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  1. @bishnup @VIREN @Lily29 @Ginwill @Muhammad Babar @Bboorrcchh morning all, hopefully it looks good for us between today and Friday because Monday is a holiday😟 for USCIS to send our cases over to NVC...
  2. Ok, but thank God this stage is over I pray for you to get quick interview date and smooth sailing 🤗 soon huzzy will be there and all this will be over. You're close to the finish line.
  3. Congratulations my dear 😍🥂 but how did the marriage cert. got there 2 times tho🤔. I'm happy for you 🤗
  4. For those case that were received by NVC for this period, good luck to you guys💫. I'm still awaiting USCIS CSC to do their job 🙁
  5. Which USCIS service center you filed your petition and what visa catagory is your case?
  6. Still awaiting USCIS to send my case over to NVC... DAY 56 since case approval.
  7. Still awaiting USCIS to send my case over to NVC...- DAY 56 since case was approved.
  8. Amen to that. Stay calm, I can only imagine the anxiety your feeling but soon all the hardship will be over.🤗
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