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  1. My guess is that it fluctuated at some point. I know the Chicago office was fluctuating like crazy at one point so I stopped checking it.
  2. Yes, it seems to be a confusing and common RFE with AOS lately.
  3. There's a high chance it's for a birth certificate and that nothing was left out. This happened to a lot of people. I hope you get it in the mail soon!
  4. I feel this, I don't really feel like I'm living 'my' life right now. I miss my life. I hope it all gets better for everyone soon.
  5. I just got my interview letter in the mail, it's scheduled for the 7th of November. I have updated my timeline!
  6. Today I woke up and found that my interview was scheduled. Being in Chicago with the long wait times, I decided I would just sit back, relax, wait and not get stressed over it, but wow, it happened so early. This is so helpful, my mum got incredibly ill a month after I got to the US, I can't wait to fly back to Australia and spend some time with her.
  7. Yes, everyone has to have an interview. Years ago people were getting their green cards without having to do the interview, this is not the case anymore.
  8. I know just how you feel. I was in a GIANT rut, feeling awful and lonely. Today is the first day for me that things have really begun to look up, because I finally found somewhere I belong. I hope that all of you find this soon too (and you will) but it takes so much time.
  9. This is a DIY website so a lot of people will tell you that doing the reading and putting together the application yourself will be worth it because you will save money and will be in control of your application. Personally I preferred to do the reading instead of paying someone, but each to their own. You've already paid them and started the process so there's no turning back. Good luck.
  10. Yes they only need a copy unless they specifically stated 'original'.
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