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  1. Thank you! So better off applying for citizenship before then if possible, just in case. The proposed fee is a huge difference from the current.
  2. "Effective Date: The FY 2019/2020 fee review assumes these changes may affect the second year of the biennial period, as FY 2020 began on October 1, 2019." What does that even mean? Most difficult and confusing sentence I have ever read since becoming an immigrant. 😆 Anyone that can explain it in easier words?
  3. It's normal. Fingerprints are only valid for 15 months, so more or less all ROC filers will get a bio appointment. The bio waiver letter should just be ignored as it's a very unnecessary letter, likely just an attempt from USCIS to keep all the crazies from bugging customer support for not having received a bio appointment "fast enough".
  4. In L.A. county it takes up to 8 weeks just to get the marriage recorded. It's not the certificate itself that takes a long time to get, it's the recording process that takes forever (or I should say the WAIT to get it recorded, not the process of them actually doing it). I was lucky, only had to wait 4 weeks to get it recorded (called every day to not miss it), picked up the certificate the same day.
  5. You're using a lawyer and.. -You have no idea if the package was actually sent -The acceptance letter (NOA1) is often sent to the lawyer, not you, maybe the lawyers lost the letter? Not getting the communications from USCIS yourself puts you in a very vulnerable position as you're dependant on the lawyer. What if the lawyer loses RFE or interview letters? -Lawyers often screw up on things you wouldn't have, as the application is way more important to you than it is to the lawyer. S/he doesn't care if her/his mistakes causes you to lose legal status while waiting. -You pay insane amounts of money to get their "help", and when there's a mistake you pay for that too (time or loss of authorized stay or money or all of it). Personally I would be very worried to leave something this important in someone else's hands. It's your life, nobody cares more about it than you, nobody will do a better job than you if you just do your research.
  6. I got mine after 4 weeks since they had to manually verify my name with the immigrations as it was misspelled on my i-94. This was in 2016.
  7. Ours had tracking and was priority mail, it was just left in the mailbox.
  8. Fingerprints are valid for 15 months, so most everyone who filed for ROC will get a biometrics appointment even if they first got a letter saying it's not needed. My guess is that there's a ton of crazy people who freak out when they don't receive a biometrics appointment within a few months of filing (we have all seen them in these threads), so to get rid of these people they automatically send out a "biometrics not needed" letter before these people start calling and sending online inquiries taking up a lot of valuable time from USCIS employees.
  9. Surprised you didn't file the second you had your marriage certificate in hand, 3 months ago I assume? Also surprised you still call him "my lawyer" and not "my previous lawyer".
  10. And if you're still the sponsor of the first husband, don't forget to add him on the i-864 too.
  11. In the first post it's stated that they're filing for a greencard after "husband" arrived in the US on a K-1, so this would be AOS. Not sure if they already filed though?
  12. Is there a reason she doesn't have a SSN yet? That's a very important part of this whole process.
  13. The validity of the visa itself is 6 months from the medical. Not from the interview. This is because the medical is only valid for 6 months for entering the US. Once the medical expires you can't use the visa any longer, that's why they give the visa the same expiration date as the medical. Email the embassy when you need to extend the validity of your approved i-129f, they'll fix that, no issues. It can be extended for up to a year, usually 4 months at a time, so you have plenty of time before you need to move. If you have the validity extended they may ask for a new, updated letter of intent to marry (ie a new date on it). Not an issue really.
  14. There is no "3 year rule" for her if she's been an LPR for 5 years. 3 years is only for those who are eligible and don't want to wait 5 years. Your wife is past that stage if she has already been an LPR for 5 years.
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