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  1. I went to the SSN office and applied for mine with supporting documents right after receiving my green card.
  2. Received my green card in the mail this morning! All glory to God! I pray that everyone who is still waiting for updates, will receive good news real soon
  3. I completely agree. When I decided to file, I thought I would need a lawyer to assist me with this process and seeing all the forms that was needed... extremely intimidating. But after making up my mind that we could not afford the thousands of dollars to pay a lawyer... I did a whole lot of research for a month or two before being really confident to do it myself. It's not as hard as it may seem, IF you have a pretty straightforward case. If it is complicated like having a criminal record, major visa violations, misrepresentation, etc. then a lawyer would be recommended. I wish everyone the best and I hope all who are still awaiting updates on their case, will be getting that really soon. Keep positive, keep the faith.
  4. Received "Case was Approved" status update for both I-485 and I-130 today
  5. Had my interview 10:30 this morning at Kansas city. The IO was really nice and made us feel real comfortable very quickly. We felt at ease, so the nerves went away. He only asked us how we met? and asked me the yes/no questions on i-485...that's it! Didn't even ask for any originals or passport...which I thought was kinda odd. He just asked for my medical. At the end he said I don't have to worry anymore because he is recommending me for approval! 3:00pm my status changed to "New card is being produced".!!! 😊 New Card Is Being Produced On December 19, 2019, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number
  6. Also keep in mind that IRS begins to officially start processing returns at the beginning of tax season, which is January 28. You might be cutting it real close if your RFE expires March 1st.
  7. I guess you could wait until 2020 and file 2019 taxes as early as you can and send that, since the year is almost over. Keep in mind RFE's are time sensitive so be extra careful with that.
  8. -The correct household size is 2 not 1 because its's you and him only. -USCIS apparently wants the most recent tax return (2018) adjusted gross income to be above the poverty guidelines other than the current income. That's why most people get confused when they get RFE for the I864 that says they don't meet the requirements when they actually do with their current income BUT they ALSO look at the previous tax return income. So in that case a Joint Sponsor would be needed. That was my case as well. My Spouse's 2018 income on the tax return was below so I used my Mother-in-law as a Joint Sponsor. - Tax transcripts are the best evidence to submit, so that's good And lastly pay stubs and employment is good as well. Hope that helped πŸ™‚
  9. OK so 1. What did you put on the form for your household size? 2. On his tax return, was the Adjusted gross income for 2018 above the poverty guidelines? 3. Did you submit Tax returns with W2s, etc or Tax return transcript from the IRS site? 4. Did you submit supporting documents to show as evidence of his current annual income? (such as employment verification letter and 6 months worth of pay stubs)
  10. The first three letters in your receipt number is where your application is being processed at. These are the the service centers: – EAC – Vermont Service Center; – VSC – Vermont Service Center; – WAC – California Service Center; – CSC – California Service Center; – LIN – Nebraska Service Center; – NSC – Nebraska Service Center; – SRC – Texas Service Center; – TSC – Texas Service Center; – MSC – National Benefits Center; – NBC – National Benefits Center; – IOE – ELIS (e-Filing); and – YSC – Potomac Service Center.
  11. Congrats!!! Did you get an approval letter before receiving the green card?
  12. Thank you!! I hope my experience is just as good. πŸ™‚ Congrats again!
  13. Congrats!! Could you please share your experience and the type of questions that were asked? I have the same field office
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