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  1. Thank you! It’s good to know at least in theory I don’t have to do it again. I’ll call them in a couple of weeks to see what they have in file. yes we sent the I-865. I’ll keep an eye on the address change I feel like they send a notice as well but couldn’t remember.
  2. I just changed my address online, and it directly asked me if I have anything filed currently, as I have I-751 I entered that information. What I am curious is, is there any need for me to file a separate one to update my green card address? or they will update all related to my alien number? * I am having extremely hard time posting for some reason, sorry if this is in the wrong section.
  3. I wouldn’t do an address change as there is no address change. Simply don’t use in care of in i-751 is what I would do. As the address doesn’t change and in care of is not exactly part of an address. in care of gives the impression that it is not your resident but you are living at someone else’s house. I’m guessing that’s the part @USC4SPOUSE meant.
  4. I can’t remember but I think someone in the post office signed for mine when I sent with required signature. It wasn’t an issue though it’s better not to add that I believe.
  5. I got EAC/Vermont. not bad I am really just happy it didn't come back cause with the move, it would be impossible to follow up! Already started checking cases and stalking for Vermont 😆
  6. yep that is what I thought as well. Same day with USC4SPOUSE, I believe it was Friday. So I expected some text or anything... They do ignore the notification form time to time though 😢
  7. I want my text 😢 I basically received nothing. No text no mail so far and this address doesn’t have informed delivery... but they did take the money 😑 we will be moving within a week... I am just praying it will at least show up in mail today 🥲
  8. @anjad22 ignore mine sorry I gave wrong information regarding affidavits. @pittfiler thanks for correction!
  9. Send only copies and keep originals for everything. You have to wait till you get extension letter to renew your license. you can stay in the country your status doesn’t change you just won’t have anything to prove it till you receive.
  10. Exactly same! I was so surprised the text didn’t come first so came here to check. sent on 5/7/2021 delivered on 5/10/2021 credit card charged 5/21/2021 quicker than I thought..
  11. Good Luck! Doing great! Nice to see you here Back to the journey..
  12. I agree with @RambaCat evidence that spreads throughout the period you were married is more needed.
  13. I sent 1 per quarter, which would be 4 per year. Felt more than enough tbh.
  14. I just sent it today and already worrying if I forgot something 😆 Double check the forms and signatures and the money!
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