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  1. Hi everyone, just wanna check with you who have had your biometric appointments completed if you had the same stamp like this being chopped on your NOA during the appointment? Do you have the same number being put on both “Biometrics QA Reviewed By” and “Tenprints QA Reviewed By”? Thanks
  2. Hi just curious where to check status online for AOS, AP and EAD? Is it the same place we check our petition status and same USCIS receipt number starting with WAC? Thanks a lot
  3. Hi Ram, Hi everyone, just a quick question as I have seen some of you delivered the packages (130, 485, 131, 765) to Dallas LockBox, some to Chicago Lockbox and like Ram you delivered to Phoenix Lockbox, did you decide where to send base on the type of the current status? If after entered the state with K1 Visa and get married after the entry, is Chicago the only option to send? On the USCIS website, the I-485 page saids K1 will need to send to Chicago, while for I-765 page saids K1 goes to either Phoenix/Dallas, and since it also saids I-485 and 765 can be sent together, I am bit confused. I wish Phoenix will be an option too coz we will be living in Phoenix but just wanna clarify and be prepred is all coz dont wanna send to the wrong lockbox. Thanks a lot!
  4. jess_mira

    USCIS Expedited request

    Thank you very kind!
  5. Hi Bandt, please may we know how long it took and for you found it was denied? Did they ever request for supporting document? Has your online status ever changed during the whole process. Sorry we have so many questions.
  6. Hi Birveonrty, please may we know how long it took and by how you found it was denied? You online status ever changed?
  7. jess_mira

    USCIS Expedited request

    Hi Crincon, congratulations!! Please can you tell us did you apply for expedite both time by calling in? About how many days from the first time you call them till you decide to apply again? About how many days it took for the case status on uscis website be changed to the request was completed after you called them the second time? Sorry we have so many questions...it is really frucstrating we filed for expedite but never heard anything or had any change for online status after sending in the supporting document they required by email. Our case is bit difficult for the petitioner to call in to check directly with uscis coz he has mental issues. Thank you and congratulations again!
  8. jess_mira

    USCIS Expedited request

    Hi Marcelina, please may we know how and where you made an account for checking the status of the expedite application? Thank you