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  1. My wife and I are awaiting to hear about our interview for the green card and we understand this takes time. She had her biometrics in July and some of our friends who had their biometrics after ours already has an interview scheduled. Since we are in the process of obtaining a green card, who can we call to check on our status ? Thank you in advance.
  2. I am sorry I did not clarify. I am the petitioner asking for my wife.
  3. I have a question. I am awaiting to hear from an agency start a new job. My question is, we are waiting to hear about an interview for AOS (K-1), (We have already had the biometrics) could this affect anything with our application ? Thank you in advance
  4. My prayers are with you and Rose. You all are an inspiration to all of us.
  5. Thank you so much. The lady that I spoke with encouraged us to wait at least 30 days to re-do the packet because if the other packet ever gets here, all we have to do is correct what is needed and send it back. If this is the case, we were told that we would not lose our "spot" or in other words it will keep the ball rolling.
  6. Greetings ! A couple of weeks ago we inquired on VJ about our AOS status. Well we called the USCIS last week and they told us it was rejected because of how the check was written out. The check was made out correctly however the amount was apparently written wrong in the area where you write it out below to where you Pay to the order too. The problem is, we called again today because we have not received it back as it was mailed back on May 14th and no one knows where it is. Our question is, even though we filed for this within the 90 days of my wife arriving here, can this cause problems until the RFE is sent back? We are out of that window now. Thank you in advance
  7. I know you folks on VJ recently told me to relax and to be patient waiting on my NOA1 for the AOS. Again we sent it off on April 19th and it was signed for on April 23rd. However, I am noticing many people on here applied 2 to 3 weeks after my wife and I applied for the AOS and they have already received notifications. My question is , how can I find out what is going on with our application ? Our check has not been cashed as well. Thank you in advance and I apologize for my repetitive inquiries.....
  8. My wife and I sent our packet on April 19th and got notification it was signed for on April 23rd. We have not heard anything and the check has not been cashed yet. Just getting a little worried and of course impatient. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance JVG
  9. My wife and I are getting ready to submit for the AOS, travel document and for employment. My question is, do we have to put copies of the marriage certificate, birth certificate, passport/visa, photo's etc in each packet or is one copy sufficient? Thank you in advance for your help
  10. My fiancé will be landing in San Francisco this Tuesday, January 15th from the Philippines. Has anyone heard of any issues recently at any of the POE's ? I understand that San Francisco is a good POE ! Thank you in advance for any input.
  11. I did not go to the interview because of work as well. My fiancé did fine without me and knew that I was supporting her 10000 miles away.
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