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Found 15 results

  1. Hey Everyone, Thought I would start this thread for all my fellow October filers. Hope we can all share our progress along the way while also helping each other out, if any of us have any questions. We sent out our I-751 package yesterday. Was pricey to send it express mail but my husband was fed up with me only fiddling with it and making changes, so he was relieved to get it out of the house lol. Our package consisted of: Cover Letter Personal Check for 680 G-1145 Form I-751 Conditional GC - mine US Passport - hubby Marriage Certificate Bank Cards for Joint Acc Bank statements for checking account from the last two years Bank statements for savings account from the time it was open to present 2020 & 2019 tax returns with W-2 2020 & 2019 tax transcript Hubby’s drivers permit along with his previous ID showing current address My ID showing current address Renters Insurance for the Year 2020 Letter from landlord explaining our rental agreement Cable and phone bill for the last two years Credit cards for our Joint Acc Credit card statements for the last two years showing our activities Insurance cards for two years and also info on our current plan Two affidavit letters (only thing we sent that was original) 20 pictures That’s pretty much it. It’s a pretty big package with all the statements. We debated back and forth on what to send and after reading from people’s experiences here, we decided to be safe and send everything. Our package should get there by end of day Monday. Hopefully we’ll receive a notification by Tuesday at least. Will post any updates as this process goes along. Hope everyone else will as well. Best of luck to all of you!
  2. Hi guys, I know it's a bit too early to start the forum for Dec filers 😂 but I figuered we can share our package lists and stuff, even feelings 😘 I've been collecting proof for this since AOS 🙃 I saved anything that's related to our marriage, so I could be less stressed out when it's close to the time for filing. My GC will expire on Feb 28, 2022. The earliest day I can send out my application is Nov 30. I plan on sending it out on Dec 1st. I will share my timeline when I do. Here's the USCIS link if you aren't sure when: https://www.uscis.gov/forms/filing-calculator-for-form-i-751-filing-jointly-with-your-spouse
  3. Hello, My husband and I are getting our packet ready to file for Nov 10th. i am am almost done building it but im not sure what to put the packet in. i have a report cover that can fit about 150 pages and sheet protectors to protect the papers along with dividers to show where things are. is that too complicated for them? i did it the same way for K1 Visa and AOS.
  4. Hello, I got my SSN card when I first moved to the US. I don't know the specifics because at the time we had a lawyer (we now do not) who guided us through the process but he got me a temporary work and travel visa and when I got my SSN card that was all I had as documentstion. Now I have my 2 year greencard which is currently expired but I have the 24 month extension letter so it really expires in a year. But when I went to get a job recently I saw that my SSN card had a "valid for work only with DHS authorization" stamped on it. When I was doing some research online I saw that as a permanent resident greencard holder I should be able to have a regular SSN card. Is this true? Do you know the best way to go about getting this corrected? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I have been married for 4 years and am just now getting around to updating my passport to my married last name with my country of origin as I had recently paid for a 10 year passport and wanted to get as much mileage out of it as possible. I am heading in to get it updated to my married name tomorrow and it's just occurring to me now that I might need to let USCIS know of my passport change. DO I need to do this? If so how? Thanks for any help.
