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  1. I know for us who filed online we can just upload additional documents on our online accounts at any time. Is this not a possibility for those of you who filed via mail? You don't create online accounts after receiving your NOA1? Not sure how that works.
  2. There are tons of people in your situation, people who filed back in 2018 even. Just check the ROC threads for each month and you will see how many from late 2018 are still waiting. There is nothing you can do to prevent your extension letter from expiring. It will expire, and that's it. If you feel that you nee proof of your status in the US you can call USCIS when you have 30 days or less left on your extension letter. You ask for an infopass. At the infopass you can have your passport stamped with an I-551 stamp. That stamp is proof of your status just like a greencard is. Also remember, just because your extension letter expires doesn't mean you lose your status. It only means that the proof of your status expires.
  3. Yeah I hear you. But hopefully covid-19 works in your favor. There has been several cases that were supposed to have interviews but that later were approved without one anyway. I'm crossing my fingers! 👍Gotta get something good out of this pandemic...
  4. Sometimes they do, actually. It's not that common, but it does happen.
  5. Yes you have to mention everything. All tickets that are over $500 you need to upload the records for, that shows the crime and penalty. Anything under $500 just need to be mentioned. The problem for you isn't that you forgot to upload the records, because if it's under $500 you don't have to (that's my understanding, correct me if I'm wrong). The problem here is that you lied on the form. Where it specifically asked if you had been cited you lied and said you haven't. You should've clicked "yes" on that one, and then answered questions about the citation.
  6. Other people have had the same issue. Only way to print them online is to create an account, and many immigrants can't because IRS website can't verify their identity. Normally when you can't be verified, you can can request for them to send you a letter with a code that you can use to create an account. But because of the virus IRS aren't sending any letters. And for that same reason you also can't order your transcripts and have them sent via mail, because again - they don't send letters. So basically, the only option you have is to sit back and wait until IRS opens again and you can order the transcript or access code.
  7. It's very possible that that's the case. People working at field offices haven't been able to do their regular chores as they most often have to do with in-person services such as interviews and info pass. So maybe USCIS are transferring cases to field offices (via NBC) so the people working there can approve/deny cases that don't require interviews. That will certainly even out the work load and help the service centers, and the field office people get to work too.
  8. Did you have your AOS interview waived? Some people who came in a K-1 had their AOS interview waived so the require an interview for ROC, but their cases were first sent to a regular service center only to be transferred to NBC at a later date. Also many people who had a divorce would be transferred to NBC as well. If none of the above, it was probably just a workload transfer so all you can do now is just wait for either a RFE or an approval. And like I said before, there isn't any official processing times for NBC as they normally don't handle i-751 cases other than to just prepare them for interviews. So unfortunately we can't say anything about how long you may have to wait. 🤷‍♀️
  9. You can add as many letters and explanations as you like. Who knows if it makes a difference, but it's always worth a try.
  10. Clearly your didn't read a word of what I wrote.
  11. What was the reason for the transfer? If you had previously gotten an RFE from the first service center, and USCIS weren't satisfied with your response, then a transfer to NBC means you'll have an interview. If that's the case then you need to look at your local field office's processing times. If your case was transferred for workload reasons then you're probably not getting an interview. These kind of transfers are not a thing normally, that's why you don't find any processing times for NBC on the website. Things are very much out of the ordinary right now, I don't think anybody can even give you a guesstimate as to how long you'll have to wait, sorry.
  12. I think what the other poster meant is that NBC is the service center that prepares cases for interviews, so the absolute majority of cases that ens up there do get an interview. He never said "WILL have an interview", only "most likely". And he's not wrong. That's what NBC does, they prepare cases for the interviews it's common knowledge. However, since the virus happened things have not been normal and we have seen some cases being transferred there for workload reasons, not for interview reasons. There has also been some cases who normally absolutely would have an interview, now got their interview waived instead. This is out of the ordinary because of the virus, and the way things look right now, we're likely headed back to normal again. The absolute majority of people at NBC will have an interview.
  13. Nope, haven't even filed 2019 taxes yet. I did add 2016, 2017 and 2018 though.
  14. Happens to most people right now because NVC isn't sending cases to embassies because they're closed. Once embassies open again and NVC can start sending cases to them, you will see updates again. Once the embassy receives your case the status will show as "ready". That can still take a while, I don't think anyone knows when embassies are ready to get back to work with visas.
  15. Agree, today all i-751 are shipped to a lockbox and routed from there. The info OP read is outdated, I believe it changed sometime in 2018?
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