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  1. Please tell me there are people that were at the nashville field office for an interview that didnt immediately get a case status update on the portal online? I know two others that had a different officer yesterday and got notices that they are approved and card is being produced. I havent received anything, and am starting to worry.
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows how many citizenships you are allowed to have if applying for U.S. naturalization - do you have to give up one if you already have a two citizenships and are applying for what would technically be the third (U.S.) passport for example? One of the existing is citizenship by birth.
  3. Hi everyone - i technically dont "belong" to this group but just had a few questions as we had our I-485 interview today! Trying to be with the positive mindset so the GC I will receive will be conditional as we have not yet been married for 2 years. From the research I did, we have to file our I-751 during the 90 day period in advance of the GC's 2 year expiration. But i assume we dont get approved and our new 10-year GC before actual expiration so what do we use to legitimize our ability to work, or if we are traveling abroad to come back in? Do we have to get our foreign passports stamped with something or travel with our NOA1? Also -- not sure how long it is taking to get the 10-year GC's after filing the I-751 but for those who want to move forward with citizenship/naturalization in the future, and for those who obtained their GC from marriage -- could our naturalization application overlap with us waiting for the i-751 to get approved? Just figured i'd ask so i know whats coming my way even though it is somewhat far away
  4. Thanks so much! Yea fingers crossed. I guess in just over a year we get to fill out some more paper work too (sorry, im just assuming you guys got a conditional GC? married less than 2 years?)
  5. Just wondering how long after your interview you got an approval notice or anything in the mail (trying to ask everyone in this thread that could have gotten something by now! )
  6. Hey there - just wondering how soon after your interview date you got notification of approval or anything in the mail? just curious....we had ours this morning yay!
  7. Hey there! Had our interview this morning! Just wondering if you've received any notice or anything like that in the mail yet -- curious as to how long it is that we have to wait / when is too late and we should inquire lol....
  8. Hey there just wondering if everything went well and if you've already received your GC in the mail? Can't believe it's already the end of August!
  9. Just got our notice in the mail for our AOS interview - September 10th. Just wondering for those who have recently had their interviews - any other random documentation requested by the FO on the day of that isnt listed on the notice letter? In addition to the originals and copies of stuff listed on the letter, I am going to bring a copy of our I-485 and I-864 and a copy of everything we submitted with that but just wondering if any other random requests have been asked. Thanks!
  10. Just got our notice, September 10 interview. YAY!!!! Now I have to start organizing myself. Cant wait to hear about your experience and thanks for keeping the good vibes coming our way!
  11. Just an update -- received an email notification this morning that they USCIS scheduled an interview for my I-485. I am a December 13 AOS filer. The only reason I received by combo card is because i expedited it with a job offer letter in March and received it in mid April. The majority of other AOS applicants in my FO/nov-dec filers have not received their EAD, or have just received it a couple weeks ago if it was not an expedite.
  12. Woke up to an awesome email this morning -- USCIS Notice that "Case Ready for Interview to be Scheduled" !! I am a December 13, 2018 AOS filer. Will update everyone once I get the letter with the actual interview date. @wakeuplittlesuzy please update me/us how the interview goes for you on the 29th / what they require! Hopefully it is all a breeze once we've come so far!
  13. That's awesome! I'm a December 13 AOS...so happy to hear this is finally happening for you and November Nashville FO filers! Keep us posted! I guess you'll receive a GC before the combo card!
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