  6. Hello, I am not sure if there already is a I-751 November 2021 Filers Group yet but we are submitting our ROC package November 10th and this is what our package consist of: Payment in the amount of $680.00 (I-751 application and biometric fee) G-1145 (e-notification of Application/Petition Acceptance I-751 application Front/back copy of Permanent Resident Card, Copies of California ID’s, and Driver License Copy of my Husbands California Learners Permit Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate Copy of Joint Federal and State Tax Returns (2019 & 2020) Print out of My Work Benefits for Joint Insurance (Health, Vision and Dental and Life Insurance) Showing my Husband as the Beneficiary. Letter from our bank confirming our joint bank accounts 24 Months (quarterly) of Personal Checking account Statements 24 Months (quarterly) of Personal Saving account Statements Letter from our bank stating the name change of our bank Copy of our Lease Agreement Copies of most recent rent invoices Copy of family cellular Phone Plan and statements Copies of Credit Card statements showing we are authorized users and a letter explaining why we haven’t charged until this year. Four affidavit letters Photos
  7. Hello, my lawyer filed my I-751 divorce petition to USCIS on Sep 26 2021. My case updated to fingerprint yesterday. I found the error that she filed I-751 with missing information on the form. I have couple question about the I-751 divorce petition form. I prepared the document except I-751 form. lawyer checked box only my marriage was entered in good faith , but the marriage was terminated through divorce or annulment. and leave the blank on Part 4 (relationship 1.a and 1.b. and other information 2.a. 2.b 2.c 3 4 5 6). Lawyer insisted I submit the petition by myself, so he leave blank in previous case and it was correct direction. However, in my opinion, I need to fill out all info.. Can you guys help which one is correct. I also checked box on I resided other address after I receive permanent resident card. However, He didn't provide additional info( address and duration) on additional page. What do I do? I don't know which one is correct Once the form is wrong, is there any option to revise the form and submit to USCIS? Please help me !! Thank you
  8. Hey guys. We filed back in 2020 of January and finally got some kind of response back this far into 2021. They hit us with an RFE despite the evidence we gave. Apparently according to the Officer that got his hands on our case; the Lease of our apartment 'did not appear as if there was intent to renew(Dude really?) and does not cover the entirety of our marriage'. Crazy thing is; we waited to put her name on the lease until we could change her last name to mine. SS dept didn't give us an update until middle of the year in 2018 (We got married in 2017). Not to mention that We had no choice but to wait until the Lease was about to renew before I could add another person to it. We even explained this to an officer during our AOS interview in Charleston back in 2018 and he understood completely. So the furthest back we have is 2019. And because our joint bank accounts only consisted of transfers (I.E. my Wife and I, transfer money into that account to save up to buy a house together) they didn't consider it enough evidence to prove commingling of our finances. That felt like a slap to the face, considering we submitted our recent IRS tax returns signifying that we were indeed filing Jointly. Right now We're gathering Photocopies of our Driver's Licenses that have our matching address on it. Copies of our renter's insurance that has both of our names on it. Having our Life insurance policy mailed to us so we can send them copies. A copy of her name put on the Electric bill. Sadly, from the look of the picture sent to me by the agent, they had her listed as 'C/O' but her name is highlighted and states "Handling Business" next to it. and a couple of friends agreed to write Affidavits for us. Any other suggestions? I honestly feel like our case just fell into one of the Officers who just didn't have their coffee that morning or something. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, I got a conditional 2 year greencard due to my husband and I having been married under 2 years at the time of our interview. In Dec 2020 I ended up applying for an extension and being granted that. It gave me 18 months. I am trying to think ahead- I am already worried that my extension won't be enough time. I'm already through half my time and have only gotten notification my fingerprints can be used. If it doesn't come through in the next few months, is there something I should do on my end? Apply for another extension? Etc?
  10. Hello, I am preparing my I-751 packet. Info upfront: my husband broke up with me in Feb last year after terminating our marriage therapy, and I moved out of the house a few months later. We are still legally married, neither of us has been wanting to deal with the divorce process , we have already separated joint assets, but still use our joint bank account, have joint health insurance, file taxes jointly, and have the same PO box. As evidence I will submit: jointly filed tax returns, joint bank account statements, joint deed when we purchased our house (now its separate property), property tax bills in both our names, property insurance, joint purchases, a million utility bills in both our names, joint health insurance, photographs, social media screenshots, texts, emails, trip to Europe documentation, bills of marriage therapy, affidavits of friends. QUESTIONS: 1. Both my husband and I will add a letter of explanation as to why the marital relationship didn't work out. How much in detail does it have to be? I assume it has to have a neutral tone to it? Which is so hard as I still feel so hurt 😕 2. Our letters of explanation are different in some parts (his memory/perception is different than mine), is that an issue? For example I know his was still open to reconciliation up to a certain point but he now denies it... 3. Should I also add emails/texts of us arguing? As these are pretty private, how private does it have to be?? 4. Should I include emails to us from our marriage therapist detailing our issues (very private😟) ? 