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  1. Hi all. Firstly I hope all of you and your families are safe in this uncertain time. My wife and I arrived in the USA on 13th March from the UK. My wife has permanent residency in the UK and we were coming back to see her family for 3 weeks. Our return flight has now been cancelled and of course as you know every day there are more stories about things shutting down, borders closing etc. I even saw a news piece about visitors who have come from the UK are now required to enter through a pre approved US airport. I guess we're really lucky we got in when we did... We are currently living with my wife's parents and I am working remotely to my job in the UK. Should I start preparations for some kind of longer term visitor's visa? Or does anyone know of plans to extend ESTA length temporarily due to the circumstances? The last thing I want is for us to be separated, and additionally I don't want to overstay my time here and face penalties in the future. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi everyone. Strange situation here at the moment. I am currently in the US visiting my fiance. We had our K1 approved a few days before I left. My original flight home was on the 17th of March but as I work in schools, I have been temporarily laid off until the end of the month with my boss saying I will probably be out of work for 12 weeks in total. I entered the states on my esta and was granted the usual 90 day window to stay as a tourist. My question is: as the airline are offering free flight changes, I would love to stay an extra 2 or 3 weeks here. Could that cause an issue?
  3. Hello, I’m a LPR (received as my mother married to an U.S. citizen). I’m studying at University outside of U.S. and has been submitting re-entry permit to enter to U.S. (already received re-entry permit twice). However, I have stayed outside of U.S. for over three years now and my re-entry permit has already expired. Since I will work in the country that I currently live, I am willing to file I-407 to abandon my LPR status. I sent the I-407 by mail on 12/19/2019 and received an email on 3/3/2020 saying that I do not meet the criteria of acceptance. After going through my copies of documents, I realized that I had forgotten to sign the last part of the document. The email said it would take 4weeks to be returned to my address. The problem is, I am planning to have a wedding in Hawaii on August 2020 and I am worried about whether I could enter the U.S. I believe there are two options: (1) Resend the I-407 by mail on Mid-April and wait until the process is complete, then apply for ESTA to enter the U.S. However I do not know how long the process would it take(it is thought to be about 2 months). I am worried after being rejected once it might take longer and I won’t be able to enter the U.S. (2) Don’t send the I-407 form by mail, and instead bring it with me as I submit the I-407 to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer at the U.S. port of entry on August 2020. In that case, I would apply for ESTA beforehand. However there is a risk that the airplane company would not allow me to get on board since I would still be LPR when I get on the plane to US. Also, there is a chance that the process won’t be complete because of the time difference between mainland and Hawaii, and that I would be eventually be send back. I already booked the flights and wedding, and now I am extremely worried about my I-407 form. Please give us your advice or comments on how to submit the I-407. Or if there is anyone who had experiences submitting I-407 at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, please tell us your story. We are very worried and any insights would help. Thank you.
  4. I'm looking to volunteer at a film festival in the US, coming from the UK It is an unpaid position, normally one that is filled by volunteers and I would be helping alongside other volunteers. From what I understand volunteering on an esta is okay but typically if it is for a non profit. However this festival is not a charity, but would the same guidelines of being able to use an esta to volunteer apply? I would be volunteering 1 week out of a 4 week trip, the other weeks would be general tourism
  5. Hi! I am a UK citizen planning to travel to the US in a few weeks. I entered the H1-B work visa lottery in 2017 and was found eligible, but lost the lottery. For ESTA purposes, would this count as being denied a visa? i.e. am I still eligible for ESTA travel and can I answer "no" to if I was ever denied a US visa?
  6. Hi- Im a USC and my EU wife of 3 years came to visit on ESTA and we have decided to stop traveling and go for AOS while she’s here. Totally unplanned- our employment changed. We prefer to Do it ourselves as everything seems straight forward enough -but unclear on what exact date to apply for AOS. After ESTA day 60 or and before 90? or after 90 day when ESTA runs out ? We have been together 8 years no worries on interviews. One lawyer said apply after 60 and another said after 90. Confused. We are in Nevada if that matters. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, I know there are a lot of questions about this but my case is a little different from the others. I’m Alessandro, 22, from Italy. I started texting with a girl from my city a couple of months ago and we took this thing seriously. She is in the US with a J1 visa and being an au pair girl she lives with their host parents and kids etc... Now, she talked with them and they are happy to have me with them. So I will spend two weeks there, we will also travel to Toronto for St. Valentine’s day weekend. I am a little worried about CBP clearence. Could I be denied enter US with these conditions? Also: -Traveled on ESTA 2 times in last 5 years (2 weeks max) -Bringing a promise ring in my carry on bag -300$ cash and 200€ cash plus cards If asked what’s the purpose of my trip I’m not going to hide anything and I’ll say “I’m visiting my girlfriend. She’s Italian and she’s here for a while” I appreciate any suggestion and happy to hear your opinion. Thank you so much. Alessandro.
