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  1. Good luck everyone! Uniting for Ukraine 1-134 submitted - 4/25/2022 I-134 approved - 4/29/2022 Email received by beneficiary - 5/4/2022 Beneficiary submits data to USCBP - 5/4/2022 Received information about travel authorization from USCBP - 5/6/2022 (Approval but no Travel Authorization Document) Travel Authorization Document- 5/16/2022
  2. They can create the USCIS account but to have their case attached they will need an Online Access Code that comes with the notice. They input their code on the created account and it pulls their case. Here is what is written in the notices they can get to step 2 of this instructions without the code. Good luck!! Welcome to USCIS! Thank you for your recent submission. We have created a USCIS Online Account for you. With this account you can: • check the status of your case. • sign up to receive email notifications and text messages. • manage your account preferences and contact information. Log on and confirm your account within 90 days. To access your account, please follow the steps below: 1. Visit us online at https://my.uscis.gov/account 2. Select "Create a new account" on the right side of the screen, and follow the on-screen instructions for creating a new account in order to login to the system. 3. Select "Add a paper-filed case." 4. Enter your "USCIS case receipt number" and select "Add case." 5. Enter your "Online Access Code" (found on the upper right side of this notice) and your "Date of birth" in the fields provided. 6. Select "Confirm case." NOTE: Your Online Access Code will expire 90 days from the receipt date listed at the top of this letter. We will continue processing your application regardless of whether you access your USCIS Online Account. We strongly encourage you to confirm your USCIS Online Account as soon as possible and then use it in the future as your preferred method for interacting with USCIS. If you do not access your account before your code expires and you wish to access your account, you will need to request that we reset your access code. If you have questions about how to confirm your USCIS Online Account or to request that we reset your access code, please visit the USCIS Contact Center at uscis.gov/ contactcenter.
  3. Hello Everyone finally the Travel Authorization Documents are there!! Authorized on May 4th, Got the documents on May 16th after countless calls to USCIS. Document expires in August 4th.
  4. Definitely! We have call almost every day. Still no documents. Some times they tell us to wait for a tier 2 call. Others that the problem was resolved. Others that we just need to log in and out and the document its going to be there. To wait from 24 to 72 hrs and its going to be there. Last news is that they are going to further work on our issue and to give them time. Has anyone with this same problem resolve it? how? We are still without the document.
  5. Today we get this message to the beneficiary account. The issue has not being resolved but seems they are just telling everyone that it has. We still waiting for the Travel Authorization Document since May 4.
  6. Thank you! We have called every day since it got approved. They tell you issue was resolved and hang you right away. Hope to have it before the end of the week. The also attached a wrong notice yesterday, they attached the notice that go to the sponsor on the beneficiary account all of the sudden yesterday.
  7. Did the beneficiaries got their travel document? We were approved May 6 and still waiting for the document. We have called USCIS now they say issue resolved, but clearly is not. This is soul breaking.
  8. Talk to the today and they told issue was resolved but we don't have the document in the notices section yet. They did upload another notice today but not what we need!
  9. Natalia we were able to get to a representative this morning. The answer was that there is a technical problem and to wait up to 7 days for this to be resolved!
  10. Sure! You can. Just fill out form I-134 for her and her child. You don't need to be a family member.
  11. We are having the same problem, we try yesterday and are trying again today. This is Very frustrating.
  12. We are trying to communicate with USCIS and no luck. The phone system keep telling that the offices are closed and they work until 8pm ET but it is not 8pm. Another visa journey user had the same issue and they told him is a glitch in the system .
  13. Did you get to submit them? how it resolved? I am getting an error now on the beneficiary account.
  14. We are waiting for them to attach the forms. But expecting the forms to be there next week. We had a terrible delay for work permit 11 years ago. Where the permit took 6 moths more than normal just because some one had not press Enter.... We had it approved. Visited the field office 3 times, on the 4th time the lady says ahh I see, I just click here, you should receive the card in a week... Amazing! Wishing your beneficiary a good trip to you and the best in USA.
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