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  1. Update this is crazy!!! My husband gets an e-mail today from the central HR offices from his work place. "We got your green card!" We are mailing it back to you. How how? We have receive all the post from USCIS to our mail box home. And we verified the address twice during our interview. All I can think is that there was some mix up with the L-1 visa information. Thank you!
  2. Well we were immigrating from Germany while doing the L-1 visa but my husband is originally from Ukraine. Today we are calling the USCIS to see if we can get the tracking number for the green card. Good luck everybody.
  3. AOS status update in USCIS website. Card was mailed 10 of October. Is the 25 and still nothing in mail. Is that normal? I thought if they mail the card it takes maybe a week to arrive. I worry the card go lost in the mail.
  4. Ahh I am confuse. Sorry guys. Good luck everybody.
  5. Yes we don't have the typical K-1, AoS and removal of conditions. Because after we got our conditional 2 year green card we move to Germany. We live there for 5 years. My husband was moved by the same company to USA on a L-1 visa. After arriving to USA then we file for AOS.
  6. Yes no idea. We did adjust from a L-1 blanket visa. Married for 6 years. Used a law firm organized by my husband employer. Biometrics appointment and then RFE about not meeting poverty line (incorrect, anyway we resubmit employment letter, pay stubs, and assents info) I wonder if they notice the RFE was incorrect before they even got an answer? Our interview was in Pittsburgh, it was a very good experience. Good luck everyone!
  7. Any approvals? Our case move really fast even with an RFE. The official even comments about it. Date Filed : 2017-04-25 NOA Date : 2017-04-27 RFE(s) : 2017-05-10 Bio. Appt. : 2017-05-01 Interview Date : 2017-10-04 Approval / Denial Date : 2017-10-04 Approved letter : 2017-10-10 Now waiting for the green card in the mail.
  8. Yey congratulations, okay okay lets see if ours gets here tomorrow ;))
  9. We got the approval letter today!! The interview was on October 4. I am not looking at the uscis web site any more!!
  10. AOS interview last week. We took our daughter, she is 5 months old. As soon as we enter the room the official said "ohh children I hope she don't start crying" Then in the middle of the interview she started crying. As soon as she started crying the official ask me to go to the waiting room with her. He said at this point of the interview I did not needed to be there anymore. We took her as we don't have an option of a babysitter or family. I will recommend not to take them if you have the option.
  11. Same here our interview was on October 4. The official told us we are getting the green card in a few weeks. The uscis status page still the same Interview Schedule.
  12. My experience a week ago. No questions about income or employment at all!! I was very worried because we receive an RFE that we answer about income plus we had not file the 2016 income taxes at the time of the interview ( we had an extension) The official asked for my husband medical right away and we were a bit confused because the medical was sent with the AOS package. Anyway he had a look in the file and confirm that everything was fine, the medical was done just 5 months ago. Then he just went over our basic information asking our address, directly to me and then 3 minutes later asking the same question to my husband. When and were we got married. If any of us was married before. Very very easy and relaxed. We had our baby with us and she started crying. In a very calm and respectful way I was escorted outside to the waiting room. The official said I was not needed anymore. While my husband was there he went over the standard questions about human trafficking, prostitution and so on. The official asked about previous convictions or traffic tickets, he has non. He then said to my husband his green card was approved, he should receive in around 5 weeks. He also gave my husband some information about the responsibilities of a green card holder He did ask for some evidence of us living together, he took a copy of our lease and a print out of our joint bank accounts. Now we are waiting for the card to arrive, the status on the uscis still the same as before the interview. arg. Good luck.