  8. Julija

    ESTA visits

    I visited my husband on an esta on the 23rd of july, and left on the 16th of october (an 87 day visit). What i'm wondering is, what is the recommended time before visiting again with esta, and if the duration of your last trip plays any roll with it. I know it's all up to the cbp officer if they allow me to enter the country, but do reasons for a visit have anything with getting denied or approved access? Before filing for a cr-1, we have to do some paperwork with getting my last name changed for the i-130, and it would be much cheaper and easier to deal with if done in the u.s.
  9. Hi there! I've noticed that no one opened a discussion for July 2018 AOS filers, so I decided to do it. Since we're all going to be anxious, why not share and experience the anxiety with the online community? HA! Let me start by sharing a few things about me. I'm a veterinarian in my home country and my husband is a physician. One day my "then-fiance-now-husband" surprised me with a visit to the county office to get a marriage license! After a week we got married by a retired judge, it was a very simple and sweet ceremony and I've never been happier in my life. I'm currently a homemaker/housewife and I spend some time volunteering at the local animal shelter when I'm not busy studying for my USA vet boards. I do reccomend finding something to during the wait, it will definitely help with the anxiety. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Hi everyone, My Australian boyfriend and I have went through quite a bit of bad news recently. He has visited America before through an ESTA, but last week, he had an interview for a B1B2 visa, which was denied. After the B1B2's denial, he got notified that he needed to reapply for an ESTA, and after doing so, he was also denied for the ESTA. In his past visits to America, he had never overstayed or caused any problems, so his visa denials were very shocking and confusing for us. At this point, we have no idea where to go from here. He's kind of resigned to the fact that he won't be able to get an ESTA. I'm not financially stable/independent enough to sponsor him on a K-1 or CR-1, so that's off the table. If he applies for a B2 now, what can we do and what should he mention that would help get it approved? Is there another type of visa that could potentially work in this case? Also, would the consulate be able to access the notes from his denied interview? Thanks.
  11. I am currently finishing a J1 exchange program. My visa expires on October 1st 2019 and I have a 30 days grace period before having to leave the US. I am planning on spending some time in the US and then leave to go to Mexico on October 20th. My question is, I’ll have to re-enter the US after Mexico to take a flight back to Europe on November 5th. Can I apply for an ESTA while in Mexico I (staying 7 days) to be able to re-enter the US for a couple days as my J1 visa will expire the moment I leave the US? (Knowing I don’t have the 2 year home residency requirement). Can I apply before even going to Mexico or having my J1 expire? Thank you
  12. I am currently finishing a J1 exchange program. My visa expires on October 1st 2019 and I have a 30 days grace period before having to leave the US. I am planning on spending some time in the US and then leave to go to Mexico on October 20th. My question is, I’ll have to re-enter the US after Mexico to take a flight back to Europe on November 5th. Can I apply for an ESTA while in Mexico I (staying 7 days) to be able to re-enter the US for a couple days as my J1 visa will expire the moment I leave the US? (Knowing I don’t have the 2 year home residency requirement). Can I apply before even going to Mexico or having my J1 expire? Thank you
  13. After living together in the UK for almost two years, my husband received a job offer with a very high salary in San Diego. Therefore we are hoping to submit the application using a lawyer out there. My question is, after this is submitted, will I be able to visit him during the processing time? ATM I cannot work due to mental health issues, but would still be paying a mortgage, council tax, bills, run a car etc due to his salary being so high. What kind of things should I bring with me to present at the border. A friend of mine recommended an employer letter, but I obviously wont have one. Is there anything else, other than a booked, return flight, that I could present?
  14. My husband had originally come here on an ESTA in June 2017. When he returned to the UK he received an email he was NOT AUTHORIZED TO TRAVEL. He reapplied for another ESTA 2018 and received the same email. We’ve since married and are ready to apply using the I-130. What to do about the ESTA denials....
  15. Hi everyone, I’m an au pair but I have to quit because of some health issues. A friend of mine told me that there is possibility that I can’t enter the US again on a ESTA for a holiday. It’s kinda freaking me out because I would love to come back as a vacation, and nothing else. Is this true? Or do get troubles when I’m at the airport/border when I want to enter the US in the future? Can some one help me with it because I just can’t find any clear answers about it. Even the agency doesn’t have an answer for me. And did I violate my visa because I’m leaving before the end of my year/J1 visa ends? thank you in advance
  16. Hi there, I recently finished a j1 visa and filed an i-539 to change to a b2 before my time was up. I stayed on a further 3 months after finishing my j1 and then returned home in line with the dates given on my i-539. I then received a denial notice a month later saying it had been denied due to abandonment. I would like to return to the us for a week to go to a wedding and am wondering if my denial means my time counts as an overstay or not? I had D/S on my i-94. I am unsure how to answer the ESTA question about staying longer than authorized by the government, but my application was timely and USCIS did not give any other reason other than abandonment in my denial letter. Or am I better to apply for a B2? I feel this makes it look like I'm trying to return for longer but I literally just want to go to the wedding and leave. Thanks!
