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  1. Hey guys! We had our interview in SJ office today. I already got my status change to "New Card Is Being Produced" 4 hours later, but the actual experience was quite confusing. We arrived 1 hour in advance which was just enough since there was quite a line at security check. Our officer was a woman, very emotionally detached which made it hard for us to get any clue if she was happy with all the paperwork and answers or not. I normally wouldn't sweat about it since it's their job but she was paying a lot of attention to things like why my mom changed my surname when I was 8 after my parents' divorce and why my birth certificate had my mom's surname instead of my biological dad's one. It made me feel nervous later because she didn't ask any marriage-related questions and also didn't take an updated Affidavit of Support with my husband's new job info. So the focus was basically on my life before moving here which seemed a bit weird to me after reading the "common" interview reviews. But in the end she did take papers with our "proof" and I handed her a few pictures as well even though she didn't ask for them at all. Anyway, after the interview I felt like I somehow failed. I guess because I was prepared to nail questions about our relationship, not about how Russian surname-change bureaucracy works But at least I didn't have to hang in limbo mode for too long afterwards. P. S. I filed on July 31, 2019 and had my biometrics on September 6.
  2. Hey guys! I'm sure I'm not the first one to ask about this but do we need to bring a new I-864 for green card interview if my husband changed his job after we filed? Or is it enough to just bring a letter from the new employer stating the start date and pay stubs? I've got an interview scheduled next month, and I want to make sure we don't mess up the paperwork. Thank you in advance, Olga
  3. Congratulations! I got my interview notice today. It's going to be on February 20 at San Jose office. I guess yours will be somewhere a week after mine
  4. I honestly don't remember the number but when I read the change of address form instructions on USCIS website, the phone number was there. I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding it once you need it. I guess I didn't use the right term for the date that got updated on my case. My priority date didn't change, the only date that did change was the date of my "Ready to be scheduled" status. You know how they write "On January 16 we are ready to schedule an interview..." Originally that date for me was October 9, while my field office was still SF. But after I filed change of address, the message in my "Ready to be scheduled status" changed to "On November 1 we are ready to schedule...". So it's just there, no notices or anything. But the case does go back in line at a new office once it's transferred.
  5. I don't yet know the office where my interview will be, still waiting for a paper letter. But they did update my address on all 3 cases (AOS, EAD, AP). I filed electronically for change of address as soon as I moved, and got a confirmation email from USCIS a week after saying that they'd updated it in their systems. Then I called several times and asked for a phone operator to check it for me and after 3 more days they confirmed that everything was updated. I also later received my EAD card to the new address. I also read a lot of horror stories and was worried they wouldn't update it but I was a bit of a control-freak during this process and called several times to make sure. My priority date also updated. I originally had "Ready to be scheduled" status since October 9, but then it got updated on November 1.
  6. It was SF when I filed but I switched to San Jose in October when I moved and filed the change of address. Don't get frustrated so much in advance, I know a girl who filed in May and had her Ready status since July (SF office as well) and who just got her interview scheduled on December 31 in San Jose as well. SF is sending a lot of cases to Sacramento and SJ these days, so there's a chance you'll get yours much sooner than you think!
  7. My status changed to "Interview was Scheduled" today. Much earlier than I expected but it's a great thing Bay Area has some truly horrific timelines. P. s. I've had "Ready to be Scheduled" since October 9
  8. My status changed today to ""Interview was Scheduled". I don't know where yet but I assume it's going to be SJ since we moved to Mountain View from SF in October and filed the change of address. Here's my timeline: July 31: Filed for AOS (SF field office) August 15: NOA1 September 6: Biometrics October 9: Ready to be Scheduled November 1: Updated "Ready to be Scheduled" after filing change of address (SJ field office) November 29: Got my EAD + AP card January 16: Interview was Scheduled They definitely speeded things up! I wasn't expecting anything around this time.
  9. My AP status changed to "Case Was Approved" today. Maybe yours did as well.
  10. Congrats to you as well! They say it takes around 5-14 business days to arrive. I also know people whose AP statuses didn't change but they received a combo card anyway. So hopefully it's not just EAD but also a travel permit. Though there are cases where AP comes separately. My local office is super slow that's why I don't count on interview being scheduled anywhere soon so I am just happy to at least get the EAD
  11. Life update: my EAD status changed today. I was honestly counting on a much longer wait for this one
  12. It took a month for me, but it was back in March-April. They didn't open calendars quickly then. I hope it's better now, but in case if it's not, keep in mind that it can take a while.
  13. You and me both. I also had my medical in April, 2 days before Visa interview, and I really don't want to go for a new one just because the office is slow
  14. I just filed AR-11 Changed of Address form online on USCIS website and then they sent me confirmation via email that my address was updated in the systems. I called later to make sure the change happened (it did), and I was also told that based on my postal code my case will be transferred to San Jose office. I don't really know much about what exactly happens to my case behind the curtains, but I should have my interview in San Jose instead of San Francisco now.
  15. Hey! I am also in Bay Area. I had SF office as well originally when I filed in July and had my case ready to be scheduled on October 9. But I moved to Mountain View afterwards, and now I am near San Jose office. I don't know if it's going to be just as bad as SF, but I also don't hope for interview to happen soon. My Ready date was also updated to November 1.
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