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    We met on FreeSO (remake of The Sims Online) in July of 2017. At firsts we were just friends, but one thing led to another, and we officially became a couple on October 12, 2017. We first met in person February 13, 2018 when I flew out to London. We married January 29, 2019 and October 16, 2019 we welcomed our baby girl!

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  1. What others said, it can take several weeks to get your receipt notice. If mailed, they receive it but then they send it onwards. For example mine was sent to the Chicago Lockbox, but the case was handled by the National Benefits Center in Missouri. It was the NBC that updated the status to case received and sent out our receipt notice. So really, you have to give it time to be received and forwarded on, then for them to get to yours and enter it in. It can take time. It was over 2 weeks and our check hadn't been cashed and I was freaking out too, but it did eventually get cashed and all was well in the world.
  2. I personally took it as a good sign when our RFE was sent from a FO. My personal understanding (I am not a professional) is that it is sent to the FO for final adjunctification. From extensive googling what I found as the most common experience in the circumstance of a medical RFE from a FO was the medical RFE gets returned to the FO who then (upon approval) sends it back to NBC for them to process/send out green card. We received a medical RFE from a FO that isn't ours, we returned it April 8th and today we got the notification (CaseTrack App) that our Greencard is being produced (Exactly 30 days after delivered to the FO and the status never changed to received- which I have seen is also common as what I have read it that the NBC has a team to update statuses and FO don't always). I have seen it is usually a minimum of 30-60 days before you hear anything back after they receive RFE response. The FO ours went to was Cincinnatti. Best of luck! ETA: Yes, it is normal for them to distribute to other offices with lesser workloads as well (is my understanding).
  3. Got the update today that our greencard is being produced!! 7/3/2019 I-130 filed 01/28/2020 RFE for Marriage Certificate (it was included in original package, not sure why but they wanted it again) 02/18/2020 Response was received 03/16/2020 Case Is Being Reviewed 9/3/2021 K3 Filed 10/26/2021 K3 Approved 4/21/2021 K3 Interview Approved Pending Medical 4/21/2021 Medical 05/11/2022 Visa Received 05/22/2022 Arrived in US 06/23/2022 Interview for I-130- Approved 12/20/2023 Filed AOS + EAD concurrently 01/29/2024 Biometrics Appt 02/29/2027 RFE for I-693 received from non-local FO 04/08/2024 RFE Delivered (via USPS tracking) 05/8/2024 (I-485) New Card is Being Produced
  4. The office we went to the medical fee was $475- it was a two part exam and the fee was due at the first exam. They did blood work to check immunities as well as some other blood tests (even though we had his immunization records from England) at the first exam, and then at the second exam they did a physical and gave him his hepatitis b (wasn't immune and wasn't given in England) and dtap vaccines (presumably for the missing pertussis immunities)- those were $90 extra for the two of them. I did forget to add that prior to the exam he was required to get a COVID-19 booster and flu shot (when I called to inquire about the price I asked if he needed to have those and they said yes) which did cost us more out of pocket as well (just went to Walmart) don't remember for sure how much that was. I wasn't 100% sure if he needed the full medical we just did it to avoid any possible problems later or further delay on AOS.
  5. My husband who is adjusting from k-3 had had a medical with visa medicals in London as well that had said he was compliant as far as vaccinations went- however the tdp vaccine he received as routine vaccinations did not cover the same vaccinations as in the US (the p in the one he received was polio not pertussis) and then he was never vaccinated for hepatitis b in England either growing up so those are a couple things to check on your vaccination records to make sure you actually are in fact completely compliant. If you are just filing, you can just leave it and they will send an RFE if they decide they need it (which they did for us).
  6. 12/20/2023 - Sent to USCIS (I-485 + I-765) 01/03/2024 - NOA1 01/29/2024 - Biometrics Appointment, Status Updated to Fingerprints Received Same Day 02/29/2024- RFE issued for I-693 04/05/2024- Sent response to RFE (tracking shows it was delivered to FO 04/08/2024) Now, more waiting 🙃🙃 Nothing has happened with the EAD since the status changed to fingerprints received, so hoping at this point they're just going to go for the Greencard 😬🙃
  7. As the Great Britain K3 case for 2022, I can say we did mean to get it, but something unknown to us just went wonky af with our case. Filed 130 July 2019, Feb 2020 RFE for marriage certificate (which we definitely sent originally), Updated to received Feb 18 2020, March 2020 updated to Review and nothing ever since. Contacting congressman, nothing worked. And believe you me, we tried multiple times. Applied for K3 and it was approved pretty crazily fast (I don't have my timeline in front of me but it was like a month or two later we got noa2). The week he landed (May 2022) I- 130 changed to an interview at our field office (June 2022) which was really nothing - they only asked how we met and said we were approved. We were desperate and happy for the K3, but yes have had to go through the AOS and everything too, which has cost us a lot more money. Our AOS was filed only Dec 2023 (our daughter fell ill shortly after he arrived (chronic illness we've had a lot to deal with) so it was put on the back burner (plus honestly I just needed a mental break from immigration). Our case is at the field office and we received an RFE for medical, which we expected - that was just mailed back today so.. fingers crossed we will finally be done soon. Definitely a much bigger hassle than if the I-130 would have gone the way it was supposed to.
  8. My husband went to his Biometrics appt on 1/29 and they had no problem with his expired passport.
  9. Appreciate the response, I will definitely take your advice on renewing the passport after biometrics. He doesn't have a state ID, it sounded like more trouble than it was worth without a social security number or Greencard so we haven't bothered, thought we would get it once he had either EAD or GC.
  10. My husband just got his notice for his Biometrics appointment, which asks him to bring a valid photo ID . His passport expired in June but he has his provisional license from England that has an expiration date in 2029. Idk if it makes a difference that the passport has the K3 visa in it with a long with a stamp at entry that is still valid. Does anyone know if they'll accept the license at his Biometrics appointment? (He intends to bring the expired passport as well as the license). Tia
  11. We just got the text from USCIS with our receipt number, the check wasn't showing up as cleared on our end yet but the case status does show the fee has been received- hopefully you get yours soon! 🤞
  12. Glad it isn't just us lol. Ours was delivered to Chicago Lockbox 12/22- I keep reminding myself that today makes only the 8th business day because of the holiday. Trying to be patient.. but wondering if checks take longer than CC. Nothing more fun than the immigration waiting game 🫠
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