  17. Hello , I am new to these forums I have been lurking for a few weeks and enjoy reading of everyone’s experiences and advice. I would love to hear people’s opinions on my situation. I arrived in the USA June 2015 on an ESTA visa from Ireland. Due to unforeseen circumstances I overstayed and married my wife who is a USC in June of 2018 we filed our papers and and I was granted a combo card. Me and and my wife plan on flying to my home country at the end of the month using my combo card. My question is will I have many issues for overstaying back a few years ago. I’m nervous to use it however my immigration lawyer says I should of no issues. id love to hear of people’s experiences using it . Thanks in advance
  18. I already posted a question asking if adjustment of status were possible if i came to the states under ESTA. And the answers I got were positive, saying that i can and will have no problem. But there were some opposite opinions about when the ideal timing is to do so. Is 90 days rule a thing actually? Is there any certain time that i have to wait? I’m curious about when I should get married and adjust status, thanks.
  19. Hi, I’m a South Korean who has been in the states on ESTA for less than a month now. I was planning to go back to Korea after my visit but after i proposed to my girlfriend who’s an American citizen, now she wants to get married and me to stay here. I’ve seen a lot of posts about adjustment of status for ESTA/VWP entrants but still am unsure if it’s possible. And if it is, I’d like to know when the most ideal timing is to apply for it. My fiancée is 20 years old and i am 19. I got to know that there’s a thing called minimum income requirements for my fiancée to ‘sponsor’ me but her income isn’t enough to meet those requirements. My question is, will the price of a house that her mom owns be admitted as assets to meet the requirement as long as there’s no loan on the house and the price is accredited? & if not, a joint sponsor who’s not a family member of my fiancée could sponsor me instead of her if we can find one? Thanks so much in advance, have a good night
  20. Hello! During my 90 days visit with ESTA visa me and my floridian boyfriend (he's American citizen) discovered that I'm pregnant so he asked me to marry him and we got married in Vegas in December. I have to go back to Europe at the beginning of February due to my work, but which visa he now has to apply so I could come back and stay with him? Is it K3? CR1/R1? Does he have to fill the I-130 form at first? Where can he do that? Can it be done online? How long will the whole process take? Does he have to be in United States all that processing time or can he visit me in Europe at about the time I will deliver our baby? And what about my 14yo son who I would like to take with me? Does he need a separate visa or can he be on my visa? And the new baby? We planned to return in August, is it conciderable at all? I'm really not familiar to the laws at all and I would appreciate a step-by-step guide (with links), if someone would be so kind ... Thank you so much!
  21. Hello, I really need help with this. I flew to the US late 2017 after getting cleared for travel on ESTA. I made a mistake on the form due to misunderstanding the language, the crimes involving moral turpitude, I google it and it stated crimes such as rape and murder so I thought "well no definitely not" and ticked no. It also mentioned criminal convictions, I have received x2 criminal damage charges cautions which to my knowledge was not a conviction and ticked no. On my way to leave I lost my passport and had to get a temporary passport and book a new flight, by the time I was able to leave I was overstaying the VWP and no longer eligible to travel on it. I wanted to go back later in the year and applied for a tourist visa and was denied, at this point I learned I shouldn't not have been able to travel in the first place which was quite a shock. When I was over there I met a woman and we were attracted to each other, In November 2018 she came and spent a month with me and we fell in love. We are very much in love and want to be together and want to get married. She is waiting for her divorce to finish and then we plan to marry, and she wants me to relocate to the united states so we can start our lives together but obviously a number of things have happened and I want to know how badly this has messed things up, and if its even possible for us to marry. It looks really bad and I really need to know if its possible for us to be together,
  22. Hi there, My Australian husband and I (US Citizen) have our I-130 under processing. We need to get back to the USA for our formal wedding celebration with all friends and family in April 2019. This was already booked before we started the immigration process, based on advice we got from our lawyers. Unfortunately, we can't move the date or postpone as it's all booked and family from Australia already have flights booked to visit. It's a 50/50 shot his visa will be approved by then at this rate, so we have been advised by a few attorneys for him to enter the USA under the Visa Waiver Program. I've read a few reviews on this process, and it seems it's the best way to go, but there's also a pretty good shot he could get denied entry as well. Has anyone done this before with success? We are hearing mixed reviews. What documents/proof of return to Australia should we prepare? If we're traveling together, which line for Immigration should we go into? Is there a specific port of entry that would be better or easier? Dallas/LA? Would a letter from our local representative help our case with the Border Agents? Thanks so much in advance :) Cheers, Kelly
  23. I’d really appreciate some help, so thanks in advance. I’m really desperate. I got married to my husband in Florida, who is a USC. I’m a UKC. We hoped we could live in the UK, but everything has gone wrong here. I want a fresh start over there and just need to be with my husband permanently. I can’t cope with the thought of being separated. I’d like to know if I can apply for adjustment of status (I-485) at the same time as filing the I-130 while I’m visiting the US on the ESTA/VWP? Also, is it true that I can stay there while they are being processed, even if it takes longer than the 90 days that you are allowed on the VWP? Please help!
  24. Hi folks, My girlfriend was recently denied a j1 visa for an internship. The reason was 214b (which is extremely vague). She is a citizen of Japan who would like to visit in the future. When would be a good time to apply for ESTA? I understand previous visa denials can impact an ESTA application, so I assume its good to wait a bit before trying. Thank you!
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