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  1. FYI usps informed delivery says the passport is physically being sent from Tucson, AZ. I also found out separately that all expedited passport applications are sent to the Philadelphia passport agency in the first instance.
  2. Your “current address” should be in the country you want to interview in. As for the other issue just check that all your stated date periods are properly consecutive.
  3. E1s can have national interest exception and “jump the queue ” that way, FYI.
  4. Careful drawing conclusions. Are there almost zero interviews because they are not scheduling them? Also, in the official DoS visa priority tier listing, all the F-categories are in the same tier, so you really should be looking at all of them, as well as the volume of tier 1 and tier 2 to see how far down you are. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/immigrant-visa-prioritization.html (My gut instinct is that it still probably faster than Islamabad - but make sure you are properly assessing the factors)
  5. If your wife was on K1 that means you are a USC and she would not be subject to a bar. The question - if you read it properly in context of what it was quoting/replying to - was whether they would do it for someone who would be subject to a bar (F2A, for example if you need such an example).
  6. Ok so if it isn’t complete before you go you’d need to withdraw it (no chance of approval if you are absent longer than a year even with the re-entry permit), and in that case your husband continuing to live with you there will mean you will still be eligible to apply under the 3 year rule when you get back (you can then apply 2 years and 6 months after returning). Make sure you keep evidence that you have lived together. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-d-chapter-3
  7. The chances of you going from application to oath by January are very slim indeed but not impossible IF you are at one of the few speedy field offices, so if you don’t mind the risk of losing the application fees you might want to take that chance. Definitely apply for a re-entry permit for if you have won’t have citizenship by the time you leave. I guess you understand that if it’s not done before you go you will be resetting your naturalization clock for when you come back. For that aspect, is your USC husband is going to go with you?
  8. Step 4 https://my.uscis.gov/citizenship/what_to_expect
  9. Applied: 06/29/2021 (expedited with priority shipping) Delivered to Philadelphia passport agency: 06/30/2021 (signed for at 11pm!) In Process: 07/03/2021 (lists application as received on 07/02/21) Bank account showing check pending 07/05/21 Approved: 08/04/2021, estimated passport delivery date 08/06/2021 (1-2 day shipping) so one month + one day after “in process” Locator number starts with 34 btw.
  10. For a K1. And if it was someone who would be barred from adjustment?
  11. She doesn’t need a plastic green card to apply. Her stamped immigrant visa is proof of her LPR status.
  12. Friend of mine did this (worked and paid remotely) adjusting status on a non marriage based green card, assuming like many others it would be fine. Their immigration lawyer - actually the lawyer working for the university that was sponsoring their green cards after her husband got tenure - freaked out when he heard she was doing it and told her to stop, immediately. Because they were adjusting via an EB category she got the 245k exemption but had to leave and re-enter the US for her particular case to be ok. So again an immigration lawyer “opinion” but they had to use 245k so… it seems valid to me. It is less serious if adjusting as IR because violations are forgiven. I wouldn’t try it in any other category.
  13. Really? Can you show me those posts that say so? And don’t you think they would have said since been in US if that was what they meant, rather than putting EVER in bold and caps?
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