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  1. Go by the i94 because entry duration can be adjusted at Poe by CBC irrespective of maximum visa duration permission.
  2. You fill it out pre printing and then save it as filled PDF .. you shouldn’t try save it on your computer and filling it out from there because versions change too frequently
  3. in addition to those points listed by others, I’m just noting that Trump banned travel from China NOT to China due to concerns of covid coming out of the region on jan 31... you applied mid feb for the extension citing covid and her risk category/health as the reason but the National covid emergency wasn’t announced until mid March.. with the risks/health impacts not really known until that time.. appears your using covid and her health as the reason for the extension some 6 weeks prior to it becoming a national emergency yet didn’t care to purchase travel insurance or mind the flight on her arrival. having arrived early March, pre covid alert, I needed an extension since my flight home were end of March.. had no issues and I’m not high risk health
  4. Very expensive... flights are so limited right now, pushing their cost through the roof.. last I checked a flight home for me one way was well over 5k and you’ll need a return ticket. while k1 is still ok to enter on esta you need to check if it’s still valid.. many esta have been cancelled due to the virus and you may need to reapply.. not sure how long it would take you to apply for the permission to leave Aus you still run the risk of being turned away at POE due to the virus, and regular conditions of entry - it’s well known here that the number of cases is on the up back home and that Vic has been segregated from the rest of the country pretty much.. —- and that you can’t leave the country without permission, they may ask to see the permission which will clearly say to visit fiancé and put you in a high risk category for AOS... CBC are on extra high alert right now for potential overstays due to the virus and EO’s and with pending k1 it will be hard to prove you have no intent.. not to mention you still have the costs of quarantine to cover on return to Aus and Hiawei have very strict quarantine at their end too... they’ve stopped heaps from entering i think you might just be better off waiting it out.. it’s a significant financial risk only to get turned away at the gate..
  5. Photographs are for passport photos of the beneficiary relevant financials should be uploaded under the specfic sponsor id recommend you fix it yourself and dump the lawyer. If they’ve submitted you may need to email NVC and ask them to reopen it so you can fix it... or you risk the likelihood of having to wait 8 weeks for the documents to be reviewed and rejected before you’re able to fix it..
  6. If in doubt follow USCIS instructions.. lawyers are notorious for giving incorrect advice... however in saying this, he is correct.. the below link advised that USCIS will “consider” responses provided 60 post due date if the notice was issued between March 1 and September 11 2020.. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/uscis-response-to-covid-19
  7. I agree... the significant increase in AOS costs makes k1 a bad visa choice these days.. yeah it might be slightly faster to get here but the extra costs and restrictions simply aren’t worth it..
  8. Since the instructions for i485 request it, I’d still submit it, allowing them to ignor it if the rule is still in place at the time of adjudication.. either way, it can’t hurt to send it off
  9. Lol if you have to pay for additional accomodation in Sydney, post quarantine it’s likley to cost you at lease $100 p/n..Sydney ain’t cheap unless you plan on staying in a backpackers or in the suburbs.. it’s not like you’re going to be able to go get your medical done and go do interview while in quarantine or on the same day right after getting out of the quarantine hotel..
  10. Vic isn’t that big a state (actually, it’s one of the smaller ones) and driving long distances isn’t usually an issue for Aussies, were kind of used to it.. I still say it’s better for him to do the medical in Vic before going to Sydney to ensure the results reach the consulate prior to his interview.. the last thing u want is 2 weeks of quarantine @3200 before he can do his medical then additional days @100+ waiting for the medical to be forwarded to the consulate or him doing his interview pre-results received and facing further AP delays. Plus flight, trains, cabs, meal expenses etc... it all adds up and what should have been a simple 1 day turn around turns into a 3-4 week major expense
  11. Do your medical in Vic, then fly and stay 2 days without the additional cost.. but seems getting authority to leave Vic has gotten harder
  12. You might think it’s not abnormal to commence a relationship with another person pre filing for divorce but that doesn’t make it normal by any standard American or otherwise.. irrespective of immigration
  13. It’s damn near false inprisonment and charging me for the pleasure.. and as for the military trying to detain me as a vet I’d be totally pissed and outraged.. didn’t serve my time for the country to have the military lock me up 🤬
  14. They’d wanna be paying me to stay two weeks.. or good luck is all I can say 😡
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