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  1. If there’s overstay, only possible if it an immediate relative of USC.
  2. No embassies are issuing visas at the moment. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/routine-visa-services-suspended-worldwide.html
  3. For clarification, visas just have to be issued by then, they can expire after. So there is plenty of time hopefully to reissue DV visas that have expired unused because the visa holders were unable to travel.
  4. Well - it’s certainly an angle for you to try argue. And yes, you are right, many people are affected. We have nearly 15000 dead in the US, much of the population in some sort of lockdown, and jobless claims are at a record far beyond anything ever recorded (they have gone from about 200k a week in February to 6.6 million a week the past couple of weeks). I realize everyone looks at it from their own angle but there is a much bigger picture here. It’s probably a good idea to assess whether this is actually the best time to immigrate or if it actually makes more sense financially (and emotionally) to wait at least a few months, especially given you are already living in a developed country. To be blunt: if the visa fees are a burden, what are you going to do about supporting your family in a new country, especially where you don’t have access to free healthcare or any social security benefits, if it takes probably a few months at best before you can find work? It may be a blessing in disguise if means you wait until the economy is back on its feet.
  5. Didn’t the recent Canadian travel restrictions explicitly mention not going to the border to get a work visa? Essential services excepted of course. Canadians can do that with student status too FYI.
  6. It’s not theirs either. The regulations do provide that if it is their fault that you can’t use your visa, then reissue is free.
  7. No point in them being open while visas are not being issued? Almost everyone everywhere has cancelled non-emergency medical appointments.
  8. That’s complex because of the restrictions on student status (has to be within certain number of days of the start of the course) combined with the long and unpredictable processing times of the I539 form, not to mention the difficulty of proving non-immigrant intent with a pending immigrant petition. Not advised. A denial of a CoS that happens after her b authorized stay has expired would invalidate the B visa and make it almost impossible to get a new one to come visit you. Also fallacy to assume she would be granted student status in the US if she’d be denied a visa, they look at the same factors, and your risks are higher (for reasons given above) doing it in the US. She can get married any time, but if it is before she has entered and become an LPR the petition/visa will be in invalidated. Alternatively she can wait to marry before entry if you have become a citizen by then, her category would change to F3 and wait time would increase by maybe 8-10 years.
  9. they shouldn't have to pay that twice, poster was talking about the fees they needed to pay again. Case and A numbers don't change even if they paid it already.
  10. You said you already filed it? The only time it saves is the mailing time. Hardly going to make a difference, you absolutely will not get a decision by next month.
  11. How big is your family?! Visa fee $325 /£260, DoS website says Medical in London is £290 adults/£125 children. That’s a lot of people to get to £4000? Anyway yes, unfortunately that would be your avenue.
  12. At the best of times the i539 form to extend status takes 4 months to process. Average this year so far has been 5 months. It will certainly be longer now as you need biometrics done as part of the process and the ASCs are closed. The best you can do is get them “extension pending” status by filing, but it is still overstay (though not unlawful presence) until and unless their applications are approved. if they leave after their authorized stay expires but before a decision is reached make sure they have copies of the application and they keep records of when they departed. They may well face questions about this next time they try visit, and there is a risk that their visas might be cancelled. Hopefully whoever looks at it will be understanding about the circumstances, but there’s no guarantee. I agree that enquiring about repatriation flights is the best bet.
  13. Of course he must be honest at the interview, and will certainly be denied. So as another poster above pointed out, your parents need to decide how long they want to be separated for. Maybe better for your mom to go back and they can later interview and immigrate together.
  14. Exploring legal possibilities to live in the Philippines while you wait for all this to be finalized may well be your best bet. As you say, it’s love not location that matters. Good luck.
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