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  1. I was able to book it over the phone with just my case number, but things may be different now.
  2. I can't remember exactly how many days mine took, but I remember it being around 8 business days.
  3. You need 6+ months of validity on your passport for them to issue you the visa. You can apply for the K1 visa with your current passport and sort out your new one in the time that you are waiting out the process before your interview, if that eases your mind (I'm not sure at what step you are in the process).
  4. I just want to double reassure you, you're totally fine. Class B is definitely a non-issue especially in your circumstances. When I had my medical I brought up a mental health medical thing from my past, it was noted in my medical but it was never an issue and was never brought up in the future. The main thing is that you were honest.
  5. He can interview in the UK if he is currently living in the UK. Native alphabet - not necessary if interviewing in the UK.
  6. He will be able to attend. One college that I spoke with wanted proof of having filed for AOS (receipt notice) and proof I was living here (e.g. a utility bill with my name on it).
  7. Your SSN card should arrive 2 or so weeks after your EAD/AP combo card arrives. It will also come in the mail.
  8. Woohoo! Great news. With your application did you request a SSN? If so, it will arrive within a few weeks after your card arrives. If you didn't request one, you'll need to go into a social security office and apply for one. You will need a SSN to work.
  9. I received my green card 8 days after my interview. I did not have to submit I-693 and they made no mention of my DS-3025 at the interview.
  10. I'm happy you got the approval! When I got my EAD/AP combo card, I had only been approved for one of them online. You will most likely be expecting the combo card for EAD/AP in the mail. The SSN should arrive a few weeks after the EAD/AP card arrives.
  11. Sorry to hear there's been no movement. At this stage you can follow up about your case but they're very likely to tell you the status that you're already seeing online. Start compiling any joint financial documents and proof you live at the same address. Some examples include: utility bills, health insurance, car insurance, bank accounts, rental documents, etc (it's normal to only have a few of these - but collect as many as you can). We also took photos to the interview and they did ask for them. Other than that, birth certificates, proof of US citizenship, applicant's passport, i94, marriage cert. I'm probably missing some stuff but this is off the top of my head.
  12. Sorry to hear about your case being stuck! I hope things move along soon for you. Just remember that each field office is different, some are taking longer than others to have an interview scheduled, and it's very unlikely that they lost any documents. I know it's easy to worry about many factors in this process. I don't blame you for being frustrated about it though, I would be too! Sending all my good vibes your way and hoping for your EAD before Christmas.
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