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  1. Oh sorry, I just realized you were talking about Packet 3, NVC one. You don't really need it, sometimes they mail a hardcopy instead which reaches you later.
  2. It depends on the process of your embassy. If they say that you can't schedule your interview till they contact you first, you should wait (or call to see if it can speed up the process). In Moscow, we wait until we receive an email before we get access to a calendar. Here it usually takes around 2 weeks since NVC sends docs.
  3. Most likely! I doubt that it was just your interview that got canceled. Something happened, and I'm sure you aren't alone in that boat
  4. Olga&Jared

    Moscow appointment

    Hey! Unfortunately, it's true. There've been no appointments available since February, but we're hoping it will change soon. There're a lot of people waiting There's not much you can do apart from monitoring it daily. There's a WhatsApp group where everyone who has access to calendar shares information but there have been no changes for a while.
  5. It's definitely very upsetting but I wouldn't worry just yet. They seemed to confirm that it's the issue on their side, so they'll fix it. At this point, I am cultivating inner Buddha state, especially since there're still 2 months till our petitions run out of date. I was also told today that it's possible to extend and they add another 4 months to make sure you make it in case of delays (at least in Moscow). We have no dates available still, and I haven't even gotten access to the calendar yet So a lot of people are waiting since 5th of February. You'll be fine, I'm sure! Try to stay positive even though I know it's hard when being so close to the end. There's nothing that can't be resolved.
  6. Ready here, too. But it's not the paper variant yet.
  7. Yeah, it would be too low. I actually just asked a Russian girl who got in Feb 19th shipment, she says that there were 4 cases going to Moscow the last time as well but NVC showed just 2 pieces. I guess it depends on NVC shipment rules (whatever they are) I know there are countries with a high number of cases going out, I wonder if their DHL tracking thing differs a lot.
  8. Oh ok, awesome I am so excited! Though unlike in other embassies, here you can't make an interview appointment before they send you a letter that you can, and right now there're no available dates at all. So for me, it's going to be another long wait But hopefully, the last one
  9. Ok, I actually did change something and got this result I wonder now if 2 pieces mean 2 cases? I checked with the Russian community, and there're at least 4 of us who went In Transit this Tuesday.
  10. For some reason, it still doesn't show anything for Moscow. Maybe it's still early but I'd appreciate if someone could check it for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but the last time on Feb 19th Mekulisch also couldn't track his shipment properly.
  11. Thank you for letting me know Yeah, I tried to play with dates but there's nothing. I guess not enough time has passed yet.
  12. Can anyone track cases now via DHL? There's still no information on Moscow direction.
  13. We've made it! I consider it to be a gift for International Women's Day.
  14. I'm not sure. Some people receive it right away, others wait for a long time. I haven't gotten anything yet, neither did Jared.
  15. I am so happy for everyone! Yay! Today is the best day I've had since January 18th