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  1. She could request a prorroga from SAIME, it's a 2 year extension for her passport http://tramites.saime.gob.ve/. She needs a valid passport to travel, and as far I know she will also need a visa, AP or green card to travel outside the country.
  2. The document does exist, It's the divorce decree and it's something she will have to ask to SAREN registry where they got divorced for a certified copy. There's some research she can do http://www.saren.gob.ve/?page_id=739 or ask the lawyer that's helping her to go to the SAREN office and get that document for her and mailed, if she got divorced through the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia they will have to ask them instead of SAREN for a copy.
  3. It's normal. Check online, they usually don't say you're approved on the spot anymore. If you provided the bonafides it should be fine.
  4. Get her legalized in Ecuador, it is pretty easy. There's a visa for Venezuelans out of status, https://www.consuladovirtual.gob.ec/web/guest/preguntas-frecuentes If she becomes legal and has ties in Ecuador she can interview at that embassy.
  5. So the cases for Venezuela that have Venezuelans living in Venezuela are rerouted by the National Visa Center to Bogotá. If you are a Venezuelan and you have been living in a different country, NVC will send your case to the embassy of the country you are currently residing. It's not a personal decision to where your case in going to be processed, you have to show proof of residency in the country where the case is going to be processed, with the exception of Bogotá for Venezuelan residents.
  6. Ok so the requirement: The couple must prove that they have physically met in person at least once within the last 2 years. This doesn’t mean they need to know each other for 2 years, just that within the last 2 years, they have met. Then if you have met you can apply for a k1, the more you meet in person is better. I met with my husband 3 times , twice before applying and 1 more time before the interview. It was more of a personal decision, we couldn't stand expending so much time apart and also to make our relationship stronger. It's also highly advised here to see each other multiple times in person because it improves your chances of getting approved.
  7. Then you can't file the k1 until you two meet, ask her to get the extension and if she gets it, then you can plan on meeting and then file. There's no other way around it.
  8. Your best bet is to get an extension (prórroga), because unfortunately the government makes it really hard to get your hands on a new passport. The whole process is tedious and corrupt. Do it soon, she can request it now because she is under the 6 months prior to the expiry date requirement that SAIME asks. They just adjusted the prices so the quicker the better, people will freak out and the system will be backlogged. https://www.elnacional.com/economia/estas-son-las-nuevas-tarifas-de-emision-de-pasaportes-y-prorrogas/ If you have to meet in person (which is a requirement for k1), meet in nearby countries, Curacao, Aruba, Dominican Republic, Colombia. Some of them have specific regulations for Venezuelans as well, but they are easier to solve than you going to her (which is dangerous) or her coming to you (which is unlikely). As a Venezuelan holding my country's passport, I can assure you that is NEVER easy for us to go through immigration. But the hardest for me has always been other Latin American countries. Be prepared for it, she should carry enough dollars in cash, have printed out hotel/airbnb accommodations and be honest to the immigration officer. Good luck!
  9. I agree, but they do ask you to show proof that you're able to work legally in the US. A K1 and SSN only, won't do.
  10. No, when you apply to jobs they ask you for EAD or Green card. Having an SSN it's not an authorization for working. If you don't trust people that have gone through this process and you think you're absolutely right, I urge you then to read USCIS and DHS when it comes to Aliens working in the US. Also it's a good idea that you go to your lawyer and show him/her the information that was shared with you on this forum, and have a discussion as to why he/she says your partner can work only by having a SSN. You have several people telling you whats right per USCIS and DHS, and you are still refuting and saying they're wrong. Maybe it's time for you to think maybe, just maybe... your lawyer has no clue. It wouldn't be the first time.
  11. You can always find office reviews on the top menu "Office reviews & Info", but here's a direct link to the Dallas Texas office https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=&cty=Dallas+TX&dfilter=5
  12. While you guys are waiting for the EAD is good to go to networking events, Meetup and Eventbrite are great resources!! Making professional connections is key for getting a job in his field. Have him update his LinkedIn profile, cover letter and resume is also a good idea. The job search is equally exhausting and frustrating, so do not get overly attached to the belief that as soon as you have your EAD your problems will be over. Coming to the US and having no professional experience here limits the possibilities, and the best way to bypass it is by going out and making professional connections. Good luck!
  13. Well, if OP is asking for translation help she must not be fluent. Legal documents in spanish have several terms that are very complicated to translate. I encountered the same problem with my birth certificates.
  14. For USCIS purposes the translations must be certified, so I recommend you use a service.
  15. No, you won't need it. It's a nice to have when he comes to the US, but for the embassy is not required. The police records he can get online though, he can get it through the website http://legalizacionve.mppre.gob.ve/cal/static/legalizacionve/
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