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  1. Naes

    Leaving the US before green card arrives

    Is this one of those cases where people think visa expired means the 10 year period which multiple entry is allowed and such instead of I-94 expiration date? Cause it does sound like it...
  2. I filed mine with js, we were in a similar situation with last year’s taxes not being enough and not having enough paystubs for the new year. I’ll be taking an updated I-864 to interview if they say we can file without a js when we are there then we will switch. I just didn’t want any extra. Cause rfe stops timelines in this process as far as I realized. I may be wrong.
  3. You can’t submit more evidence along the way, but I-864 rfes usually comes within the month. you can calculate your annual income and that would work. the problem is there are a lot of people getting rfes these days even when they income looks sufficient, because the taxes not looking sufficient. That is why I suggested a joint sponsor. but your income would normally be ok to use, even if you haven’t received it all yet. A letter from employer would be a good evidence along with paystubs
  4. I think with 3 paystubs and no taxes income that shows above income requirements, would definitely trigger a rfe. I’d get a joint sponsor.
  5. Liz I found this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/ttlc.intuit.com/questions/3196675-should-i-file-an-fbar-if-i-m-a-resident-for-taxes-purposes-only-i-m-a-non-resident-alien/amp still confuses though... cause I don’t pass the substantial test so I don’t need to?? Uuuuughhhh 😑
  6. Ok I think the best way is to wait and see in 2 years is uscis and the officer you’ll get will think it’s ok or not, or will have that kind soul of some kind to pass it through. i read a lot of problems but never the success story of the person who moved forward. As we won’t know those results in less than 3 years 🤷🏻‍♀️. I believe when a question is asked in this public forum I’m entitled to give the correct answers related to immigration and the question even if it doesn’t give you exactly what you’re asking for. For anyone who will make a search and get here on this subject: It is an error. it needs to be corrected, it does need roc. If someone did got away with it please leave us a message! As we’d like to know.
  7. Rfe can come at any moment. It doesn’t follow the same rules as noa2 approvals. So that’s pretty normal that some people get it, however 98% of people won’t be getting rfe before their months starts adjudicating.
  8. Following..just to see if Mr.Bean is up to something again @K1visaHopeful To op: did you receive an rfe?
  9. I remember reading about a couple learnt about it when it came to the citizenship and had to route backwards get it corrected and then file roc when it was already too late.. can’t remember details just remember thinking why they didn’t inform anyone for 3 years... so maybe check roc and naturalization topic on it too not just the initial error. Cause the real problem occurs when order of things become apparent.
  10. Guys this is about "if you ever had any account with 10k or more at any given time on 2018" right?? Not about current but at any moment?? Cause I closed my bank accounts and sent everything here already... I don't know what to do.
  11. It is a separate form, however you don't need to pay again if you are applying to aos. You apply together with AOS, if you already applied to AOS you can send a copy of your noa1 together with the application for EAD so the fees can be waived. Be aware that It takes about 5-6 months to get EAD right now.
  12. I think this is mainly happening cause of Labor Day weekend. So many piled up so our dates are a bit mixed up there and a hugeeeeeee mountain 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. I have 3 different dates, received-noa1(?)-submitted. As they probably will go with submitted that will be new site. And as you see half of September is forgotten 😑
  14. On it 😑 waiting for the day to come desperately but I have a feeling then they will say go with the new site 🤦🏻‍♀️ I filed in 27th of August lol