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  1. Yes i can. He has other workers too. I help manage it for him Which I can take a week off from now and again and ask my sister to come and stay with him if its needed. How does the fact that I can't take my kids with have no bearing? Isn't that the biggest tie to my country then? Thank you for the relationship advice. Now I don't need to go as on the ldr platform
  2. It was last year beginning of November. So if I would apply now the interview will only be in two months from now. And he has visited me 4 times now. But he doesn't get so many days off from work making it around 8 months without seeing one another. And basically he feels like the visa thing is making it impossible that he just wants to give up. So I really do need it since I won't be moving to the us any time soon.
  3. I am from south africa. I have applied twice before. I was denied due to my ties to my country. Both times I didn't get the chance to tell them that I have 2 kids that can not get passports that I have sole custody off. ( I kind of messed up in the second interview when they asked what has changed since my 1st interview, I should have brought it up I know) I am visiting my us bf who was going to sponsor my trip which I also know is a red flag to them. But since my last interview my situation has changed. These are my ties to my country: still my 2 kids that can't get passports at this moment. I can pay for my own trip I do not need sponsorship with this i can provide the bank statements as proof. I have a lease agreement for over a year too. And I am currently looking after my dad and his business since he got ill which I will also have medical certificates for and his statement that I am doing all of this. With it I can provide an invitation letter and flight itinerary and everything. Does this increase my chances
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