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  1. 1) Who has a green card? 2) who needs a green card? 3) who is applying for this AOS?
  2. No as far as I know, as long as you sent it within the time frame it should be ok. Because it doesnt get adjudicated right away anyway. By the time they adjudicated mine it was already more than 8 months. But when you are going for the interview take a copy and one more original new one from e-devlet with you just in case they ask for it.
  3. If I was dying because of Coronavirus, I wouldn’t want my family anywhere near me nor in any of those flights which is basically where it can get into their system from an asymptomatic patient. I’d rather die alone and say my goodbyes on skype.
  4. I see the software you used has this option. I filed on 2018 and it had to be regular mail filing. It is not a form but a statement that needs to be made. Obviously the software you are using added this option to create an election statement. That’s pretty much it. I believe it wants you to sign and scan it or something maybe? Either way nice improvement. so OP if you want to e-file that software looks like a great option. TurboTax and many other softwares did not have this option when I filed last year so I don’t know about this year.
  5. That is different than applying to be count as “resident for tax purposes” non-resident and resident for tax purposes is very different overall
  6. Change the CPA. File jointly - not e-file because you will be adding a document saying you chose to be treated as a "resident for tax purposes". you only need to do this part this year, then you can file normal. Put your income then use foreign income exclusion. To be honest this is it. For the income just use the amount written on your Japan tax return (or if you don't have or did not get it when leaving japan, just put the total of your paychecks when you were there) and check the yearly average to be used for exchange rates for this purposes on IRS website. It is rather east but that CPA has no clue what he's doing in this case.
  7. Rescheduling is in the same website and it’s rather easy. you can reschedule up to 3 times. And then you would need to repay the money for scheduling. I would contact embassy. I was in a similar situation you can read my embassy review if you like. K1 interviews are held only on Mondays
  8. It is not really any different then the first time he/she entered the country. Entry is never a 100% unless you are the citizen of the said country. This is same everywhere.
  9. Oh I see. I probably just ended up reading same type of topics then.. involving agents/lawyer always seems to complicate things... Thank you for replying
  10. I’m reading this same story too many times. Is there a reason why people don’t want to add their children? Isn’t it easier to just bring them along when you win DV lottery? PS_I’m really just curious at this point.
  11. If you can get here your husband this may help better as some words are easier in native language.basically yes the one he used with k1 won’t be good. he also needs a full vital records with the family names etc. He meant the birth was registered later than the regular registry period. Don’t worry about this one. can your husband go into the website called e-devlet, does he have an account activated there? If so let me know so I can guide you through that and if not I’ll guide you the other route but e-devlet is easier and more accurate
  12. I hate this AOS system from NIV also because it affects family members visiting too. There are really good systems many other countries using and already established that can be used here and get this more regulated. Which would also reduce wait times at least slightly for properly filed petitions. It is so hard to get a tourist visa if you are the spouse of a US citizen. And I don't think my parents will be able to get it easily when we want to either, even with all the ties and properties we have, I am the only child in the end.
  13. I don’t think binder is a problem. I put it in a binder but with clear files. but 3 holes may be a problem in my opinion.
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