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    Montreal Interview

    Yes Canada and several American states have began re opening non essential businesses beaches etc. just putting feelers out there! Some people seem to know more than others in regards to up to date immigration news! And I do check the website every other week!

    Montreal Interview

    Like I said normal meaning more non essential businesses have re opened such as bars restaurants, clothing stores etc... in both the United States and Canada.
  3. Hey all! Is anyone aware of any updates in regards to the embassy beginning interviews again? Life seems to be more or less back to normal as far as businesses being open again just curious what the hold up may be! Thanks
  4. Indefinitely sounds a little extreme....Temporarily is more hopeful 😭😭😭
  5. Apparently they’re doing interviews in Taiwan as of last week
  6. Hi there could you please tell me how to obtain the police Certificate for the Dominican?! I’m reading that it’s only valid for 30 days but the link above no longer works do you know the official website?! Thanks so much
  7. Hi there can you please tell me how to obtain a police certificate from the DR I’m a Canadian who owns a vacation property there and I’m thinking they might request a police cert in my interview so I want to be prepared! Although I have never spent any longer than a few months at a time there.... thanks
  8. I was very surprised as the Timeframe for NVC document review is for February still!
  9. Oh no I’m sorry to hear that...I was shocked and confused to be honest all the best and hope you get DQ ASAP
  10. Yes and you should receive an email stating so and that NVC has forwarded your case to the embassy and is working to secure an interview appointment
  11. I got DQ last week and submitted all my docs on March 27 th things seem to be going quickly at NVC I wonder why??
  12. Good evening Is it required to report any and all assets? Such as a Vacation Home in a foreign country? There is no mortgage. So no debt. Thanks
  13. Well fingers crossed they start doing interviews again soon!
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