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  1. Good deal. Thank you. My husband and I were concerned that if we didn't get this done before my visa expired then I would be ejected from the country or something... You wouldn't happen to have a direct source for this information, would you?
  2. Thank you!! Ah, okay. So, now that we're actually legally married, we're not up against the clock in terms of having to get AOS/EAD/AP within the 90 day limit of my visa? Am I understanding that right?
  3. Hi all, Me again! Hoping someone can clarify a point for me again as I'm unable to locate anything online myself: my husband and I are now legally married, and are going to be getting our marriage license recorded with the county clerk later this week. What is the timeframe for us to apply for change of status for me before I'm forced to otherwise leave the US again? Is it still within the 90 day period the K1 visa covers, or? If you could cite your sources, too, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. In part, yes, and you're right - I would need to set up a forwarding address with the UK postal service (which you can do, at a cost). What I meant was more: do I need to inform anyone in the US of my residency at my new address in order to receive mail in my name at my new address. Or is it simply a case of I provide whoever with my address and it just turns up. Like, do I need to contact USPS and inform them of my residency here, or.
  5. Okay? Cool. Is there a process I need to follow in order to receive my mail at my new address then (bearing in mind, I've immigrated here from the UK), or does it just kinda turn up??
  6. Hey Y'all, So, super quick question - I'm now residing in the States (due to get married here soon!!) and am just wondering; does anyone know how I'd go about receiving mail at my new address? Like... do I need to register as being a resident here to get my mail (if I'm having mail addressed to me sent here), or what's the standard operating procedure? Do I need to have my green card before I'm classified as living here? Any input would be appreciated!!
  7. Not that far off though. I was actually in the States in 2022 for my first 4th July. Spent it camping with fiancé, his siblings, and his sister's girlfriend. Great fun!
  8. Close - page 18! XD Thank you!! Yeah, I'm fully prepared for the Texas summer. Been out there for a few summers. Definitely gonna be a shock to the system going from the UK!
  9. I feel so dumb! Thank you!!! I have been stressing myself out trying to figure out ####### I needed to present and didn't think to flick through my passport. It was hidden away deep in there. I appreciate the quick response!
  10. Hi All, New here, and I know this has likely been asked before, but can someone help with a quick query, please? Coz I have tried looking for clarification online and all I've found has been vague or extremely unhelpful. So, I have been approved for my K1 visa, and gotten all my paperwork, etc. but it doesn't specify what (if anything) I need to present at the airport I'll be flying out from (in this case, Heathrow). All I received was the ruddy great envelope that you're not supposed to open and my passport. No physical visa anything to say that I'm traveling on a K1. I've read on a couple of other threads here that you don't need an ESTA if you're already traveling on a K1, but like... do I need to present anything else at Heathrow? Or do I just wave the envelope and my passport at them. I'm just concerned about getting there and having to deal with any undue aggro when I get to the airport. If it makes any difference, I'll be flying with British Airways, and port of entry will be Austin, Texas. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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