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  1. Hi Everyone, My husband received his Green Card in the mail one week after our interview!!!. We are both breathing a sigh of relief and we are happy to have an almost 2-year break from immigration. Wishing you all a successful trip on the rest of your journeys.
  2. Have you tried adding her to your insurance? Another option is to add her as an authorized user on any credit cards you have.
  3. Greetings Everyone, My husband and I had our Green Card interview today. All in all, it was a great experience. Our interview was scheduled for 12:10pm and we arrived at 12:00pm. We sat in the waiting room until 12:15 when we were called in the back by a nice female officer. She first took our IDs, then she took my husband's picture and finger prints. After that, we both stood up for our oaths. She started by asking us to submit any additional materials that I wanted to. I gave her an updated I-864, proof of our relationship, and a few pictures (Although brought 70 pictures, she only kept about 15 of them). She then proceeded to ask me questions from our I 485, then my husband the same questions. After tediously going through all the questions on our I-485, she asked us how we met, how we decided to become a romantic couple, and our proposal/when we decided to get married? That was basically it. After all of that, she gave me back the updated I 864, because she said since we were already qualified from the I 864 that was submitted in August and we hadn't filed our 2018 taxes, nothing has changed in our financial status, so she didn't need it. After that, she told us everything looks good for us to be approved, she just needs to complete a final background check, which she plans to have completed tomorrow since there are no interviews scheduled. She said we could check our case status online, but if we don't receive our Green Card within 30 days, make an info pass appointment and come back to the office so they can see if it got lost in the mail. We were out and done by 1pm. It was a very casual conversation; and it is very true that as long as you are telling the truth and have nothing to hide, this is an easy part of the process.
  4. If you're really that paranoid, you could wait until she gets a Green Card. I realize that would delay her travel, but it may give everyone more peace of mind.
  5. Hi Everyone, My husband and I have his AOS Interview next week. Just running through our list of things to bring to the interview. For those of you who have had your interview, please let me know if I'm leaving anything out: 1. Updated 1-864 with 2017 Tax Transcript, Pay Stubs for December-February, and Letter from Employer 2. Copy of U.S. Citizen Birth Certificate and Passport 3. Marriage License 4. I-94 5. Copy of Husband's Birth Certificate and Passport 6. Supporting Evidence (Joint Health Insurance, Joint Utility and Cell Phone Bill, Joint Lease, Joint Credit Card, Photos, Travel Itineraries for trips we've been on since his arrival in the U.S.) 7. Copy of I-485 Am I missing anything?
  6. If you didn't use an attorney for the K1, you really don't need one for AOS. My husband came on a K1 in June, we got married in August, submitted his AOS/AP/EAD in August and he has his AOS Interview in a couple of weeks. All done without a lawyer. Save your money.
  7. My husband and I were traveling for the holidays to visit my family and just retuned on Tuesday. I had fully expected that when we returned he would have received his AP/EAD card. However, to my great surprise, we received a letter letting us know he had been scheduled for our interview which will take place on February 13th. I am so pleasantly surprised as we had mentally prepared ourselves for at least one year before the green card interview and to know that we will have it less than one month from now and will not need to worry about AP/EAD is a wonderful notion.
  8. If you want to pick apart what I said, please do so correctly. My first post used the word "could", there was no definitive language used by myself. So let's focus on trying to help the OP with all possible scenarios so they can be prepared just in case this isn't as cut and dry as some would like to make it. And BTW, this could have consequences down the line for her as there is AOS, removal of conditions, and possibly a citizenship application down the road. Again, I used the word "could" so save your inaccurate corrections for somebody else needs it. To the original OP: Research all possibilities for yourself and do not take anything anyone says on here as 100% gospel truth for your situation. I do wish you the best resolution to this situation. I'm done going back and forth. Happy Holidays to you all.
  9. To be clear, I never said this was not the law. I'm merely letting the OP know that there is a such thing known as discretion in the law. The bottom line is some people have success when they omit their children and some people don't. It doesn't mean the law has changed or doesn't exist, it just means that discretion is used differently. This should be made clear when advising people as you'd never want to present a guarantee to someone when discretion is involved.
  10. You missed the important part of my response; The decision of misrepresentation is embassy and country specific. You may be better posting in your country's forum to see if anyone else from your country has been in the same circumstance and how their case went.
  11. The question still needs to be answered: How did you answer the question about children on the I29-f petition? This could be considered material misrepresentation based on the embassy and country. Going forward, it is advisable to be completely honest on all immigration papers to save yourself potential heartache in the end.
  12. Websters202


    You do not need to mail documents to NVC for a K1. It can take up to 6 weeks for your case to reach the NVC, plus you will need to keep in mind all of the holidays. For example, I received my NOA2 the second week of November last year and my case did not reach the NVC until after Christmas.
  13. Websters202

    Can I send a binder packet

    I would keep them in the sheet protectors and ditch the binders. Also, in case you haven't done so, you need to copy all of your documentation. I also recommend scanning it all and keeping it for your electronic records.
  14. Websters202

    Interview at US embassy

    If they are not also applying for a visa (in this instance a K2 visa), there is no need for them to attend.
  15. No one is giving legal advice. But what people are saying is that it is risky and could lead to a denial. The only thing one has to do is ask themselves if it is worth the risk? Keep in mind that having a "wedding party" is different depending on country/culture so a "wedding party" for one and a "wedding party" for another are not necessarily one in the same. It's just risk assessment.