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  1. If she has just finished collage, she could always get a job and sponsor you with the assistance of her parents... the petitioner has to sponsor you, if they don’t earn enough then a second US person can act as dual sponsor
  2. Actually you can marry whilst visiting as a tourist... the whole destination wedding thing is pretty cool, and people do it all the time... would mess up your k1 application a little though 😂😂
  3. Oh now I’m intrigued what does SSSS stand for? Super sweet sensible Sheila 😂 Can’t say I’ve ever noticed it on my boarding pass and I have a tendency to book last minuet and staying for up to 6 weeks at a time.. with Ref to the guy wanting to visit his lady, Good for him wanting to see her, Be sure to have plenty of money to support yourself for the entire duration and evidence of your intention to go home.. we can’t really tell u what to have because it depends on the guy on the desk on the day, but a lot of valid points here have been raised.. personally, I haven’t had any issues visiting my husband, it’s usually just questions like why are you here, where are you staying and have you got a return or onward ticket.. As a frequent traveller to different countries, my only question would be, why as a tourist check out this type of site? I mean I know it has parts about tourist visas, but I can’t say I’ve ever visited one of these sites for info before applying for a immigration visa.. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Yes, excellent proof... but I was leaning more along the lines of I’d be terrified of screwing it up and getting deported having to leave my kids behind, when I said given kids involved ☺️
  5. Personally, I’d be thinking seriously about an immigration lawyer... 6 years overstay and lack of ID, given kids involved I wouldn’t be considering trying to do it alone... but that’s just me..
  6. With mine, I just put did 7 years service with Allied Military Force (Army) that included 3 active duty deployments overseas.. Qualified in military style weapons and explosives handling with trade and technical qualifications in hazardous chemicals and attached a complete copy of my military records for their information. I made a point of saying Allied Military obviously no translation for me required, so I recommend you get that and send both versions.. So far so good for me, no issues as yet 🤞
  7. 😢 live and learn is part of marriage... very sad, and I’m positive many couples going through this god forsaken process have suffered from trust and/ communication issues.. file I-130 and provide an explanation if asked. good luck
  8. I was just wondering, found an awesome flight deal via honalolo, under 2k Aussie first class 6 months from now 😂😂
  9. They’re moving away from service based and have modified their policies to reflect that... and I agree, if they had competition or fees post filing then they’d likely be more productive but that’s never going to happen.. i never said dont file, I just wanted to remind people of the reality before it becomes a trend on an already over burdened system.. the more we file, the more backlogged the system gets... particularly when you consider that the fee paying petitioners are also supporting the processing of none fee paying applications, and I’m not talking family based when I say that
  10. I got a question... if and when this ever gets approved, how long does it take to actually get through POE? Just wondering because I’ll need connecting flights
  11. I think we all need to be mindful that doing dual processing eg I130 and k3 is a trend that could backfire... the more people file the more administrative pressure placed on USCIS the slower all processing becomes.. just saying
  12. 😂😂 ☝️☝️☝️ what he said.... I saw a USCIS processing officer position advertised on indeed a couple of weeks ago... well however they work probably sums it up nicely given the pay cheque, I’d of thought it much higher than 30k a year 😬
  13. Submit a request for entry and exit records from Aus immigration for him. The information is retained by them with a database ESTA or Otherwise it doesn’t matter... easy enough to get https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/entering-leaving-subsite/Pages/Requesting-travel-records.aspx
  14. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that being married to a USC usually shows immigration intent.. I visited my USC husband twice after marriage before we decided that it would be me that immigrate to the US and not he to here.. pretty sure we’re not the only couple to have been in that situation before deciding..
  15. Haha I’d likely fail my English examination and English is the only language I speak 😂😂
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