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  1. 1) no, depending on age and sometimes country the vaccines change. Most cases are: mumps, chicken pox(varicella), measles and rubella, and tdap(or td) 2) yes they may do a titer test to confirm if you have immunizations. 3) you won’t be filling these. However the explanation is written at the back of that appear (sorry not memorized) but it shows things like “immune” “got vaccine” “not enough time interval” etc etc most important in my opinion is to get all that is needed before leaving the country if any is needed. A complete vaccine paper will be needed in here for AOS.
  2. @Lotts I’m so sorry it escalated to something like this at all... For I-485, yes as it hasn’t been filed she will be considered overstay unfortunately. So that may (I’m not sure of timelines right now) get a ban, most likely will. I don’t believe you can use Esra after this. You can apply and try to explain for a B2 but they’re infamous on not listening to people at embassy when it comes to tourist visas from countries with Esta. for divorce questions try to post here cause people have way more information to help about it, and can even explain what can happen for not filing AOS and what are your options etc: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/forum/127-effects-of-major-family-changes-on-immigration-benefits/
  3. Yes I did read that. but the explanation of "each alien required to be registered" is the important part here, not the rest. However according to that subsection, even tourist visas required to send AR-11. I should have known better searching for logic in USICS -_-.. however this logic also leads to the logic of a person with a tourist visa to also register (which apparently they do! wow I really didn't know this but apparently they are not exempt lol not working well I guess thinking of alllll the people who are sitting on tourist visas), Looks like (k) fiance is not exempt of this.. which says needs to report every 3 month ( makes sense as the visa would expire) and/or if changed address. which doesn't really make this logical K1 is a 90 day non-immigrant visa, you don't really give them where you will be living until AOS, although yes you write a possible address on the form itself like 1 year before entry, so until you file for AOS there is no address you can even give to them, that can be recorded and kept. unless they are putting a post-it somewhere and wait for that person to file for AOS. Which actually then lead to the part AR-11 in this case is more for the department of homeland security and not USCIS. I don't know still sounds silly but looks like weirdly required.
  4. As an immigrant yes. I have never heard of non-immigrant required to, when they don’t have any sort of petition or application pending.
  5. There’s no petition on file to update it with an AR-11 though.. i would update it on the AOS as you didn’t even file it yet. K1 is non-immigrant so it does not keep track until you file for an immigrant visa. IF you have a petition you would use Ar11 online or by mail. But they have nothing to update your address on at the moment 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. It is most likely the site for interview registration. This although also can be different regarding the region (in my region it was a website starting with cgifederal..... however ds-160 number would be on the confirmation page of DS-160, called “confirmation number”
  7. This page can actually differ from embassy to embassy. It should be the number on your DS-160 confirmation page. Usually starts with AAxxxxxx
  8. Interview should be set by that date. But it can be extended by the embassy if needed.
  9. We got married in Ventura one hour drive from LA. we got the marriage license, had our wedding and got the certified copies by hand the day we took it back to register. I think it could be even quicker if the wedding happens there but no clue how that process works.
  10. Although you can technically set the appointment, they won’t accept you unless you get the package and send them back the required documents. So I would wait for the package, or set the appointment month or so + ahead which you can change later. Meanwhile you can finish up the medical.
  11. For my time here, one of the most memorable is @KBA I still can't believe the power they had as a couple. I think you can check the timeline by going there. But this was not a normal wait for 99.9% of the people here: I say the regular longest waits at worst times was 200 ( but our average 2 years ago was 180-200 days) I am a highly anxious person and by my 200th day I was going into real negativity. I am now sitting here with my now husband watching TV shows, have an awesome job and really happy life - and that thought ( back then a dream of ours) was the only thing I needed to remember everyday. And to be honest, people in VJ reminded that to each other every day.
  12. I can’t exactly remember what was on the second page but I know the first page with the vaccines and the check on the “completed” box is the important part for vaccinations. as long as it has a check on the completed box on the bottom side of the first page it should be ok.
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