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  1. Why will you not be allowed entry into the US again? anyway, the answer is no. You can’t just circumvent immigration laws. The longer you are out of status, the worse it is for you and the longer the whole process will take. Can you confirm your stepmother married your father before you were 18, by the way?
  2. We have no idea what your relationship to OP is so not sure how you know her timeline. (you then quoted Nolo about irrelevant categories, further confusing the issue.) Everyone here is quite clear about the fact that she cannot sponsor her parents until she is a citizen.
  3. No, not unless the priority date is current. You can’t adjust status from being out of status for such a petition. actually - if you got married, assuming your stepmom is USC, your getting married would change that petition from F1 to F3. If your stepmom is LPR, the petition lapsed when you got married.
  4. You will have to show all marriage documentation, both of marriage and termination of marriage. So yes you need to officially terminate your existing marriage, by whatever means is legal, before your next marriage, and have proof of this. Your second marriage will be both bigamous and void if you do not do this.
  5. Baby can only be added after it’s born. It will get derivative status and can accompany its mom. All F-number categories can have derivatives This is F2A
  6. I understand, but there is still an obligation to file tax returns with the irs (this doesn’t mean you need to pay extra tax usually, but you are supposed to file). I think you are supposed to file retroactively to be able to petition. as geowrian notes above, you need a US source of income to show. One way would be to move ahead of your family members and find a job, another would be to find a joint sponsor. by the way, which family members are you sponsoring?
  7. I guess this is the part of the manual that applies? https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-d-chapter-6 5. Residence in Multiple States If an applicant claims residence in more than one state, the residence for purposes of naturalization will be determined by the location from which the applicant’s annual federal income tax returns have been and are being filed. [10]
  8. Well, I’m another one who applied not marriage based and had to upload my marriage certificate. My husband just applied on 5 year basis and was also asked to upload his. We both had to upload our kids birth certificates as well by the way. All diversity visa based so no reason for any of these certificates being required, but they were. The docs weren’t asked for at interview (I’ve had my interview) but we couldn’t submit without them. Weird how you weren’t asked for them during the online application but others are. I took the available 4 years of transcripts and there was some other option (not as detailed) going back further that I printed as well for the interview. Wasn’t an issue, they weren’t asked for.
  9. Technically everything is on behalf of your wife as she is supposed to be the one filing in the form, but you appear to be doing it. By the way are you currently in the US or in your home country?
  10. This is one with a pretty obvious solution...you have a cellphone so just use it for all telephone numbers asked for...
  11. Yes, this. (Without knowing why this question is being asked, I’d point out that if the “sister of the colleague” gave birth in the US, it will be 21 years before the cchild can sponsor the father to immigrate. The child's father will be presumed to be the person named as father on the birth certificate.... that is normally where paternity gets “reported”.)
  12. The US is not nearly as harsh as Australia on public charge healthcare concerns, in fact Australia is brutal. I’ve had friends with an autistic child refused an immigrant visa because of the child, and an uncle already resident (but not yet a citizen) in Australia get kicked out after having a stroke. Age is an issue in the US, but it can be overcome as a concern if the sponsor is sufficient.
  13. Belatedly coming on this thread. I hope the silence since earlier in the week means OP got to the embassy and is back in the UK by now.
  14. Why would it? You’re listing the previous spouse, and anyway they don’t care about when kids were born and whether or not you were married at the time, or to who. It’s NVC, not a church. All they want is for you to list the details of required family members. Your child is still your child even if he or she doesn’t live with you.
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