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Found 9 results

  1. I need advice on what to do with my spouse when he has to summit his I-751 ROC form. We are a same sex couple. He came to USA with K1 visa. We got married, he received his 2 years probation green card. This green card expires in January 2021. The past 6 months, our marriage has been very strained. We have not been intimate for many months. He won’t let me touch his phone. I know he’s hiding things from me. One time I was able to catch a suspicious text before he deleted it. I suspect he’s staying with me until he gets his new green card and then he will leave me. I don’t have any money to go through a divorce. My question is what are my options? What can I do to prevent him from getting his ROC approved? Thank you
  2. Hi guys! Hubby and I are working on the I-751 packet for my husband. I posted a question 2-3 days ago and as you can see on #3 at the picture I have attached, I was told to have my parents get an affidavit attesting to our living arrangements since my husband, child and I live with my parents but I have a few questions. 1) Do both my parents need to make their own letter or can it have both their names on one letter? 2) I’ve looked at older threads and examples and they all provided the parents address, social security number, Date of birth, place of birth, when they became residents or citizens, copies of parents and beneficiary/spouse drivers license, letters mailed to parents and beneficiary/spouse with the same address, and parents phone number. They also stated to send receipts of bills we pay but we don’t pay bills. We only give my parents $200 a month to use on any bills they want. •Is the response the person gave me on my previous post gave me enough information to write a sworn affidavit or do I need to add all of my parents information like the older threads/examples I saw? I would really like an update or an example letter please 3) Does it need to be notarized? Thank You 😊 Response from previous post mentioning affidavit from parents 👇🏼
  3. Hi Guys ! Am back again with some urgent questions please. I filed for my I-751 (ROC) last year February, 2019, received the 18months extension and did my bio metrics 2months after receiving extension letter. Till today, haven't heard back from USCIS and my status says "fingerprint applied to my application. Now, am getting close filing citizenship. My questions are;should I submit my citizenship application or just still wait for my I-751 application or should I call USCIS to know why its taking so long. Also, is there any 90days rule for applying for citizenship? Will really appreciate anyone with thesame issue or has been on thesame boat to answer me please. Kind of confused now and more over, my service center is Cali. Thanks all.
  4. Hi my passport is about to expire in June 2020, I just got done with my i-751 (ROC) Biometrics done, I don't have any plan to travel outside the United States anytime or so, is it OK not to renew my passport and just wait until I take my citizenship test till next year and get a new American passport instead!? Pls I'm a bit worried, a help would be much more appreciated
  5. My husband and I filed for Removal of Conditions on September 13, 2019. The USCIS sent out the NOA (form I-797) on September 19 (we found this out from them later). When he hadn't received his NOA by October 1, he called them. They said to call back if he hadn't received it by Oct 13. He got antsy and called them again on Oct 8, at which point he was at least able to obtain the receipt number, and the person ordered a duplicated NOA to be sent out. Nov 5th rolled around and still no original or duplicate NOA received, so we both conferenced with a tier 2 person, and she sent out another duplicate. She said if we hadn't received it by Nov 20, to call back. My husband is in the process of calling them now, and I am sending out this post in the hopes that others who have had issues can make suggestions. Each time he (or we) have called, the mailing address has been verified and confirmed. We haven't moved. He's received mail from the USCIS previously at this address for Adjustment of Status, his GC, AP, Work Authorization, and EVEN the reminder for the Removal of Conditions process. So we are absolutely baffled by this. Oh, and he also isn't receiving emails that they said he should receive, and that email address has been confirmed during each call. Anyone have a suggestion? This seems very strange. Thanks for your time! UPDATE: today the USCIS tier 1 person informed my husband that the most recent duplicate was only sent out on Nov 15th, so if we haven't received it in 2 or 3 days, to call the post office. I mean, that does kind of make sense, but it doesn't explain why he never received an email notification. Anyway, suggestions are welcome still in the meantime. Thanks!
