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  1. People in USA will get a jump now and then if the suspension is lifted, the next people will be stuck in a long PD becoming current delay.
  2. It will definitely have some movement. But I wonder how many will be approved this year anyway. October is almost here and I barely think anywhere close to 226k has been approved.
  3. If I am not mistaken, it seems the green card from overseas has been banned for the rest of the year till Dec 2020 except for US citizen spouse and children and maybe some other categories. Only people in USA on adjustment of status or other means are eligible to receive green card which is the good news. The reason it's a good news is because if green card was totally banned, 226,000 green card for family this year would have gone almost empty. Now at least it will fill up to a certain level and hence priority date will move but I don't believe anywhere near the 226k mark as most offices are closed due to COVID-19. Let's hope things get better next year.
  4. Even if there is no ban on immigration, nothing will happen in the next 60 days as all offices and embasies are closed. So, in a way this ban has no meaning but to gain political headlines. Now if it stretches to longer, then there is a problem. Unfortunately, the news that is coming out is not so positive with H1B and OPT to be the next target. This is all being done to reduce impact on US unemployment. And US unemployment is not going away as worst recession than Great Depression of 1930s is predicted this time. Lets just hope things get better.
  5. Thanks for letting us know but it is also very disappointing that they are only handling Oct 2015 cases now when PD is only a few months away. They should be approving 2017 cases at least. In any case, at least you are probably the first person I have seen in the last 6 months who got approved from CSC for F2B and could provide some info on what date they are handling. CSC has been really disappointing for F2B cases.
  6. Well usually for same or worse if immigration staff work productuvity reduces. I don't think the current siatuation will have any impact whatsoever on number of people filing petition or application.
  7. Are you talking about USCIS California processing time or you know someone who got approved till June 2015? Cos last year in June 2019, USCIS approved till Aug 2015. Almost 10 months gone and now we have regressed to May 2014. It seems CSC has stopped approving F2B petition totally. Now petition approval time is longer than visa wait time as priority date is later.
  8. Man Vermont is being so unfair. I hope California doesn't end up the same way as it seems it is going the same route.
  9. The exact reason why petition approval rate has gone down and there has been unprecendented delays where petition approval time now eclipse or close to the PD for some service centers. There are now very few people who are getting approved and hence they don't have much people waiting in line they can grant visa to and hence the reason why PD has gone down. This is a blessing in disguise for those who were lucky enough to get peition approved early as the PD of 5 years and some months is probably the least we have seen n the last 7-8 years I believe.
  10. PD May 2017 California. No idea when petition will be approved as petition approval date hasn't moved a day for the last 9 months.
  11. Anyone's F2B recently got approved or any other petition? CSC is stuck in the same date for the last 7-8 months.
  12. I-864A is not required. I-864 is good enough. I-864A is only required if you also want the partner or wife of joint sponsor (who submitted I-864) to contribute.
  13. Don't worry. NVC's job is to check documents and forward it to Embassy who has the authority to grant visa. If Embassy needs something, they will ask for it. Just bring the document to interview if you are worried. Just to give you the piece of mind, the case which I mentioned above still says incomplete while we have received our green card. So, enjoy and good luck!
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