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  1. The embassy can extend the validity of your i-129f approval 4 months at a time, for up to a year. Most embassies do this automatically, but not all. To be on the safe side I'd recommend you to contact them and request them to extend it. Also ask them what kind of documents they need if the approval needs to be extended, som embassies require new intent to marry letters etc.
  2. Not quite sure I understand your question? Of course you can live in another state than the one you got divorced in, and that's obviously not an issue when dealing with immigrations. People move, right?
  3. On CEAC, are you checking the status under "non-immigrant visa"? If so, check under immigrant Visa instead to see your status. An approval on spot doesn't really mean much. What you want to see is the CEAC status showing "issued", only then are you actually approved.
  4. SSA and DMv are easy. You just go there with the marriage certificate and request a name change. If they don't allow it you just wait until her EAD comes in the mailbox in her married name (you file for AOS in her married name) and use that as an ID to have her name changed. Phillippines embassy I have no idea.
  5. You file for AOS in the name she wants to use, her maiden name or married name. If she wants to use her married name all USCIS needs is the marriage certificate as proof of her name change. The SS card doesn't matter at all. So yes, file for AOS in her married name if that's the name she wants on her greencard and EAD and list her maiden name under "other names used". You don't have to wait for the greencard to change her name on the SSN, go there with the EAD once you receive it. That's often faster than the greencard itself. The EAD works as identification and if it's in her married name the SSA should change the name on the SS card for you.
  6. Honestly, I would worry MORE having someone else doing something that important for me. I would want to do it myself, especially after reading all the horror stories about lawyers here on VJ throught the years. If you really want one I hope you find a really, really good one who won't mess up your application and delay your case in n all kinds of ways. Good luck.
  7. To be fair, even a person with a conditional greencard is a permanent resident. Other than that, the above posters are correct, definitely get that issue fixed asap.
  8. Yes, it's a different one. The i-693 is only used by panel physicians inside the US, not abroad. Her medical results/report was in the envelope she handed over at POE. It was then sent to USCIS and should be in her A-file there.
  9. Your case does not fit the first row because you don't even have an i-693 to begin with. You never had one. So forget anything that says i-693 because it has nothing to do with you.
  10. An overseas medical doesn't expire if you file for AOS within 1 year of the medical date. Which you did, so you're fine for now. The I-693 on the other hand (when medical done within the US) expires 1 year from the date you filed for AOS (if AOS was filed for within 1 year from the date of the medical). This has nothing to do with your case as you already had an overseas medical. You also never had an I-693 (it's for medical within the US only, not used abroad) so whatever it says about expiration regarding that particular form has nothing to do with you and your case. With that said, not every Immigration Officer knows USCIS' own rules and it has happened that K-1ers with an overseas medical marked "complete" have been asked for a new medical incorrectly. This is what I recommend for you - if the DS-3025 is marked complete, do NOT spend any money on a I-693 or a new medical at this time. Your case can very well end up with an IO who knows what they're doing, meaning you would have spent all that money for nothing. You wait and see if they ask for it or not. Most likely they won't.
  11. Why wouldn't you sign it by hand? You still need to print the form anyway, sign it before sending it.
  12. That's how it is for most of us, if not all of us. The old site usually starts working after biometrics.
  13. Definitely ALWAYS file for EAD and AP when you file for AOS, even if you think you don't need them. The EAD, even if you don't want to work, will serve as your only way of identifying yourself in many states. Many states refuse to issue you a driver's license or State ID without the EAD. If you don't have it you have to wait for the greencard which can take well over a year. Same goes for SSN if you for some reason didn't get one when you entered the country and your i-94 has expired - then the EAD is the ticket to get a SSN, and a SSN is important. Also always good to have the AP in case there's an emergency and you have to leave the US. Since both are for free there's absolutely no reason not to file for them. Ss for your question - once your greencard is approved the EAD/AP will be invalid. EAD/AP is only a temporary thing you're granted while waiting for your greencard so you can still travel and work in the meantime.
  14. Her K-1 Visa expired the day she entered the country, after that the only thing that matters is the i-94. The visa expiration date is only letting her know which day is the last day she can use it. I-130 is only filed if you married after the I-94 expired. As others have said, the sooner you file for AOS the better. You already sent the package and should be fine.