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  1. Y0u are correct. I really don't see what gas prices and inflation have anything to do with immigration policies, they are hurdles faced by everyone living in the USA. I guess that's a way of pivoting the subject. If the stephen miller public charge rule had been in effect, many of the people in this forum would not even have access to the legal immigration process. Most of the backlogs were artificially and purposely placed in the legal immigration process, for example, requiring an interview for ALL adjustment of status cases, and specially ROC applications. And I do understand that we all wish that all of this had been undone quickly, sadly that is just not how government works, although, lately there have been good signs. The previous administration was so pernicious against immigrants the they even tried to change the interpretation of the 14th amendment of the Constitution to eliminate birthright citizenship, and they tried to get rid of DACA.
  2. I think it will take time to apply. and even if they have not fulfilled all their promises, Democrats are definitely better for immigrants than Republicans, just remember stephen miller, the public charge rule, new test for naturalization, bogging down the legal immigration system, etc.etc. etc.
  3. You're ok, this is directly from the USCIS webpage
  4. I think a child in a marriage makes the adjudicating officer's lives easier as they don't have to dig as deep into a secondary evidence. Nonetheless, I would expect that their training would allow them to sniff out the fraudulent cases, even if there's a child present. I would not think that all a couple has to show is a birth certificate, they still have to do their due diligence, but, apparently, a baby sure makes things easier. That being said, each case is different, and each officer is different, and, sadly, a lot of discretion is built in into the system.
  5. Another unfair issue is that depending on the service center that will review the form, the waiting can be as low as 6 months or as high as 2 years, so, even some petitioners of the same form are treated differently.....
  6. Sometimes USCFIS asks for updated documents to make sure you're still married, then they approve the case. Might be a good sign.
  7. Another solution is for another (trustworthy) person take the green card back to Cuba and give it to him in the country.
  8. I think at the end of the day, the term "boyfriend" does not have any legal consequence, as opposed to "husband'/"wife". People go from being friends to being boyfriends and vice versa all the time. You might have to do some extra explaining at the embassy. Nonetheless, if you feel you might have a problem, or that you might have misrepresented facts in your previous immigration applications, it would not hurt to consult with a reputable immigration attorney.
  9. I did not say they had been interviewed twice by USCIS, they have been interviewed once at the embassy, and once by uscis, which means they have been interviewed twice as part of the immigration process. The interview by the embassy is in their file and viewable by the immigration officer. To get a K-1 visa you have to prove your relationship to the applicant, and like I said, it is wishful thinking, nonetheless, something that can be included in the policy, like anything else
  10. It's just wishful thinking. Someone who received a K-1 visa has been interviewed twice by the time they receive the 2 year green card, once at the embassy and once at USCIS office, had to provide evidence for both interviews, etc....
  11. And the people who came in as K-1 and then adjusted status through I-485 have already been interviewed twice. In my humble opinion, if someone came to the US on a K-1 visa, they should automatically be given the 10 year green card. I wonder what the statistics are on fraud and K-1 visa holders
  12. I think what happens in these cases is that since USCIS is taking so long to review, they ask for updated information to make sure the marriage is still solid....
  13. Agreed that many attorneys give bad advise, but some even give good advise, and some other give great advise. Attorneys have multiple clients, multiple cases, and what they're seeing now is that, in many instances, people that have filed the N-400 while I-751 have seen their cases messed up because they are scheduled for one interview, but not the other, or the adjudicating officer is not instructed on how to proceed with the I-751 interview, etc. Everyone's case is different, and whether or not they hire an attorney or file for citizenship while ROC is pending is a personal choice.
  14. I believe at this moment, multiple attorneys are saying that filing the N-400 with the I-751 are messing up things. We can't file the N-400 until October, so, we will wait to make a decision depending on how things are operating then.
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