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  1. Howdy, December filer here. Still got a long wait ahead and a 4 hour drive! Haha
  2. I had mine done with Zatzman at the beginning of September. My appointment was a Monday and by Friday they called and said I was able to pick up my results. The lab in the building in a pain. I waited almost an hour and a half. If you want to save some time, check in before you do your x-rays.
  3. Haha!! Probably. Congrats though! 😊 I had the privacy act one, but they never asked for it. I did get the certified fingerprints done Wednesday and like you. It wasn’t done in time. However, YRP said it would take 2 weeks. If they did want it, I would’ve mailed it in next week.
  4. Finished my interview an hour ago for the K1. The lady I had didn’t ask or say anything about the fingerprints. She asked for the police report and I handed her the name check I had done with York Region Police. She asked if I’ve even been convicted here or anywhere else and I told her no. That was that. During the interview, same question. They do take your prints while you’re handing in your documents and your left hand prints during interview(at least for me they did). I don’t know if they’re more understanding because the interview date was so close to September 10th. Or maybe with all the confusion, they realize people aren’t getting the right one? Just in case I did have the check from the commissionaires if they asked for it and I went and ordered the ones from RCMP showing my prints last week.
  5. This is exactly what I received last week. I called the guy and he told me that the commissionaires don’t do that specific check under the privacy act. Just in case, I went to local police and requested a fingerprint check. I’m going with what I have and hope for the best. If not, when I receive the check, I’ll mail it in.
  6. I received my fingerprints done under privacy act yesterday. All it is, is a sheet that says there was nothing found in the RCMP database. It does have a seal but there are no fingerprints on it.
  7. I did go to the one on Progress Rd. I meantioned the privacy act and he looked rather confused so I showed him what was listed on the site and he literally read it over and said he received an email on it this morning. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Canada.html
  8. I actually just got finished with mine in Scarborough and the gentleman was super nice about it. Not an issue at all. He actually said he received the email this morning. Lol
  9. I went to the local police station(YRP) and requested one. It was $65 dollars but I was given it within minutes. The longest part of it was filing out the forum yourself.
  10. Well our situation isn't the best to be go by, considering we received an RFE for more proof. I can tell you what I included for both. We've been together for over 6 years, so there is a lot of evidence. However for the last 4 years, there really hasn't been much because I've been driving down and they don't ever stamp my passport. For the original submission of i-129 we did ; The whole long typed up letter from the fiance about our meetings. Included 10 pictures of us, about 5 pictures of us with friends/family. Fiance's boarding pass from one of the only flights in the last 2 years. Receipt of the engagement ring, a hotel reservation which had both of our names on it. Ticket stubs from events we've both attended. When we submitted our RFE, we had printed 20+ pictures of us within the last 2 years. 2 Notarized affidavits from the Fiance's mother and best friend. A notarized Letter of intent from me, 2 affidavits from fiance's father and our friend. My fiance gave me one of his credit cards, statements from my gas purchases when traveling down. A credit card statement of a hotel reservation. Up to date i-94, which had the May/June 2018 visit on there. I highlighted the visits for the last 2 years. I also included a Facebook screenshot of us tagged at a location.
  11. When you booked your flights, did you do them online? I know airlines send your flight itinerary to your email. Just wondering if that would work?
  12. We were approved yesterday. Our RFE took 15 days. They received it new site June 7th and approved it old site June 22nd. Our RFE just needed more 2 year proof and another letter of intent.
  13. We also met playing a video game. Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360. lol
  14. Day 202 here, or so I thought.... Since everyone was getting their updates, I thought I would sign into the new site to see if I also got an update. Up until now we just had "Case Received" but we got an RFE that's dated May 29th. On the plus side, if the RFE is what I think it might be, I can fix it quick because I'm actually visiting the fiance in TN. Congrats to everyone!
  15. Yay for Tennessee! Such a beautiful state. I've been to Chatt twice. They have an awesome aquarium.
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