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  1. Hi all! So my husband is looking to submit the I-864 Affidavit of Support as soon as possible however, his 2022 tax return has been put on an extension. Since it's almost May, 2022 is the most recent tax return and he would obviously have to submit 2022, 2021, and 2020 but we don't want to prolong the process by possibly waiting weeks to submit the I-864 because of the extension and then waiting for it to be processed. I've seen that people have submitted 1040, along with W-2's and a letter explaining why they don't have their tax transcript yet and everything went smoothly for them. However, my husband is an independent contractor, a 1099 employee, so we are curious as to if there is a way we could do this even though he does not have a W-2? What would we have to submit? I think he is schedule C or something, I also am not too familiar with this terminology considering I am not American so apologies if the terminology or wording is a little off. Do we have any options other than waiting weeks for his tax transcript? Thanks in advance!!😅
  2. I'm just trying to learn a thing about this FBAR as a potential LPR and maybe a U.S citizen in the future. If an individual had an equivalent of $10,000 in their foreign account before becoming an LPR or a citizen, will they have to file the FBAR when they become an LPR/USC or the FBAR has to do with income earned within the time of becoming an LPR/USC? My second: Let's say A becomes a USC, but sends some money occasionally into the foreign account and the account accrues to the $10k limit, will they have to report such account to IRS, even though it's just a saving put in there and not an active income from an occupation. Thanks
  3. I am a US/UK dual national, and I have worked in the UK for my entire adult life. I am filling out the I-864. I was offered a job in the US which is why I am moving myself and my spouse and filing under exceptional circumstances, so I do not have a history of working in the US and have never had to file taxes in the US. I have ticked the box on the I-864 that says: "I was not required to file a federal income tax return as my income was below the IRS required level and I have attached evidence to support this." As I have never filed taxes in the US, I don't have evidence to support this. What do I do in this situation? Do I provide my tax returns from the UK? I make over the minimum required amount on the poverty guidelines to support my household, but am still filing with an extra sponsor for safety. Our additional sponsor does have a tax return history - could this help?
  4. I used the services of a tax preparer (H&R Block) to file my taxes for 2021, and after we completed my federal tax return the advisor informed me that I didn't need to file state taxes because I was under the reporting threshold (New Jersey). For the sake of being thorough before filing my N400 (regarding part 12 question 7: "Have you EVER not filed a Federal, state or local tax return since you became a lawful permanent resident?") I decided to check on state tax filing requirements just to be certain that I'm in good standing -- and found out that according to the NJ Division of Taxation website that my income for 2021 was over the reporting threshold. It seems this means that I should have filed a State Tax return for 2021, and I'm assuming the best course of action is to make sure my State Taxes get filed before proceeding with my N400. I'm going to get in touch with the preparer/office today to find out how to amend this ASAP before filing my N400 -- but I'm really stressing out about how this could affect my application even if I manage to get it filed late. Will I be in trouble with USCIS/immigration for not filing State Taxes on time even though I was told that I didn't have to/shouldn't by a tax advisor? Also once I do get this situation resolved and/or file my state taxes, does that then mean I can select "No" as my response to N400 part 12 question 7 because I will have filed all possible tax returns - even if one is late? Thank you so much, I'm beside myself with concern right now!
  5. Hello! Last year my sponsor’s income was extremely low due to covid. This year he got a new job, and his salary is high, but since they ask to provide his last year tax return, to prove the income (which doesn’t make any sense, how can his past income prove he is eligible to sponsor me now) the income, shown there, it insufficient to sponsor me. Is it possible to use his current income for I-864 instead of the one listed on the last year tax return? What documents should he provide to prove that his current income is enough to be my sponsor?
  6. I am sponsoring my husband, but we had to use a joint sponsor. We are now preparing for the interview and filling out an i-864a for the joint sponsors wife who is on his tax return. The form is between the household member, which is obviously his wife, and sponsor, but I'm confused which sponsor it is referring to in this case. Is it me or her husband?
