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  1. Hi, IJIT-- We filed as Paul & NRA Henley. Refund check came. No response on the Tax ID number. I assume that is because she has a SSN now. As long as the taxes are current, you'll be fine. MAKE SURE her names (your names) are exactly the same in birth certificate, marriage cert., CENOMAR, etc.. We blew the interview when her father's first name was different. ;-( All good now, though! Once she's here, she's here. Hope this helps! pth
  2. Yes, we go in for our immigration interview on August 7. Her income is foreign income as a domestic worker in the Philippines. I appreciate the feedback. Is there any situation where I would file MFJ? Thanks for sticking with me on this one! LG
  3. Greetings from Texas, Y'all-- I need higher levels of wisdom than I am experiencing locally. If I've done something wrong, it wasn't intentional. Please be kind with your responses. :-) I have a tax filing extension (until October 15) for my 2017 taxes. I filed my taxes on May 21, 2018. My/our status was Married Filing Jointly. I put all 9s in the ID box, submitted a completed W-7, and attached a certified copy of her passport. 1. My wife is a domestic worker in the Philippines, and she led me to believe all she could give was a letter of employment with her wage rate. I included a photograph/copy of the letter with my return. 2. The NVC sent us a "soft checklist," saying that I was missing, "A copy of every W-2 form that relates to your 2017 tax returns." I only had one W-2, so they must mean her wage documentation. 3. Come to find out that after HARD work, she got hold of four pages that show all of her wages in 2017. 4. My 1040EZ is somewhere in the system. The IRS tool tells me it is being processed and that "Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available." It's been 7 weeks as of today. 6. Our appointment in Manila is August 7, complete with booked tickets & all. Is this a real issue? I've overpaid, even if Married FIling Single. I've got 29 days, and I'm completely open and willing to try suggestions. What should I do next? Appreciate Y'all, LG
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