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  1. Do you have to upload marriage certificates for previous marriages or only divorce decree in the nvc stage?
  2. Thank you for the swift response, does the petitioner need to submit his / her birth certificate.
  3. My husband and I are at the NVC stage, can anyone please help us with the questions listed below; 1. Is it necessary to upload child of beneficiary’s birth certificate although the child is not included on this affidavit of support? 2. Does the beneficiary need to go to medical examination / test before receiving the interview letter or after receiving the letter? 3. Better still, will the interview letter have instructions to go for medical examination / test? 4. Does the beneficiary need to upload educational certificates? 5. Does beneficiary need to upload proof of employment? Thank you.
  4. Glory be to GOD, we'd received both emails; my husband and i after 6 weeks. I'm very happy we've proceeded with our visa journey, thank you.
  5. Our petition was approved on the 3rd of April, Will the NVC package be sent by postal mail or electronic mail (email) to the beneficiary; my husband in Nigeria.
  6. Our petition was approved on 3 April. Will they mail or email the letter to my husband; beneficiary? He is in Nigeria and the post offices are closed due to COVID 19
  7. I don’t know. That is why I posed the question. I have heard of both spouses being interviewed together so I just asked because I do not know what happens if you are not in the same country at the time of interview. Thanks
  8. Hello guys, I am visiting my husband in Nigeria now but I will be back on the states when it is time for his interview somewhere in April. Will I be interviewed in the states and what will he need to bring to the interview. Will he need original documents like marriage license? And medical exam results, AOS, etc or will they ask for these things later?
  9. I apologize to everyone for posting this. I listened to this video so many times. Smh...Maybe because of the excitement and the title. I am so sorry. I would never play a joke like this. This is my life. I just want to be with my husband. 😢
  10. He got it from his brother that is a lawyer. A professor sent it to him. This is a current video. When you see it you will know. I’m so frustrated because I can’t put it on here. I wouldn’t lie about something like this. I’ve know for two days.
  11. I’m tying to but I can’t. My husband sent it to me on what’s app. I keep trying to put it on here but I can’t.
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