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  1. Really hard to tell. It is likely to change to “issued - final processing” by tomorrow, but it can also upto 2-3 weeks…
  2. I see what you mean. From the perspective of US immigration policy though, family reunification means reuniting USC and LPRs with their non USC and LPR relatives. When everyone involved are foreign citizens, I don’t see how it could be a case of family reunification from the perspective of USCIS, and thus it is not defying the logic of the immigration policy. From the human perspective though, I can see the hardship being experienced by the applicants….I didn’t think of this scenario in the past…
  3. So how does family reunification come in? Is it siblings/ parents etc who are US citizens, and since Family Preference category takes longer, they apply through EB?
  4. I didn’t know this. If the object is family reunification, why don’t the EB applicants in question apply under family category?
  5. Do you not currently live and work in the US? If not, that is the reason they are asking you, the petitioner, for proof of domicile. Your spouse (beneficiary) can apply for the benefit of a green card based on the need to live with you. When you don’t currently live there, they would have no basis for that benefit, unless you plan to move back and live in the US. This is what the consulate is looking for. It is not about your ties to the US, it is about your intent to live there and thus needing a green card for your spouse.
  6. FYI NVC takes a LONG time to respond to emails. They are currently responding to emails received in March. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/nvc-timeframes.html @LMIV your best bet is to call NVC. Call at precisely 7am EST to avoid a wait. Also email Montreal consulate. They usually respond within a week.
  7. Maybe not. We have seen people get approval about a month after their last update, so it might still be a positive sign. Hoping you will hear some good news in the next 3 weeks.
  8. 1. From present 2. I wasn’t asked that. What I was asked was what was your longest stay in the US. It is irrelevant that they already have the info from I-94. They have most of the other info too. They ask to see how you answer, to judge whether there is any misrepresentation/ fraud etc. 3. Don’t know the answer to this, as my category is different and spouse wasn’t present at the interview (I am guessing it is done together).
  9. The only advantage a Canadian citizen has visa wise over people from other countries is the TN visa. No other immigrant visa would benefit from being a Canadian citizen.
  10. That note on the website is obsolete. There is no longer any package for you to carry. It is all sent electronically directly to CBP by Consulate/ USCIS.
  11. I don’t think @Sorrel got an email, but read the summary information on their CEAC portal. From what I know, the way it works is, Montreal tells NVC how many slots they have available for the next batch of interviews and gives them dates and time. NVC assigns these based on DQ dates and issues interview letter by email to the applicant and the petitioner. At the same time, the file is sent to Montreal and the status shows “in transit.” @Sorrel‘s interview has been scheduled. The email from NVC has either been sent to @sorrel and they didn’t receive for whatever reason (went into spam or NVC used wrong address?) or maybe there is some delay on NVC’s side in sending it like @VA21202 said, and they will receive it tomorrow or day after. I remember now, I stand corrected, and I did see the “IN TRANSIT” status, but I saw it AFTER I received my letter, and it was still in NVC just a few hours before. So it seems for me NVC sent the interview email as soon as my interview was scheduled. @Sorrel I agree, calling NVC at 7am is a good idea. But congratulations in advance 😄
  12. Oh wow! You may get your IL today or tomorrow. Personally, I didn’t notice the change to “in transit”, despite checking everyday. So if my profile changed to ”in transit,” it was that way for less than a day.
  13. The paper doesn’t really mean very much. Some people get it during the interview, some people receive it with their passport. They give it to people who they inform have been approved at the interview, but they often run out, and you don’t get one. Again if you are told you are approved at the interview, 99% (made up statistic) you are going to be fine. But there is that 1% chance you could still be put into longer AP. We have seen it happen before, pretty heartbreaking stuff…
  14. There is a standard AP everyone goes through which lasts between a few hours to a 3 weeks, but there could be longer APs due to 221Gs and DS-5535 issuances. This could be anything from 2 months to 4 years. If you were approved during the interview on May 4, it is highly unlikely you will be put into this longer AP (although it has happened a few times before). Return of passport is usually within a week, but can take up to 3 weeks, as you were likely advised by the CO.
  15. Very hard to predict because it varies a lot. I interviewed on Wednesday Dec 8, and got my passport back in the post by Tuesday Dec 14. But some have waited 2 weeks or more….
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