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  1. We have been so used to people getting the flu virus and yet it goes unnoticed throughout the US and the world. The coronavirus hits the US and the panic is so way overblown and people are going to the stores to buy up hand sanitizers and water as if it's the end of the world. As we know now that it is affecting people who are 80 and over and people who are 60 and older are affected just like the flu. Just stay home and drink plenty of water and don't go out unless you need to.
  2. Just 1 week after the interview my wife got her green card already. So Hope all of our May 2019 filers are nearing the end of their journey at least till 2022 when we can all get our 10 year Green card. Good luck and prayers for all the May filers and see you in 2 years!!
  3. It's about time so good luck and don't sweat the details as we had ours last Tuesday. You will do fine
  4. My wife and I just completed our green card interview today and was approved! So glad the interview went well and the gentleman doing our interview was very nice. Took about 30 minutes total and the interviewer asked questions about our children and then the relationship part was pretty simple. He spent less than a minute reviewing our documents and realized we had everything that was required about it So now we are good at least for another 2 more years so thanks for all the advice and suggestion here everyone!!
  5. Congrats!! Yeah it's been since May 24th since we first filed the AOS as well. Our interview is a little over a week away and we are almost ready. Good luck the rest of your journey together.
  6. I trust you will do just fine so as long as you have all the requirements and documents. Good luck on the interview and congrats in advance!!
  7. Thanks for the advice and I'm sure it will go well. Best of luck to you also!!
  8. My wife and I are headed to the Las Vegas field office for our interview in 3 weeks so any advice would be appreciated. We have both of our names on our rental lease and bank accounts. I have a life insurance policy that has her as the beneficiary so I'm getting all my duck lined up!! All we need is to get her Nevada ID and a utility bill in both of our names. Everything else we have like pictures and birth certificates etc... Thanks!!
  9. Congratulations. I would assume you had more documents than you need right? Hope all goes well for you the rest of the way.
  10. Congrats for getting your interview scheduled. When is it? Ours is coming up February 18th so we are just about ready for our interview. You should be getting a letter from USCIS letting you know that your EAD/AP card was mailed and they will provide you a tracking number also. Your almost there to the finished line so hope all goes well for you at your interview.
  11. Well either way it's still a pretty frustrating process. I think 8 to 9 months is the time of completion as it took me almost 8 months to get my fiancee here from the Philippines. Thanks for the correction!!
  12. Oh okay gotcha, well from my understanding the Trump administration has asked USCIS to take on asylum cases and so that has taken a lot of time to do those and so between all the applications visa's and AOS cases the asylum cases have been a priority.
  13. Yeah we had an RFE in September concerning my affidavit of support form I-684 and just now got around to getting her EAD/AP card. You haven't gotten a interview date yet? That's very strange because as soon as you got your EAD/AP card you should have gotten a letter giving you a interview date by now. What was the RFE for and did you already rectify the issue with USCIS?
  14. Mainly all documents you filed from your AOS forms bring originals and copies. Birth Cert, passport, marriage license, and your state ID if your wife has already gotten one and if not so get it soon because she will need that. Make sure the lease and bank accounts are joint accounts as well as utility bills in both of your names. Tax returns and w2's and a letter from your employer on your employments status. Lot's of pictures of you and your wife,kids, family and friends. The more documents you bring the better it is as you may not need to present all of them but to be on the safe side bring as much as you can as evidence of a real marriage. Hope that helps!!
  15. It should be on your appointment letter everything you need to bring like documents and pictures. I got our appointment letter today so it's on the appointment letter. Hope all goes well for you as we are just 4 days later on the 18th!
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