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  1. hola, no es necesario que el prometido este, si lo llevas lo dejan entran pero eso no afecta en nada. mi prometido y el de muchas chicas el dia de la entrevista no estaban y no hubo ningun problema, todas fuimos aprovadas.
  2. you will not know until you pay the fees and have access to calendar, but in a normal time it will be 2 to 3 weeks the max and you will have to be at least 4 days before in Bogota to do all the Medical.
  3. when I did my Biometrics, they ask me for my marriage certificate to show change of last name. just telling this so people is aware of it.
  4. I made 2 checks. One for $1225 wich was my fees and biometric and $750 for my 6 year old kid. Every form have to be separate and with their own supporting documents but everything have to be mail on the same envelope. You can explain everything on the cover letter of your form I-485 and explain that there is the forms for you and your child. That’s how I did mine and they already cash the checks and I got my NOA1. About the travel document you can put wherever dates you think after 5 months since that’s what is the time is taking. It’s not like you have to travel those dates. They just want an approximate and say that you want to visit your family. Look at the example forms here on VJ.
  5. @Naes I just send my AOS yesterday! So glad I got to be with you in the same thread again since we were in the same October thread! 💃
  6. Congrats Girl!!! Finally! I'm so happy for you 💓
  7. hello, did you ever found the doctor to transcribe your vaccines or did you get a new whole medical done, I'm on the same boat right now, I cant find a doctor in my area that does only the transcriptions. thank you
  8. Hi @EllyNelly. Do you mind if I ask you how much is the amount for the check ? I am not quite sure if is $1225 for the 3 forms. I-485, I-131 and I-765?
  9. K2 visa holders doesn’t have A-number since is the first time for them applying . Ones the AOS is send they will provide the K2 with one. So it’s ok leaving it blank
  10. No. They will have to start over again with the spousal visa. Tell your buddy don’t waist his money on the K1 and wait to apply for the CR1.
  11. Yes. For interview the beneficiary HAVE to have the ORIGINALS OF ANY PREVIOUS DIVORCE DECREE of any of you two. If you don’t present original or CERTIFIED COPIES you will get the 221g at the end of the interview and you will have to submitted in a certain period of time. If you don’t. Your visa will be refuse. You can go to the courthouse and get certified copies and mail trough dhl to my country. That’s what my Fiancé ( the petitioner) did.
  12. Hey Mara, Im super confused with what to do. I have number from nvc and it is listed as ready online. Where do I pay fees and schedule an interview? What else did you do for the Colombia embassy? I’m not finding solid information anywhere. Thanks!!

    1. Mara Liceth

      Mara Liceth

      Hello. You have to go to the webpage   https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/ fill out your DS160 the ones it’s fill and submitted you can go back to the same page.    https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/ and it says fee payment at the immigrant section. Remember that K1 sometimes is immigrant. And sometimes is non-immigrant. Then it will show you what more to do. The page always gives you step by step.  Something I can tell you is To have ORIGINAL of any divorce certificate.  9CAA3D47-B340-4548-B497-0231BE14A2FD.thumb.png.1b70bd50f4c9a85cb63535e4c168566d.png

  13. Congratulations!!! I also got my visa in hand yesterday and tomorrow is my POE!!! sooo exciting!!!
  14. I went to my interview 2 weeks ago,they ask me for the last 3 years tax returns, w2, and the last 3 moths pay stubs.