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  1. I thought there might be a hope for WAC filers to get approved before November but it seems that they've really slowed down after July.
  2. I don't think we're going to hear anything before August. I personally think we'll start seeing some movement around September. Hopefully A lot of people take PTO in summers which can additionally influence our timeline.
  3. I did as well! It made my morning 😁 A friend of mine who filed back in June 2021 got approved a little over a week ago, also WAC. I hope we can get our cases approved before it's time to file for citizenship. Not that it's a big deal since I want for my immigration journey to be over as soon as possible but it's helpful for a peace of mind 😆
  4. Hey guys! Does anyone with WAC number have a biometrics update? I saw that October folks had theirs around this time last month. I'm still at "Case was received".
  5. Did anyone at California Service Center receive a biometric waiver letter? I read October's thread and quite a few people with WAC case number got theirs last month even though they didn't update a spreadsheet information. We're moving to a new apartment on March 1st. Hoping to get it before and not stressing out about possibly missing the letter.
  6. I just checked the spreadsheet and looks like someone's deleted most of the entries. How long does it take these days to get a biometrics update for California Service Center?
  7. Yes, you should mention your child but choose "No" for "Is this child filing with you?" question. I don't remember what it says specifically but we also welcomed a child after marriage and I did include him in our I-751, just not as someone who's filing with me.
  8. Here we go again Filed on 11/22/2021, first eligible day USCIS received my package next day Got a text notification on 11/26/2021 Check was cashed on 11/29/2022 Now waiting for NOA1 in my mailbox California Service Center I moved on K1 visa and already had an interview for AOS. Hoping to skip a second interview
  9. Hi guys! I have a quick question regarding AR-11 when you don't have any pending petitions with USCIS. I filed a change of address form in the past when I was waiting for my green card interview but I just learnt that I need to do it each time I move even if I am not waiting for any documents. I moved to a new location in February this year and I filed AR-11 today. Am I going to face any penalties for doing it this late? Do I need to call them in a few weeks to confirm that my address was changed in their system? Thank you
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