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  1. I have been waiting 33 months now. Not being asked about additional evidence, had one RFe for good moral character. Sent multiple letters to USCIS, no responses or received generic ones that my case is pending or there are unresolved issues. Congressman, Senator and Ombudsman never helped. They tried to find out whats going on but failed so far. USCIS has never mentioned that my i360 is under security or background check. I'm thinking about filing mandamus writ. So far I keep writing letters to USCIS and emails to Congressman, Senator and Ombudsman.
  2. I have been waiting since November 2019. Never get PF. One RFE for good moral character. Which month did you file? Are you considering mandamus writ?
  3. No responses from Ombudsman, generic Uscis responses from Congressman and senator that they " have to resolve some issues, the case is still pending, the case is under extended review, the decision should be made" and blah blah for over a year now. No specifics, no details when I follow up. It's been 33 months now.
  4. I have been waiting since 2019 too. No PF. Involved senator congressman and ombudsman with no success. Sent multiple letters and inquiries with no reply or generic response.Thinking about mandamus more and more
  5. Hello, senator reached out to me that uscis replied to their inquiry regarding my i360. They said " USCIS is unable to render a decision on your constituent’s application until certain issues are resolved. USCIS is striving to resolve these issues as soon as possible. " What does that mean? Background or security checks? How long would that take if I'm waiting since Nov 2019? I have no criminal records, speeding or parking tickets, nothing.
  6. Nov 2019. Still waiting. Congressman, senator and Attorney didn't help.
  7. No honey. They will never reply to you. I have sent multiple letters, emails etc and no reply. If they replied it was only stupid generic not signed letter that they just working on my case and apologize for the inconvenience.
  8. I have contacted them already with no success. They just said I needed to wait, or USCIS didn't reply to them, or they are reviewing my case etc. They never give me the details as to why my case is taking so long. I keep calling congressman and senator once a week with no success.
  9. Guys, should I pay my attorney $500 for sending inquiry about my case? Will she really get a response of why my case is taking so long? I have involved senator, congressman, Ombudsman and nobody knows what's going on. USCIS doesn't get back to them or just says I have to wait. I never received the info that my case is under security or background check just generic letters from Uscis apologizing for the inconvenience", advising that " at this time decision should be made or " your case is under extended review". For a year I have been trying to find out when they are going to process my case. Will USCIS ignore my attorney as well or finally will review my case? Anybody has an experience with that? Thank you
  10. Congrats! I see that you filed your I-360 in June 2019. I filed in November 2019. So they still have been working on the 2019 cases and sometimes approving the 2020 forms..
  11. Thank you! I have just written to my congressman
  12. I sent to senator everything... they just stated that USCIS didn't reply to them I'm still calling them every now and then to follow up
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