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  1. Spouse came here on K1, going through ROC pending right now. Wants to get the learner's permit for learning to drive. Can she be added to my existing car insurance? Do we need to get new insurance for her? What are the legal requirements and procedures. We are in michigan, if anyone has any specific personal experience. Thank you for your help.
  2. I was wrongly issued 10 year green card despite being married for less than 2 years at the time of AOS (from k1), I filed I90 at that time to fix it,then earlier this year i filed for Removal of conditions. Recently received the denial notice for I90 saying that they are denying it because my i751(removal of conditions) is pending. Do I need to do anything about it ? Or just wait for the Removal of Conditions to be processed?
  3. Could it be considered an invalid document because it was wrongly issued and if had the right dates,would have expired in September 2023. Also can it be used for international travel or getting a stamp is the more appropriate option?
  4. But will the card be valid, because it has the wrong dates. If it wasn't wrongly issued,it would have expired in September 2023. Not sure if it's even a valid document.
  5. I still have the wrong green card that shows expiry date in september 2030. The I90 still being pending,never sent me a RFE for it. Should i carry this card with the extension letter I received after filing ROC?
  6. On my green card it says USCIS number and gives the same number that i get in all my communications from USCIS under Alien number. They just add A infront of it. So are they both the same?
  7. I submitted ROC application a few weeks ago, got receipt for acceptance and finished biometrics. While ROC is pending, is is fine/allowed to start a new job? Can State ID and unrestricted SSN be used to fill out I9? Under the options where it says I attest under perjury that I am : Do I still pick number 3.Lawful permanent resident and give my alien number?
  8. So is it enough to just tell the guard in advance about the plate in wrist or should they bring some paperwork showing surgery was performed?
  9. Because of an injury, a plate was put in the wrist about a year ago,it's all healed but the plate is like an implant and is in the wrist.will that cause any issues? Should they carry documentation for the wrist surgery?
  10. Package was delivered on 26th June, what's the current timeline for getting text notification, check being cashed and the Noa?
  11. Using USPS priority express mail and sending my ROC to USCIS Attn: 1-751 P.O. Box 4072 Carol Stream, IL 60197-4072. I am in michigan. Has anyone used Usps priority express mail? Also please help me make sure that my mailing address is right. Sorry super stressed haha.
  12. I wrote ... I751 and Biometrics. Is that enough or should I add Alien number or something else?
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