  7. I mailed my tax return pretty late (approximately 1 month back) and my tax refund has not been processed yet. Should i submit tax return as my financial document for the spousal visa process or should I wait for my tax refund to be processed and then submit the tax transcript? Which one would be faster? I know nvc processes tax transcripts faster than other documents. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello There. I would like to share my IR1 journey so far. I will keep it short and simple. We tried our best to find a joint sponsor to support our case, unfortunately we weren't successful. After much consideration and consultation we finally decided to try our fate with whatever we have in hand. We got married in 2018 and we have 2 kids (my wife + 2 kids all US nationals) 2017- 2018 (my wife was living abroad with me - Saudi Arabia). in 2018 September she went back to the USA so we can start our immigration process, later we got the news that she is pregnant with our 2nd child (birth year 2019) and that same year(2019) we got approval from USCIS and our case was transferred to NVC for further processes. 2019 September she visited me again with the new born baby and we got stuck due to COVID situations all over the world until Mid of 2020. Finally after settling in with the new born & getting back to USA 2020 September she started working and she is earning 2k over the said poverty guideline up to this date. Since she started working in Sep 2020, her 2020-W2 only shows income and deductions for the period of 4 months. (Sep2020 to Dec2020). We have included a self-explanatory letter (stating why we didn't file taxes for the year 18/19) along with 2020 W2(4 months), 1044(4 months). All proofs have been attached such as resident permits for staying outside, birth certificate of our child born in 2019 etc. We have included employment letter & paystubs covering period of (September 2020 to July 2021) Our NVC submission date is 02nd July I would like to know anyone out here in the VJ forum facing a similar situation as me, it will help prepare for what's coming ahead for us. Also I will keep this thread updated for the sake it can help someone in the same boat as me. Thank you for taking time to read this post. Wishing everyone a wonderful day ahead.
  9. I am currently working on my AOS. My tax shows 2018: $43,000, 2019:$47,000, and 2020:$42,000. My employer made a mistake on my 2020 salary and is currently trying to fix it. My 2020 should've been $48,000. Will there be an issue with my 2020 tax showing a lower salary than 2019? I have a copy of a signed contract with my employer showing I should be paid $48,000.
  10. This may be a dumb question.... So I filed as single on my 2020 tax returns because I thought our marriage isnt recognized in the US?? (But we have been married in South Korea since 04/01/2019) It was approved but I am thinking of amending it and changing it to Married but separately filing?? I'm afraid it will effect our visa interview if I filed Single on my tax return transcripts... please help. Is our relationship even recognized before the Cr-1? I'm just confused.. I've heard both yes and no.
  11. I've not seen anyone post this problem so We may be getting it wrong- My husband is trying to upload the most recent tax return. However it's a 100+ page pdf and none of the compression programs can get it reduced small enough to upload. Its the 1080 form and the w-2 form is included. Anyone have an idea of where we're going wrong?
  12. So, I just filed for my 2020 tax return and it was accepted.... should I still write that my most recent return was 2019 and write the reason I didn't file for 2019 on the I864... or should I write 2020 down and send in my tax return documents from 2020?? If not.. should I bring my 2020 tax return to the interview to further prove my domicile?? Just trying to make sure everything is perfect!! Thank you
  13. So basically I moved to South Korea early Feb 2019.. When tax season came along in 2020 I didn't file for my taxes because I was unemployed living with my husband for that year...so I didn't know I had to do my taxes as I didn't make any money in or outside of the US that year. When attaching documents to my I-864 should I just include this as a reason I can't submit my recent tax return?... I do have a joint sponsor (my sister in law) who we will be staying with temporarily when we move back to the US....But I'm worried my reason isn't valid???
  14. Wondering if anyone can help guide me in the correct way to upload tax documents for the joint sponsor and household member on CEAC. My mother filed I-864 as my joint sponsor and step-dad filed I-864A as her household member. They filed taxes jointly. I'm confused about how to upload their tax return documents (they don't have a tax transcript). I uploaded each part of the tax return under the joint sponsor. After that: 1. Should I upload both my mom's and my step-dad's W-2s under the joint sponsor, since both W-2s tied to that tax return? 2. Should I upload the same joint tax return and both of their W-2s under the household member as well? Any help is appreciated.
  15. Hello everyone! I filled for a spousal visa for my husband in 2019. My husband had his Inter with the Embassy in Sudan. The Counselor officer placed the case on administrative processing. 2 months later they sent an email stating the a new sponsor is needed because the current sponsor does not have sufficient income. Although the joint sponsor is making above 100k annually. I found a new sponsor recently, although I’m not sure which tax year should I include. Because the the new sponsor has not received tax return for 2020. Is it okay to include 2019 and 2018 only? Or do I need to have the tax documents for 2020?
  16. Hi all, I'm filling out the I-864 form for my wife here in belgium, and have a question regarding how income is determined and compared to the poverty gudelines. I make enough to sponsor my wife, and will be bringing pay stubs to back up my claim. However, I noted that the I-864 asks for my adjusted gross income, which is NOT above the poverty gudeline because I live and work in Belgium and do not earn enough to declare any taxable income in the US. Has anybody had a similar experience? Thanks, Caleb
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