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  1. A lot of people got their case number on the 10th, potentially it was assigned on the 10th. I’m hoping it gets to the embassy early Feb! Crossing my fingers for both of us.
  2. Ethan & Shannon

    Expiring Passport

    You will have to renew your passport before your interview as the visa goes into your passport. You can still file the i-129f now and then you have quite a few months to renew your passport. Edit: best to renew the passport sooner than later, to avoid delay later on.
  3. The beneficiary is allowed to call, BUT I wouldn't recommend it unless you have international minutes on your phone plan.
  4. I just got off the phone with the NVC and my case number was assigned on the 10th of Jan :D.
  5. Visiting will be fine, it'll need to go to the NVC first for some processing before it's sent to the embassy who will send you packet 3, so you wont be able to schedule an interview right away. Everything can be scheduled while abroad (for the consulate interview/medical in his country), just ensure your fiance applies for his police certificates and has all of his documents ready for the interview.
  6. Ethan & Shannon

    Nervous about filling the paperwork.

    It's normal to feel a little nervous about the paperwork, but as long as you follow the instructions very carefully you will be fine . There's no requirement for chat logs, etc. But if you are looking to include something like this, in my submission I included a screenshot of our mutual discord servers and explained that we played video games with numerous groups of friends together (guessing your situation is similar).
  7. Congrats! Do you know what date the NVC received your case?
  8. Ethan & Shannon


    I put a lot of work into my petition, but I only provided proof of 2 of our trips to see each other within the 6 months before applying (boarding passes, luggage tags, itineraries, passport stamps, photos). I did include a lot of other unnecessary stuff like chat logs, Skype logs. In total it was ~150 pages long. What I did wasn’t necessary though. I don’t think this impacts approval time at all (other than not getting RFE). The applications are put into different piles, and different officers work on one of those piles each. As humans, some are faster than others and getting through X approvals in a day.
  9. Did you get electronic confirmation of NOA2? (i.e., through one of the websites, text or email)
  10. I fixed a mistake I made in my i-129f (omitted fields) and I did 2 things to fix it: 1. Sent in a supplement to the address in the NOA1 entitled 'i-129f supplement for omitted fields' which included a cover that had my receipt number, petitioner name and date of birth, beneficiary name and date of birth, receipt date, list of contents included in the supplement (e.g. page 2, part 1, 10.a - 10.b omitted address details) and a small explanation of what I omitted. I then included a new version of that page completely filled out behind the cover letter. I dated and signed the cover letter. 2. On the website I submitted a typographic error form, I don't think this is correct, but I wanted it in the system. They did reply to this. I sent this in as soon as I noticed the error (3 months after submission) and I got my NOA2 with no RFE.
  11. Ethan & Shannon


    I'm a July K1 filer and received my NOA2 in December (see my signature for exact dates). Try not to stress too much if you haven't received an approval yet, you're still within normal processing times and I hope you get your approval soon.
  12. If you're wondering about the NOA2 being mailed, that only gets mailed to the US petitioner, not the alien fiance. Edit: I might have misinterpreted your question, I thought mail was running as usual.
  13. Ethan & Shannon


    The K1 visa is generally quicker but only by a few months, and in some cases they are taking the same amount of time as a CR1. If you both are wanting to marry now and then file for CR1 you will be able to work as soon as you get to the US and you won't need to go through AOS. It's dependent on your own situation, with a K1 you won't be able to work until you get EAD which can take up to 7 months. Just by the sounds of your situation, a CR1 may be more beneficial due to finances. If your fiance doesn't meet the income requirements you will need a co-sponsor.
  14. @Greenbaum do you happen to have P3 for the Australia, Sydney embassy?