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  1. I have a divorce waiver interview next week, should my lawyer come to the interview?
  2. Hello everyone! Next week I have my I-751 Divorce Waiver interview. Do I need my lawyer to come to the interview? Since this interview is to prove the marriage was bona fide I don't see why my lawyer should be there, he is charging me $900 to come. I used him to file and send the application and answer the RFE. Should I go by myself?
  3. I applied in July 2020, in May 2021 I received a RFE Now I just got an interview notice for Feb 2022 Do I need a lawyer to come with me at the interview? Will the officer behave differently if a lawyer is not present?
  4. My interview for ROC Waiver was scheduled for 2/2/22 (Feb 2). Wish me luck!
  5. I traveled with an expired gc and extension letter I was overthinking A LOT....I just came back in the States and it couldn't have been smoother... the agent didn't even check my letter, not even a question.... same at the check in at the airport in Europe ...
  6. @leila85 Hi! Yes, my bio appointment was waived shortly after I filed in july 2020. Yours should have been waived too! Have you traveled outside the States using the extension letter and expired gc?
  7. hey @leila85 I'm on the same boat with the i751 waiver but i filed in july 2020
  8. I applied for I751 Waiver in Aug 2020. Received a RFE in May 2021 In July: transfered to NBC so "an interview can be scheduled"
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