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Found 9 results

  1. So, I know we have a the super handy spreadsheet but for my own sanity, I wanted to make this thread in case any other SRC I-751 Filers would like to keep others updated if we hear anything. It seems that SRC went from full steam ahead to full stop. In previous filings, I was able to trace what month they were generally working on based on the monthly chats but now it looks like they've stopped abruptly. Anyway, I'll bring the tacos if y'all bring the updates!
  2. Hi all, I am wondering which case would be better when filing for N400 with a pending i751. Do I wait for my i751 to be approved first then apply for N400 or do I apply for n400 while my i751 is still pending ?
  3. Hi - not sure if I named this topic right - but I will be coming up on time for me to apply for my ROC later this year. My only question at the moment is: I have a valid Ohio drivers license that will expire later this year (I applied for it based off of my EAD - and received a green card after I had already gotten the DL) My GC will not expire until 1/3/24, so I considered going in to renew my DL based off of the GC. However, the earliest I can file for my ROC is October of this year, so when the I-751 is submitted, will there be an extension letter for the I-551? Will there be NOAs? Am I able to use the extension letter to renew my DL? I cannot seem to find anything on the Ohio BMV site about the particular verbiage for the form name, mostly just the usual: Proof of Residency, SS, name, DOB etc. That is my only concern as I do need to drive to work, I'd like to keep making money, after all lol Thanks for all your help and any corrections!
  4. Hello! Long time no see! So, I thought I would start a thread for those that are from Argentina going through the process of the ROC in 2022 based on a green card through marriage. To begin, here is the general guide at VJ: Then, here is what USCIS has: https://www.uscis.gov/i-751 Now, this is only a preliminary list, but I wanted to start something so we can get the discussion flowing. Evidence: -IDs -Bills -Statements -Insurance -Deeds -Leases -Birth certificate of children (if applicable) -Proof of traveling together -Photos Remember: The idea is to prove that you have cohabitation (living in the same address) and comingling financially (you have merged your finances both liabilities and assets). **Please note it gets much more detailed, I am only providing a simple general list so we can get some starting points.** I will soon share a typed up letter of what the cover should bee based on some other ones I have seen here.
  5. Hello, I need to travel abroad while the removal of conditions on my conditional green card is pending (through marriage). Is traveling with my expired green card + Extension letter enough or do I have to get the i551 stamp ? Thanks for your help
  6. Hi all, My green card expires in December and my company just purchased a ticket for me to attend an event in Mexico from 10/07 to 10/13. I consulted with a lawyer and he advised not to travel without the extension letter because he said they won’t let me back in because my GC is so closed to be expired. Is this true? have any you travel with your green card closed to be expired and no extension letter? I filed for ROC last week and now am waiting for the letter. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
  7. Hi, I am writing because I sent my ROC 1-751 application in around the middle of Dec and still haven't gotten any extension in the mail. I heard there was now a 6-8 week window where they ususally send them out. I am getting nervous because it's getting close to the end of that window. ALTHOUGH, they only took the money out of our account a couple weeks ago. So should I go off of that? I know it arrived the middle of DEC because I got the UPS with tracking on the package. The other question is kind of a weird one. Like I said above I just applied for my 10 year greencard, but I just became aware the other day (correct my if I am wrong) that if you get a greencard through MARRIAGE you can apply for permanent residency after 3 years of having a greencard, not 5 year (when you get a greencard through non marriage reasons). What do I do if I don't get my greencard within a year? Can I apply for citizenship at the same time? Thank you for any and all help!
  8. Hello everyone! I submitted my Removal of Conditions packet last March 2020, received the receipt notice and another notice that they applied my previous fingerprints for the ROC. Since May 2020, my status hasn’t changed and is still showing “Fingerprints are applied”.. Anyone out here who are on the same status as me? Also, how long does Potomac process the ROC? Thanks in advance.
  9. I have everything written up and in it's correct order and am about to go send my application off. But at the last minute I am wondering if any of my documents I am sending in should be hard copy originals. In their instructions they say to include photocopies unless otherwise stated but I've seen lots of folks in here mentioning ways to make sure you get your originals back for supporting doc's and just want to run it by you guys to see if I am missing something. I am so nervous to send it off! My questions is that I have no "original" docs, other than a notarized landlord affidavit (which I also have a photocopy of for personal records in case I don't get it back). I have photocopies/print outs of my 2 year greencard, (hard copy original of landlord affidavit of residence), marriage certificate, joint 1095-B health coverage forms, full and complete married filing jointly tax returns, joint business licenses, joint bank accounts, joint health insurance, joint car insurance, joint bills, etc. Basically anything with both of our names on it. Should any of these be hard copy originals? Also is it worth including any photos?
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