5. As for utility bills for while we still lived together: I am missing a few months here and there, is that a problem, should I explain that? 6. Are bills/account statements supposed to start with the oldest first or newest first (I am adding all for the entire duration of our marriage)? 7. Some bills (health insurance) have 10 pages each, can I leave the irrelevant pages out, even though the pages each contain a counter like 'page 1 of 10'? 8. Can I use a highlighter to mark both our names on bills so the officer has an easier time to spot them? 9. When describing photographs, does it matter if I write from third person or subjectively or a mix of both, as in "he and I at the zoo" and "Joe and Jill at the zoo"? 10. I have tons of evidence of our mailing address (PO box) be the same, does it still make sense to add copies of our drivers licenses showing that same address? 11. Is it wise to include request to have the interview waived in the cover letter or does it come across pushy? For example "Pursuant to 8 CFR §216.4(b)(1) as well as Policy Memorandum PM-602-0168 (Nov 30, 2018) and in consideration of the enclosed evidence we respectfully request that the interview requirement be waived." Thanks so much for any inputs you have ❤️
  11. Hi all, I sent in my I-751 application for a ROC in Dec and got my extension letter about 6-8 weeks after that no problem. Recently I received a letter about my fingerprints without my apartment number on it. My mailman at my condo complex guessed and luckily got it right but I am very concerned. Since this is the only notice I’ve ever gotten that’s been addressed incorrectly I am thinking it’s due to something on their end, but nonetheless I want to make sure I have all my info entered correctly in their system. I tried to use Emma, as someone suggested but that was useless. It directed me to a phone number, which was also useless because I tried a dozen times and couldn’t find a way to be connected with a human or find out the info I needed to. My two options as I see it are: create an online account or file AR-11. I can file one of those but I’ve been considering creating an online account for a while now and I honestly don’t know what stopped me before. Now that I am considering it, I am wondering if a) it’s possible to connect the application I’ve already sent off with my online account. Like, how will they know it’s me and have the correct info. b) if this is a smart thing to do because when I sent off my application months ago I didn’t fill out the online USCIS account number boxes bc I didn’t have one. So now if I create one will that confuse the system? c) anything else someone wants to add in about creating an online account! thanks for much for all the help guys, you are the best!
  12. So, I sent in my application in dec and just got a letter today saying they can use my previous biometrics. The concerning thing was that my husband and I live in an apt and the envelope didn’t have our apt number on it. The mailman guessed and got it right but it’s extremely concerning. When we sent in our application we quadruple checked so I highly doubt we missed something that big but I want to make sure they have our correct address for obvious reasons. Anyone know the best way to go about that?
  13. Hello, We got an update on our case and it says interview has been scheduled. We are freaking out not sure on why we have to do the interview We had attached our chils birth certificate, marriage certificate, 2018 2019 2020 tax returns , bank statements with our names on it , leasing agreement with both our names in it, and insurance papers for both of us beneficiary of each other, tickets and family pics Am not sure if its lack of evidences. Do you guys have any suggestions on how we should prepare for the interview?
  14. Hi, I am writing because I sent my ROC 1-751 application in around the middle of Dec and still haven't gotten any extension in the mail. I heard there was now a 6-8 week window where they ususally send them out. I am getting nervous because it's getting close to the end of that window. ALTHOUGH, they only took the money out of our account a couple weeks ago. So should I go off of that? I know it arrived the middle of DEC because I got the UPS with tracking on the package. The other question is kind of a weird one. Like I said above I just applied for my 10 year greencard, but I just became aware the other day (correct my if I am wrong) that if you get a greencard through MARRIAGE you can apply for permanent residency after 3 years of having a greencard, not 5 year (when you get a greencard through non marriage reasons). What do I do if I don't get my greencard within a year? Can I apply for citizenship at the same time? Thank you for any and all help!
  15. Hi, I am just getting ready to send in my i-751 ROC application. I have a few questions from the form as I am filling it out and hoping some of you may provide some clarity. I am a chronic over-thinker so I am sorry if some of these questions are dumb! 1) Part 1. q 12. I am not sure what to put as my place of marriage. We did an a small official ceremony at a local park. Do I put the name of the park? The address? I looked through our marriage certificate and there was no address for where we got married on it. 2) What does "In Care Of" name mean for the address? That is just my name (the conditional resident) right? 3) Part 11- Additional Info- Do I need to fill out my name and A-number again if I have no additional info to fill out? 4) Should I put N/A or none for everything that doesn't apply? For example you can give other family names you've had. For one of the extras I put my maiden name, but for the 3rd extra one would i put N/A on every blank space? Or where it gives you spaces to write the physical address if it's different from themail box, or when it asks if you have children and gives like 3 pages of spaces to fill out their info? Would I just put n/a or non for all of those? Do I put them in every blank? 5) I don't understand the biometrics. I pay for it as part of my check, but then I might not need another biometrics appointment? I just want to be clear that it isn't something I am supposed to do ahead of time. Thank you for ANY and all help. I appreciate you all so much!
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