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  1. I think it’s rude and selfish when people get their NOA2 and don’t come back or even bother updating their timelines. I will definitely be on here through my entire journey as well , and make sure to update everything and help others when I can. 👍🏻 for teamwork !
  2. All they care about at this point is whether you two have met within 2 years of filing your I-129f. If you have evidence that you met within 2 years, the RFE is mostly likely for something else
  3. Any mail could also be an NOA2 though, not just RFE
  4. Please fill in your timeline with your NOA1 and RFE date
  5. She can order her police record for Ukraine online: http://hsc.gov.ua/ . I'm pretty sure you can get them quickly. They also give you the option of printing it out once it's ready. I'm assuming she lost her birth certificate ? She can order copy of her birth certificate in Ukraine here: https://online.minjust.gov.ua/dokumenty/zayava/ These are all official websites.
  6. Just use your texts and screenshot how much you FaceTime ( meaning how many hours). I screenshoted 2-3 pictures of call/FaceTime for each month! Use pictures from when you two saw each other. Remember that it’s quality that matters, not quantity!
  7. Starting to stalk this thread 😁 I filed my I-129f on the very last day of August and my NOA1 is September 6th...so I'm reading both the August and September filers threads 😂 Good luck to everyone, hoping they start approving September very very soon !
  8. The app is called “Case Tracker”. It basically lets you check your case status ... whether it was received, approved, etc. Some people see updates on it when they’re approved, some don’t . But its still beneficial, in my opinion, to have it !
  9. Approximate approval date is Feb 15th, and I am going crazy waiting ! The fact that there is a little over a month left is unbelievable. Feels like I submitted the petition yesterday 😮 Time flew by... Congrats to everyone who got their approval !
  10. Oh I was looking at the check list on the Uscis website, under the I-134 form. It mentions tax transcripts 🤷🏼‍♀️
  11. I’m still going to try get my tax transcript .. the instructions on the official website says we need it @payxibka
  12. I know ... I already printed my W-2’s
  13. It says tax transcripts and w-2. I get an electronic W-2, because I signed up for “paperless”
  14. Since it’s electronic, I hope it gets there pretty fast. Why would they still need to wait for the physical copy ?