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  1. Hi y'all! I didn't see a thread for N-400 August filers so I made one for us to connect on the experience. Here is the summary on my husband's N-400 journey: Filed online: 08-22-22 NOA1: 08-22-22 Biometrics: reused 8-22-22 I-751 transferred 9-25-22 Case status: "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS" as of 8-22-22
  2. My husband's was too just last week. I think it has to do with it merging with the N-400. I'm not sure if you had filed for citizenship yet, but that might be the case.
  3. Update on my husband's case (kind of): We applied for his naturalization two weeks ago and his I-751 case was transferred a couple of days afterwards to NBC. His citizenship case shows "actively being reviewed" but I'm not entirely sure if that's accurate lol Ours is on the exact same boat lol
  4. So, I know we have a the super handy spreadsheet but for my own sanity, I wanted to make this thread in case any other SRC I-751 Filers would like to keep others updated if we hear anything. It seems that SRC went from full steam ahead to full stop. In previous filings, I was able to trace what month they were generally working on based on the monthly chats but now it looks like they've stopped abruptly. Anyway, I'll bring the tacos if y'all bring the updates!
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