year, we divorced (the wonders of her thinking I earned too little money). I flew back to the UK to live with family as of the 7th of May this year. Lately however, I realised my card expires in April of next year. Whilst at first I was hoping to try and renew this card and remove the restrictions by filing a waiver on the spousal based forms, I realised this may be an impossibility due to no longer having a place to stay in the US (the place I lived with friends is no longer available), an income if I were to move back, (I may have a job available were I to return, but I closed my US bank account upon leaving) and insufficient evidence to support my waiver (I destroyed much of the evidence for instance, that would prove the legitimacy of my marriage, plus additionally we never made joint financially decisions, such as bank cards or bills) Whilst I would still love to renew my green card, without an effective series of miracles happening I’m not sure if it would happen. This leads me to my questions. If I wanted to re-enter the US after my green card expires in April 2019, am I clear to do so on an ESTA tourist visa up to the period of 90 days? I have tried to find an answer to this question online and have met with answers from ‘not being allowed into the country’ to ‘it being perfectly fine.’ I was wondering if this also ties with my green card. Should I surrender my provisional card to the US Embassy in London or anyone to help expedite any future re-entry into the U.S? Secondly, I now have a new partner, who is also American. We are eventually planning for him to move to the U.K to live with me. But hypothetically speaking, if we were to ever to decide to move back to the U.S, (provided we were married, perhaps over two years) would there be any possibility of myself getting a second, *different* green card?
  25. Hi everyone, filling out my I-751 divorce waiver and stumped on #13 (see attached). My divorce has started but will be finalized after the 90-day submission window ends so I'm not sure what to fill out in the Date of Divorce box. "Not final yet"? "Pending"? "TBD"? "Soon"? "Sometime in December"? Lol. Has anyone here been through this and know what to write? Google has been helpful thusfar, just stumped on this one thing. I know how particular they are. Thanks in advance for any input!