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  1. We do this a lot of the times. We use our joint account to pay household bills, credit cards, etc. We hardly deposit our checks/cash and usually just transfer from personal accounts. Did she make a big deal about it? Do you think we should take a personal bank statement with us? Also, congrats on being finished. We filed I-751 a month apart and I’m so happy it’s over for you guys! We filed our N-400 in Jan 2023 instead of in September 2022, which was our 90 days period. Hoping to see progress soon. Congrats again
  2. Hey everyone, Might be traveling to Italy soon and was wondering if anyone had any issues with airlines coming back to NY. Applied for N-400 but still have pending I-751 with new 48 months extension. The two options I’m considering are Delta or American Airlines. Travelled last year and had no issues with JetBlue but that’s not one of the options I’m finding. If anyone has travelled with those two airlines from Europe without any problems, would appreciate your feedback. Thanks
  3. Although I got a bio appt in two weeks for my N-400, I just received a letter saying my I-751 bio is being reused. I had already gotten this letter in 2021 when I originally filed my ROC. I’m assuming I got another letter about bio being reused for I-751 because they transferred the case. Idk
  4. I first saw it on the Lawfully app that I use to track my I-751. My case status on USCIS website didn’t change until a day later though.
  5. Hey everyone, We have a pending I-751 filed Oct 2021. We finally bit the bullet and filed our N-400 last week. We received our Receipt Notice this week and got out biometrics appt letter in the mail today. Bio appt is in two weeks. Also saw our I-751 was transferred to new office that now has jurisdiction on Wednesday. Hoping both gets adjudicated this year.
  6. That’s great! Hope it goes well and you get an approval right away.
  7. It was issued in 2018. He was Naturalized as a kid. Should I provide his naturalization certificate as well?
  8. Hey everyone, back again with another question. I’m gathering my documents for my N-400 based on the 3 years. What I have so far: Letter explaining that we have a pending I751 Green card Extension letter Husband’s Passport Marriage Certificate ID’s for both of us 3 Years Tax Transcript Insurance cards 12 joint Bank stmts (1 stmt for every 3 mths) Rental Insurance (3 years) Now I have a question about our lease or lack thereof. Our place is month to month and not a lease agreement. It has been this way since we moved in. Can I provide copies of the cancelled checks for our rent payments for the past 3 years or maybe 1 stmt for every three months? Our landlord had given us a notarized letter to use before. Don’t want to keep asking him for a new one if I don’t have too. Can I use to same letter I did for the I-751 or can I do without one and just use the checks? He usually makes it so difficult to get one so i would really like to avoid asking him We travelled last year. Do I need to submit a copy of my passport as well or just his which proves his citizenship? Last, did anyone include any credit card stmts? Thanks!!
  9. Thank you everyone for your comments. Will go ahead and submit this week.
  10. Hey everyone, Happy New Year! I have a pending I-751 and I’m considering filing my N-400 but I had a question. Hubby and I filed our taxes joint for the last 3 years (2019, 2020, 2021), but for this current year (2022) we’re considering filing separately for financial reasons. Would that be an issue in our application. Everything else is joint from the time we got married but it’s only the taxes for the new year we might do separate. Would love some feedback! Thanks
  11. Hey everyone, Happy New Year! Would love some advice based on your experience. Filed I-751 October 2021. The last half of 2022 has been crazy for the hubby and I, with becoming injured and almost losing our apartment. I haven’t file N-400 yet and my reasons are a bit twofold. 1. Things have been stressful and busy so haven’t had the time to gather docs 2. I’ve been working as self employed for the last two years. We had to pay back a hell of a lot last year and this year because he’s been injured along with some other financial stuff, we were thinking of filing separate. So now I have a bit of time and I’m thinking if it makes sense to go ahead and file N-400. I feel like the processing time keeps increasing for I-751 and maybe it’s more realistic to go ahead and file for citizen. Now my concern is - would it be an issue for us with N-400, if we don’t file taxes together for 2022. We would provide both of our taxes if we decide to file separately and they need it or would it cause an issue with immigration. And second, has anyone filed N-400 with a I-751 pending since late 2021? And what has your processing time been so far with N-400? Would love some feedback so we can figure out our next step. Thanks
  12. Travelled to the Caribbean this summer and just returned with expired GC and extension letter. When I checked in, the agent at the desk asked for my GC and when he saw it was expired asked for my extension letter which I presented. When I went to board the agent specifically asked if I was the one who had the extension letter when I told him my green card had expired. Apparently the first agent called to let them know someone had the extension letter and he wanted to make sure it was the 24 months extension. His words not mine. He double checked, said thanks and enjoy my flight. At JFK I presented both GC and extension to agent. He made small talk with me when going over my stay and documents then sent me on my way. Overall it was a smooth process!
  13. Happy July to my fellow October filers! Hope everyone is hanging in there. Just wanted to share an emotional moment I had a few days ago. Logged on to USCIS to check my case status and it showed “Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office.” After about two minutes of elation I read further and saw it was delivered on February 17th. Now, I’m panicking because I’ve been working nonstop the last few months and my husband didn’t tell me I got any mail from USCIS. And I can’t call him to ask (yell) him what’s going on cause he’s at work. 5 minutes after worrying about how I’m going to track this down with the Post Office, I logged on to my Lawfully app, only to find out I’m still stuck at “Fingerprints Was Taken. After another 5 minutes of checking, it turns out I entered my Receipt Number correctly, EXCEPT for the LAST NUMBER!!!!!! SMH. I fell back to earth damn quick after that realization. Guess I know what it will feel like when I get my approval lol. Happy 9 months everyone! We’ll get through this. On a positive note though, Congrats to that filer who got approved in February!
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