  6. hello everyone need help, were filing jointly with my husband in ROC but out problem is we dont any joint bank account since we’ve been married and his filing single in his tax return in 2017 and filing jointly married in 2018 , i really need advice everyone what to do 😌and we cannot open bank account jointly because my husband dealing with the IRS right now
  7. Hi all, I'd appreciate some feedback and advice, I am due to file for ROC in two months, and I have two problems, My spouse and I never shared finances (Per choice to avoid arguments), an been living apart most of the time due to her work) so here is my story: After 9 months of marriage, my wife (USC) and I, and had a lot of pressure due to her work situation, which resulted in a lot of pressure on both us, and it took a toll on our relationship. Before, the CGC was approved, we agreed she would go back to school, and do something she is passionate about it as I was working and my income would cover both of us. Right before we file for AOS, she switched jobs to fulfill the financial requirements, and that switch really impacted both of us negatively. So, after long research, she found an opening in a school program that is 4.5 hours away from home, and in her hometown where her family lives. So she applied, accepted, and we sorted all the financial stuff for her to start in 1 month (All documented). Literally 3 days after, the GC was approved, and 3 weeks in, my wife started her 5 months program while living with family to save on costs. As classes were everyday, we couldn't see each others frequently; however, we talked everyday 10-20 times easily. During those months, we worked on marriage, and everything was getting back to normal once she graduated. However, she received a job offer to do something that always been her dream in that city, so I had to support her to take it, the same way she always supported me. Her job was 2 years contract, in return the place would pay for all her training and certificates, and she would be working something she is passionate about for once. So we agreed on it, and that she would come home every 2/3 weeks for 3-5 days as I don't drive for medical reasons. Therefore, we been living apart almost since GC was approved (coincidentally). The evidence we have are: 1- 3 shared leases at our original home state, shared addresses on licences, W2 sent to the same address (even from her work in a different state). 2- Join Taxes (Federal and State), we been owing taxes and paying them since she work out of state. 3- Joint Trips (We fly from different airport and land at the same time) 4- A lot of joint bills (Electricity, home insurance, Internet, and medical bills) 5- Join healthcare coverage from my job (Med, dental, and vision) 6- She is beneficiary on 401k and life insurance since we got married and all my benefits 7- Joint life insurance from work 8- Joint Brokerage account 9- Trips and concerts and pics 10- Phone records shows daily interactions (we talk easily 15-20 times a day) 11- Joint Savings partially active 12- Joint financials, and here is the problem: We been splitting bills since we got married, and we transfer each others money based on the bills. We decided to stay financially independent to avoid arguments about money. As well, for 7 months, I was the solely the care giver due to her enrollment in school. 13- Joint Credit Cards (3) - Another problems: My spouse's transactions are limited to the other state as whenever she is home, I take care of everything. 14- Flowers receipt sent to her job (3x for anniversary and such), proof mails sent to each others, and so on 15- Possible two affidavits (her brother and my best friend) as we don't have really close friends. 16- Joint Amazon and Costco accounts 17- We rented my wife a very small loft near her job where the lease in her name, and the bills in my name 18- Not sure if it is considered as evidence, but I came to US at F-1 Visa, and I graduated with high advanced engineering degree, and had 3 internships in the US, and I was set to apply for higher education (Marriage changed plans due to commitments), so I technically didn't need marriage to evade immigration I put my self in the IO shoes while looking at the package we are preparing, and I get really worried and stressed as it seems the best proof of real marriage (for USCIS) is commingled finances and living together, which apparently we don't have, and there is no much proof of my wife visiting regularly. So, I was wondering what is the best way to explain the not very joined finances and the living? I am planning to write a letter and attached to the cover letter, but I am just not sure how to address the situation? Lately I been applying for jobs in her location, and we been discussing moving somewhere together in the soon future, but nothing concrete yet. Silly us, we never really tried to change our lives to satisfy immigration, and despite all the evidences, I still feel we coming short. I really been stressed so bad lately, I can't sleep, and it is honestly depressing and worrisome. I understand in the eyes of USCIS, this feels like a fraud level C situation, and I don't mind another interview, it is just that of proving our marriage is real, is really too much to bear because marriages more than just finances and shared homes.
  8. We just sent in our rfe response for removal of conditions i-751, and just received an alert that a 2nd rfe is in the mail. is this common? Our first response had everything including the table of contents, taxes, ids, statements and wills - just stressed in wondering what else and now what to do
  9. Hi everyone: I'd like to know if there's anyone have experience with living in other country (your nationality) while I-751 pending? My husband PCS to Korea with unaccompanied order for 1 year and I am planning to go back to live in Taiwan while he is in Korea, and I know I probably need to send out I-131 form (for re-entry permit) before I leave for Taiwan, other than that what else do I need to do to make sure I will have no problem come back to live in the US after 1 year? P.S. I filed I-751 on 2019/06/18 and my 2 years GC expired 2019/08/31 Planning to leave around beginning of Oct. this year. Thank you so much!
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