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  1. She/he meant that they had to submit the out of normal processing times form as USCIS failed to process the case in timely manner.
  2. Just to update me about my case... They should have send me some reply at least and they have never done that. I'm trying to contact a Congressman but they ignored my emails so far.
  3. I sent 3 letters to Vermont months ago ( at different dates within 2 years) and never received any response back.
  4. Guys Could you advise me if it's worth reaching to Ombudsman about my pending over 2 years I-360?
  5. Most of the cases of people from this forum who filed in 2019...
  6. I think they are still working on cases from 2019. I filed on november 2019 still waiting.
  7. I have been waiting for 25 months. (I-360) No PF, one RFE at the beginning.
  8. What's exactly security check and how does that work? Are they checking our divorces with the judge/court, interviewing our ex spouses, inquire with the police, reach out to our home countries or our work places? Did the I-360 take 3 years for approval or the i485? How often does USCIS do security check? I don't want to wait 3 years for my case and after that for i485 more years. I was fingerprinted so many times already, have no criminal records which I send the proofs from my country and from here.
  9. Friends my case I360 is pending since November 2019. My attorney wants $350 fee for sending an inquiry to USCIS. That's a lot of money for sending an email/letter and not know if the answer?
  10. Friends, I don't see any I-360 November/December 2019 approvals. What's going on? I have been waiting over 2 years already
  11. Which month of 2019 did you file I-360 and in which month did you get approved? Thank you
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