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  1. Hey everyone ! My husband and I are looking at some condos and we qualify for low income housing. Im a u.s citizen, and my husband came on a k-1 visa, would he be considered a public charge ? On the USCIS website I saw that “housing benefits” don’t fall under Section 8. But is low income housing even considered Section 8? I think I’m confusing these two. We are not trying to get any payments from the government or anything like that, but this condo is about 100K less than other homes in our neighborhood🤪 and it would be much easier to purchase. So would buying a “low income housing” have any bad side effects when my husband applies for his 10 year green card ? I’ve read some topics regarding this and I did some majority of people saying it’s fine, but a few did say the opposite, so I’m confused. thank you !
  2. It was to translated 3 documents. Two were from the medical, and one was a birth certificate that the officer wanted to be notarized because I’m the one who translated it.
  3. Hey everyone , When an RFE is sent back to USCIS, who takes a look at it ? Does it go to the same person that has your case ? Or someone else ? Reason I’m asking is because we got an RFE after our AOS interview, and we sent it back. I’m wondering if the officer who was interviewing us has the RFE we sent, or if it’s someone else.
  4. Hey, As everyone can see the title of the post...my case status changed to "Case Ready for Interview" after I've submitted my RFE after our first AOS interview. I am in disbelief about this. Everything was going so well. We got our interview so early, needed to submit 3 translated documents and we did that. After a couple days, the online case status changed to "case ready to be scheduled for interview". I called USCIS to make sure, but only tier 1 was available and he read off what was on the uscis case status page, so that was no help. I scheduled an infopass app, and waiting for a call from my local office to schedule a time. I'm guessing this isn't normal or maybe there is a mistake ? The interview went really well, officer was friendly and said he has everything he needs to approve us and that all he needed was those 3 translated docs which we turned it. I'm so thrown off by this status change...is this a stoke interview that's coming up ?
  5. I think I’m going to do an infopass and see what’s going on. Maybe the website is just not updating properly 😫 I know they have received my RFE, and the website didn’t update !
  6. Hey everyone, So husband had his AOS interview on June 20th. The officer said he has no reason to not approve us, he just needed 3 documents translated and notarized. My husband and I made travel plans for July 20th, when we found out we were having our AOS interview so quick. We showed the officer our flight tickets, and he had no problem with that. I asked him if the green card would come in time if he were to approve us after we sent in the RFE ( translated and notarize documents) and he said it should come in time. He was friendly and wasn't bothered by the fact that we are traveling. We received the RFE in the mail on the 24th (monday), and we got our documents ready on thursday and overnighted everything. Tracking shows that they documents were received and signed for on friday. Fast forward to today - I keep chekcing the USCIS online account, and the only thing I see is "request for evidence has been mailed on June 20th". It hasn't been changing. I am very worried that the green card won't come in time. What are my options? 1. Schedule infopass and ask for I-151 stamp ? (problem is I can''t schedule infopass for my office online, it says they don't accept infopass app. or walk-ins. Although, they did accept infopass when I did my N-400) 2. Call USCIS and ask for a request on how the application is doing 3. Anything else....? We knew we were going to be approved. I translated my husband birth certificate myself, but the officer wanted that notarized ( although I've read hat USCIS doesnt require authorizations anymore !). I thought we wouldn't need it. The other two documents he asked to be translated are from the medical in Ukraine. Officer wanted my husband to re-do the medical because he didn't have the seasonal shot. I explained what the issue was at the medical and he asked for those 2 documents. Although we avoided having to do another medical, we needed these docs translated and we both didn't see this coming. Now I am lost. We quickly planned a wedding reception for all of our friends and family when we found out we were having an interview so we cannot move the trip. Is there any way to contact the Mount Laurel USCIS office ? I dialed the regular USCIS phone number but they said that offices don't have a phone number that I can rech them at (which is BS) because I've done it before. Now the phone number isn't working so I'm stuck. PLEASE help !
  7. Husband had his interview on the 20th of this month. Everything went smooth, and everything that I assembled was barely look at! We didn't bring a translator and the officer allowed me to translate for my husband, but he answered everything by himself. Here are the questions that my husband was asked: 1. What is your wife's name? 2. Where does your wife work? 3. When if your wife's birthday? 4. What date did you come to the U.S? 5. What date did you get married? Everything else was asked from our AOS paperwork ( he picked about 10 questions form the Yes/No section). He then asked for copies and originals of things like marriage/birth certificates, SSN, Drivers Licences, etc. I translated my husbands birth certificate but the officer wanted that notarized. He also wanted us to translate a vaccine document and a certificate stating that my husband had a vaccine during his medical. All 3 of these need to be sent, and he will mail us our green card! He also wanted Alex ( my husband) to do his medical AGAIN ! ( It's been less than a year) because he was missing his influenza vaccine. I explained to him that when we did the medical the season was over and the doctor stated the medical was optional, so we opted out. We did do the other needed vaccine. The officer looked at the dates again and said okay. So we don't need another medical ! Overall, everything went smooth and we were in an out in about an hour. Good luck to all on your AOS journeys !
  8. Had green card interview on the 20th ! APPROVED ! Just need to send a couple translated papers, and our green card will be on the way 😍 Good luck to all on your AOS journey !
  9. Hello everyone ! We are having our AOS interview very soon. I read in the letter than if my spouse cannot speak English we need an interpreter. 1. Can I be his interpreter ? I speak the language fluently. 2. If we don't bring an interpreter will we get denied? 3. Can my mother be the interpreter ? I've read a couple conflicting answers on here, so I'm not sure. Thanks for the help.
  10. Wait times at my office are currently 9-15.5 months ! Don’t get your hopes down !
  11. Thank you ! I’m so shocked, I can’t believe this is happening. I was so surprised to read other people’s posts about getting fast interviews, and now this happened to my husband and I . I hope everyone gets such a pleasant surprise ❤️
  12. Tears of joy, got interview letter in the mail today! Its next month 😍
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