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  1. My fiancé will be landing in San Francisco this Tuesday, January 15th from the Philippines. Has anyone heard of any issues recently at any of the POE's ? I understand that San Francisco is a good POE ! Thank you in advance for any input.
  2. JVG

    K-1 Interview question

    I did not go to the interview because of work as well. My fiancé did fine without me and knew that I was supporting her 10000 miles away.
  3. We got approved for our Visa on October 25th in the Philippines. On the CEAC it says issued but we have not received the Visa. Can someone shed some light about how long it will take for us to receive it ? We are thinking because of the typhoon ( she lives on the Cagayan valley) and because of the closures of the holy days on Nov 1st and 2nd. We are just so excited and cannot wait to be together. Thank you in advance
  4. Hi everyone. I just would like to take a moment to tell everyone my fiancé had her interview yesterday morning and we are approved. Thank you to all for always being willing to help out when we have questions or just needing to be encouraged to hang in there. A special thank you to Greenbaum for always going that extra mile for us. You are so kind, informative and no matter how many times you have answered the same question a thousand times over and over again, you always answer us back with a positive attitude. The CO told my fiancé she should get her passport and visa in 5-10 days. Is there a place where I can go online and follow it? Thank you in advance.
  5. JVG

    Hotels near US Embassy, Philippines

    We are doing it on October 22nd and our interview is October 25th. Good Luck
  6. JVG

    CFO seminar

    The CFO seminar Philippines when can this be taken prior to the interview or do we have to wait until the interview is complete and approved Thank you in advance
  7. JVG

    ORIGINAL COPY OF i134 or SCANNED okay?

    The only document that needs a wet signature is the I -134.
  8. I just want to express a small issue that occurred with my fiancé and myself. We used FedEx to deliver the wet copy of the 134. I mailed it to her on October 5th and she just received it on October 15th. This was supposed to have reached her by October 10th. Granted this was mailed to the Philippines however I paid for express delivery. I just wanted to give a heads up to you not to delay in mailing your documents. Sometimes the best can be slow in their delivery process. Our interview is On October 25th and our nerves got the best of us for a moment.
  9. JVG

    Hotels near US Embassy, Philippines

    Thank you so much for always helping us out. You are so kind
  10. Our interview is on October 25th. We are inquiring if anyone can recommend a hotel close to the embassy that is clean and safe. Thank you in advance
  11. Thank you so much. You are very kind and helpful to us...
  12. What needs to be original in the packet that I send my fiance via FedEx ? I know some of the documents but if someone could help me out I would truly appreciate it. Thank you
  13. OK so after the interview she just goes home and they will send it, correct ? We are so excited just want to be clear on things Thank you