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  1. It sounds like you have been getting some terrible information from terrible sources. You are now in the right place for the best info....usually....Good luck.
  2. I don't know where you are getting such inaccurate information. You need to read the actual instructions for the forma and the guides here on VJ. Please show the link for the following information: "As for translations, they also specifically say she is not allowed to translate her own documents even if she can speak perfect English." The fact is that ANYONE who is fluent in both languages can translate the documents. Just include the required certification statement.
  3. You must plan carefully. The visa, when issued, will expire no later than 6 months from the date the medical exam was done. The medical should be one the last actions prior to the interview itself.
  4. Unfortunately, you have no visa now. You can re-apply for another visa after you have served your 5 year ban.
  5. 3. Call USCIS and ask for "technical assistance" at each prompt. It should connect you to a human.
  6. When is unlawful behavior a gray area? Working without authorization inside the US is not lawful. Maybe, she should do the work before entering the US. If working is a priority after entering, then a K-1 is not a good choice.
  7. Evidence of time spent together should be the MAIN focus of your evidence. Concentrate on QUALITY instead of quantity....... More is NOT always better. USCIS and DOS can see right through fluff.
  8. Personal affidavits are very weak evidence. Anyone can produce an affidavit to say say anything. I would avoid them. Your best evidence is that of having been together.
  9. Great. You might be surprised at how many people fail to file an I-131, but regret it later. Good luck on your journey.
  10. Take the new one to the interview. I don't remember ever seeing an RFE issued for this.
  11. It would "look bad" for what? Just keep your marriage and divorce documents. Marriages break apart every day. Protect yourself physically and financially. There is no reason for worry.
  12. The I-130 should not have been sent to NVC. Maybe you entered incorrect info. Contact NVC to correct the issue.
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