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  1. I think they’d still process it and just delay biometrics, still giving us authorised stay... maybe theyre just checking the po box 1 day a week due to social distancing 🤷‍♀️
  2. We sent our package. Tracking has it delivered on 24th like you, we haven’t heard anything either and no money taken.
  3. Pakistan airspace is not closed, only flights are cancelled.. in saying this, they’ve said no Pakistan nationals have been abandoned they’ve either been brought back or accommodated.. flights will recommence from 5th April..so no need for any kind of over stay if her return flight is already booked for late April https://nation.com.pk/31-Mar-2020/international-flights-to-resume-gradually-from-april-5
  4. Basically, once their petition is approved, they need to wait for the PD to become current before they can adjust or apply for the immigration benefit
  5. It’s Your Priority Date.. usually a day or two after they received the original petition at USCIS it applies to the order of which the DOS/NVC process your visa’s / GC applications and is relevant to all categories other than immediate relative of USC. E.g. spouse of USC dosent need to wait inline for a visa to be made available, however the spouse of a LPR does because they only permit entry of so many people per year.
  6. Specific requirements apply to Expidite requests.. and you need to fall into one particular category e.g. humanitarian, financial hardship, health etc . requests are sent in writing to nvcexpedite@state.gov Note, Expidite requests are dealt with by the embassy overseas, if the embassy is closed due to this virus it may not be processed..
  7. All spouses of usc are IR1 If married more than 2 years, CR1 if married less than 2 years
  8. No, not required, most people just take a snapshot of chat log with them to interview as a precaution visits stamps hotels photos and insurance together is far more important and more than enough in the majority of cases
  9. Well it appears he entered on his diplomatic visa prior to its expiry on 31 March.. its likely he will adjust status now... news is now on about requesting special permissions from trump to pay for secret service security for them.. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8163161/Harry-Meghan-ask-Trump-special-help-Canada-bids-security-costs-farewell.html?ito=social-facebook
  10. I think they have a two fold problem Megan is still in the process of getting uk visa and has residency requirements to forfill there too
  11. They’d get even less from the US given it doesn’t recognise titles at all
  12. According to Canada media his diplomatic privileges ended with his leaving the royal family hence their no longer wanting to foot the bill.. i did see review of his status published about a month ago by some lawyer who said his best option would be to enter the US And adjust but would be inconvenienced by lack of ability to travel 🙄
  13. The instructions for I485 tells you which need to be duplicated and which don’t
  14. Your only required to submit last FY... but can add more if you like... so if2018 you can by rights send 1044 and w2 from 2019 with recent pay stubs
  15. Currently about 3 weeks from their receiving it... which is usually 2 weeks after petition approval so 5 weeks total.. per their page they are creating cases for those received on 5 March https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/nvc-timeframes.html
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