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  1. The lady who interviewed me said she lived in North Carolina and I am in Baltimore. But it worked out great! I probably would have been more nervous with her in the room!
  2. Update: he was not allowed in the interview but waited patiently in the waiting room area with the other applicants.
  3. Oops. Virtual meaning I was taken to an office in the back and the officer who conducted the interview was on the screen. It was just me, the screen and a tablet in the little office at the USCIS office. I was not allowed to bring anyone back with me.
  4. I had my interview today in the Baltimore office. It was virtual and everyone I came into contact with were so lovely! However, I did not get approved on the spot. I had checked on my N400 form that I had been arrested on 2 occasions but the charges were dropped and automatically expunged. I had ZERO documents to back up the expungement so she said she could not approve. I cried the rest of the interview. She said she would drag her feet and issue an RFI so I had ample time to get the expungement records I needed. the interview questions she asked were: 1. During the Cold War, what was the main concern of the U.S.? 2. What are the 2 major political parties? 3. What is the political party of the current president? 4. What is the capital of your state? I forget the other 2. I had to read “what do you pay to the government?” And had to write on a tablet “we pay taxes.” The officer was so lovely. She gave me a pep talk about endurance. Made it clear she wanted to approve me but just needed those documents. I got my paper saying no decision could be made and was sent on my way. I spent the next 4 hours driving to the courthouse and calling our central repository and uploaded the documents before I even got the RFI. WHILE WRITING THIS POST, I got a call from the officer telling me I was approved and I didn’t even need the documents!!!!! God is so good!! she said I will get a letter in the mail with my oath ceremony details. Praise be to God - through Him all things are possible! wishing everyone the utmost success in their journey going forward.
  5. That wasn’t a question. That was me clarifying additional things because certain people were telling me, e.g. I can’t file until she’s a citizen, she can’t overstay her ESTA etc. I was being polite replying even though that wasn’t my question but I realize the hole keeps going so I’ll stop replying in case someone else thinks I’m asking another question. Thank you all for the responses! I have the answer I was looking for!
  6. All I asked was is she allowed to leave if I file once her AOS is pending. I have the answer now. Thank you.
  7. I am not filing for my mom until I’m a citizen. And she will not violate ESTA. If necessary, she will leave and then re-enter at another time. Now I’m concerned about insurance.
  8. My mom is here on ESTA. I want to file for her residence. If I file for her while she is in country, does she have to travel back to the UK while the application is pending?
  9. I filed 2/3/2024 in Baltimore. Just got a letter today saying interview scheduled for May 6. Woohoo!
  10. Congrats!!!!! How soon after filing did you receive notice of the interview?
  11. Wow! Speedy. What was the estimated time when you first applied?
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