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  1. Hi All, We have finally made it to the end of this leg of the journey. Now we wait for 3 yrs to apply for citizenship. Here is a summary of our key dates for those interested: Started process: Jan 24, 2019 DQ date: May 29, 2020 interview: February 22, 2021 Visa received: March 1, 2021 crossed border: March 1, 2021 SSN card received: March 10, 2021(checked on DS260) Green card received: April 15, 2021 Thank you to everyone who has provided information on this site! I learned more here than from any other source including our lawyer. I wish everyone on here a smooth and speedy process to the completion of their journeys!
  2. Look at the "visa in hand" portion of the FAQ document, it describes very clearly what to use and where to omit digits. It worked perfectly for me.
  3. We received our passport back today also. I was having some issues with the pay.gov site that it redirects you to in order to make the actual payment but it eventually let me pay the fees.
  4. @Hawk Riders, We have visa in hand today (3/1/2021). We are having issues paying the Fees, I am getting an error saying the Pay.gov site isn't responding. Is that the same error message others have been received? (and waiting a few days will resolve) or is this something different?
  5. Did you use CanadaPost or Purolator? Our interview was Monday and we have been at final Issued since Wednesday but we opted for purolator and don't have a tracking yet.
  6. Approved!!! Interview scheduled at 8:00 am, called in couple of minutes before 8 went through security, put phone in locker took elevator floor 1, window 6 gave passport and sat down waited for number to be called then went to window 5 DOCUMENTS: Asked to verify who petitioner was Birth certificate marriage certificate divorce certificates one passport photo AOS 2019 tax transcript took fingerprints sat down and read pamphlet INTERVIEW: 5-6 minutes later called to window 11 lady was very pleasant Questions: How did you meet? Did you overstay any visit time in States? Any problems at the border? Have you ever been arrested? Why it take so long to file for visa?(We have lived in Canada for 11 years) What spouse does for a job? Do you have any children? How many marriages? She approved my visa and handed me the welcome letter. I was out the door by 8:30 am Thank you to everyone that has provided information on this site, it has helped guide the process tremendously!!
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