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  1. Gotcha! And you emailed the congressman before or after they asked for your evidence? (Sorry for all the questions!!)
  2. Hey! I'm trying to do this right now. How long did it take for them to email you/mail you a request for the job offer letter? I called late Thursday afternoon last week - the update is still that it has not been assigned for processing....
  3. Hi everyone, Nashville FO here as well. Timeline below. My status is still sitting at Finger Print Fee Received for the I-485 and just Case Received for the other two. I do have my SSN which I got a week after I POE'd. TN Driver's license I got after marriage/AOS submitted. Priority date for I-485 is December 18, 2018 Priority date for I-131/I-765 is December 13, 2018. God I hope this all starts moving a long way faster than the site says... ready to start living my life again (like all of us lol). AOS Packet Mailed (via FedEx) -- December 11, 2018 AOS Packet Arrived at 131 Dearborn Address -- December 13, 2018 AOS Check Cashed -- December 19, 2018 AOS Receipt from USCIS via Text/Email Notification -- December 19, 2018 Hard Copy of AOS NOA1 Received -- December 24, 2018 Hard Copy NOA1 (I-797C) Received Date Listed -- December 13, 2018 Hard Copy NOA1 (I-797C) Notice Date Listed -- December 18, 2018 Biometrics Appointment Letter Received via USPS -- December 29, 2018 Biometrics Appointment in Nashville -- January 7, 2019 (status still Finger Print Fee Received)
  4. If it makes you feel better, I am a December filer and mine is still finger print received. I know people on here that are early december and early january and they all never had more of an update that fingerprint received.
  5. yay!! there is hope!! Im early december but this is such great news!
  6. how long ago was that? Sorry to hear this, making me cringe reading this
  7. Hi All, getting to round 3 of interviews this week for a great job. I've read a lot of the recent posts on here and just wondering if I should try to start the expedite even in advance of getting the offer letter (i'm pretty confident) or do they always ask you within like a day to fax over the offer letter? It seems some people getting the instructions (letter telling you the number to fax it to, what evidence they want) from USCIS physically mailed to them and some get it emailed - do you get to pick which it is??? Any advice on how to get this to go smoothly as it relates to just not wanting to lose a job offer? Do cover letters help? Assuming the majority of people are using "severe financial loss" as the reasoning for the request if it is because you would miss on a job opportunity still waiting for the EAD?
  8. CONGRATSSSS!!!! YAYYYYY I hope we arent too far behind you! So happy for ya! 😀
  9. Can you ask her if she has a colleague in Nashville she could refer us to? Struggling.. lol
  10. Do we still complete the 2555EZ if we were in the U.S. for over 183 days in 2018? Since that technically qualifies us as a resident (for tax purposes only)? If so, would we be checking off test 3 on the 2555EZ? Or it's irrelevant if you are over 183 days in 2018 and you simply complete your 1040 with your spouse as jointly filed or separately? Tax professionals in the area dont really have many answers...
  11. Yayyy!! Congrats! So how long did it technically take from the day you first requested it?
  12. @shawndee hi there, just wanted to know what came of the medical? It's hard to find others that have Nashville as their FO, so i'm curious as to how everything finished up for you. Did the medical get sorted? Now I'm wondering how long the medical is apparently good for seeing as many say its 1 year but then your IO requested a new one from you. Did you have to go do the whole medical again? $300+ USD? Thanks!
  13. Any updates on this at all? Hope you guys were able to get this processed!
  14. Question - for those people who don't get any notification of "finger prints received", "finger prints processed", etc online - do they still eventually see updates online such as, "interview ready to schedule", "interview scheduled"? Or do these individuals typically at some point just get an NOA in the mail saying this is your interview date? It seems as though individuals that actually get the finger print notifications get more updates online in general than some others... just wondering what those who have had "fee for fingerprints received" for months eventually have their status change to online, if at all.