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  1. Had my interview in March, they couldn’t make a decision on our case (basically she hadn’t looked at it), but we still haven’t heard back from them…we were told to wait 90 days for result, so we did and submitted an enquiry, now we’re being told to wait another 90 days 😡 so frustrating
  2. She’ll need to collect her bags at point of entry so yes LAX. Not sure what you mean by is it where she’ll be interviewed, what visa is she travelling on?
  3. Your mom.... and when she becomes a citizen it will update making it even faster
  4. I’d tell them she’s migrating highlighting the Migrating part, just add the k1 visa with it along with it to support
  5. A. I said easier and gave no opinion of if it would be financially better or not.. B. I gave a timeframe and no comment of if it mattered or not... C. Your spouse doesn’t work and therefore gives you a financial incentive and far less complications when filing jointly.. D. A working spouse overseas complicates it, they pay taxes in home country (not all of which have treaties with the US) conversion rates to USD take effect, retirement funds that may or may not be recognised by the IRS, interest on savings and investments etc.. this may or may not save you money with the IRS hence my advising he get professional advise... just because you found it easy and saved money doesn’t mean he will have the same outcome, especially since we have no idea about how much each of them earn in determining tax brackets etc E... again I said easier, which it was in my case, secondly it was financially better for us to file separate also, since the tax system in my home country is far less complicated and provides for more deductibles. it’s purely based on individual circumstances
  6. I’m not a tax expert and he should get advise about world wide incomes etc since your income etc needs to be included, many countries also have treaties in place and share information to ensure you’re not double taxed or claim deductibles across both countries and it doesn’t remove your obligation for filing within your home country... it gets pretty complicated from what I saw when in the same situation.. hence mfs being easier the filing of itin with his return would increase processing times.. maybe by a couple of weeks or more it will depend on how busy they are..
  7. My first question would be if she’s aloud to re-enter the US under the current travel restrictions with a L2 visa since we don’t know for sure how long with will be in place for https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/presidential-proclamation-on-the-suspension-of-entry-as-nonimmigrants-of-certain-additional-persons-who-pose-a-risk-of-transmitting-coronavirus-disease-2019.html
  8. You need a ITIN which can be filed for at the same time with his paper formatted tax return... but it would be far easier for him to file married filing seperate
  9. You don’t need any evidence about flights or being locked out, I just did my AOS interview and there was zero request for anything associated with why I filed.. she just needs to be in the US currently in order to file and be in a valid relationship... since i130 has already been approved there isn’t an issue with that
  10. Happened to me last year...it’s pretty straight forward just file AOS/EAD etc don’t worry about the consulate, USCIS will request your file be transferred back to the US as part of AOS in the meantime if the consulate emails her with interview date just respond saying due to unforeseen circumstances she’s now applying for AOS from within the us and will no longer need to schedule the interview via the consulate..
  11. I’m in a similar situation, we had our interview March 24, she didn’t say approved and didn’t give me any paper saying RFI etc.. just said she’d look at it later and make a decision.. a week later our file updated to “interview complete, case must be reviewed” and nothing since... it’s soooooo frustrating..
  12. Anyone else out there who had their interview March still not know if they’ve been approved? the officer said she couldn’t make a decision on our case at the end of the interview since she hadn’t had the time to review our file properly so we didn’t get anything back from her at time of interview... online it took 2 weeks to update to interview complete case must be reviewed and we’ve heard nothing since.... any idea how long the review process is? Or how long this might take?
  13. Do a new affidavit of support for the beneficiary to take to the interview, secondly check the income levels to see if a second sponsor is required and prep that too if need be
  14. I got my GP to arrange for pathology to test antibodies in my blood for those vaccines required for immigration and gave the results to the civil surgeon when I did my medical... I found this the cheapest option... and was glad I did since the medical wanted to charge a fortune before letting them do the vaccines during the medical be sure to check how much they charge the local civil surgeon here would have cost me nearly 1k for him to do it if the EU country your from is part of the commonwealth theres a yellow vaccination passport you can get too, it’s been around for 20 years plus and I have one
  15. Photo’s are secondary evidence and won’t affect you too much regardless of how many you send, 1 or 100 some people like to front load so send heaps.. main thing is to prove that you’ve both met at least once in person...flight receipts, hotel bookings etc with dates to show it’s been within the allotted timeframe
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