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Found 20 results

  1. Hello guys. Please someone who knows about this topic to help me. I’ve asked several groups, looked at USCIS website, and even visa journey website and each one says different than the other. i did not meet the minimum income to sponsor my Brazilian fiancé. We do not have a co sponsor and won’t have one. I have savings and I own a vehicle that I can use towards the income. But my question is: the amount of cash that I need to have must be x5 or x3? Example: the income required is 21k, I have 20k, therefore I need 1,000 times 5 in cash, so I need 5,000 to put in the affidavit of support and AOS. But im confused if it’s tines 5 or times 3. Has anyone been into this situation??
  2. I was told my wife and I should file our tax return jointly. She has temporary greencard until December 2021 when she is to receive her permanent green card. We have a tax credit for our kid that we want to collect on thats apart of my federal tax return. Im concerned it will be taken by the government as my student loans are in default if we file jointly so of course I lose any federal tax return im owed. Can we file separately so that we can collect on that earned child credit or is that a really bad idea when immigration sees separate tax returns ? And is that a useless futile thing that the government will clearly see through and tax our earned child tax credit some other way ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I dont mean to sound greedy, but my kid has Crohns disease and I spend a ton keeping her alive and she doesnt qualify for Medicaid or Allkids.
  3. I understand your previous year taxes are required. However, I've noticed some people get the free transcripts from the IRS. Is that required or can you just give them copies of the tax returns? Also I assume you only need to provide the Federal Tax Return and not the State Tax Return.
  4. I should be booking my interview appointment soon but I am a little confused over the tax returns I need to bring because our situation is slightly different. My fiancee has lived with me in Ireland for the last two years. For the first year she was in college and then she started working here in the second year (last year). As a US citizen working abroad she is required to declare her foreign earned income to the IRS. She won't actually have to pay tax as she doesn't earn enough. We have not done this yet but are getting the forms together. Due to the fact that she doesn't have a job in the US, I will need a co-sponsor (her mom). So I will need to bring an I134 from my fiancee and an I134 from her mom. I will need her moms most recent tax return but my question is what do I bring from my fiancee? Do I wait till we send in all this paperwork for foreign earned income (June is the time limit to do it) and use her 2018 return? Or do I just get her last tax return from when she lived in the US which would be about 2 years old? Thanks
  5. Hey when they ask for tax returns do they mean tax return transcripts or the W2 forms? My wife made zero dollars in income in 2018 both in the US and overseas as she has been living with me for the past 7 months. Does she still need to file her taxes while overseas and submit that during the interview?
  6. please help! I submitted the past 3 years of tax returns for myself and my co sponsor.. as per the request on CEAC stating "tax return or transcript" I got a notice saying they cannot accept those documents and I need to send in a transcript. Unfortunately the IRS won't let me retrieve it online or by e mail and their service center is so backed up they won't take calls. did anybody run into this issue? which tax documents did you submit? I am trying to find a way to get around this as its the thing holding us back from getting to move on. thanks
  7. Hi, I don't know if anyone has any experience in a similar situation... I am the Alien resident married to a US citizen. I was previously living in Canada but am not a Canadian citizen (I lived in Canada for 2.5 years) I was born and raised in New Zealand. I arrived in US and married in October 2016, was fortunate to get an expedite on EAD and started working December. We are now trying to figure out how to file taxes. We are looking to file jointly. My understanding is my foreign income is tax exempt due to the treaty between US and Canada. However when we have been entering the details in TurboTax (entered at the uncommon income section) the amount for refund drops significantly once we enter this information. Has anyone been in this situation and have any advice, or otherwise we might need to find a local tax specialist to help keep our tax refund.. Would it have anything to do with my temporary status in Canada, even though I was deemed a resident for taxes in Canada. Please I'd appreciate any information anyone might have
  8. Please correct me if I am wrong. I believe tax return of petioner and beneficiary is not required for filing I-130. We are showing our joint bank account statement and 401k beneficiary document where we have assigned each other as beneficiaries on our 401k account. Do you recommend submitting tax return/tax transcripts as well? Or is that something we should only submit when we file affidavit of support down the line. Appreciate your feedback. Thank you!
  9. Hi all (I hope this is the right forum) I am a little lost about health insurance - in relation to - tax return time, and I wonder if anyone could help please. I have arrived in the US on 08/15/2018. I have started work on 09/11/2018. I have just now learnt that I am obliged by law to have a health insurance, and since I am seemingly also obliged to report for tax return and that I don't yet have a health insurance, I may be financially penalized heavily..... that's as far as I understand it....... now, when my eligibility to apply for health insurance through my job, the enrolment period, I was told, was over, unless I pay extra to compensate for the missed time. At the time I didn't quite understand, so I said I would be thinking about it. Today, visiting the VJ forum, I thought it a good idea to check out the healthcare.org to apply there, but also there, after answering all their questions, I got a screen telling me that "the open enrolment is over" and that "I don't qualify for special enrollment period at this time" Besides that, I am not ready, or even able, to pay 300 bucks per month for whatever "offer" I am receiving..... my pay may be considered too high for help but it certainly isn't enough for that much money. I am so confused about the whole health care thing, especially since I have learnt that I may be penalized on my tax return for not having one. Could you advise please? Many thanks!
  10. Hello, Here is a quick synopsis of my story- I sincerely appreciate any help in advance! My wife and I were married in 2016- when I went to file my taxes in 2017 (FY2016), I wanted to file as Married Filing Jointly, but was unable to because at that point my wife did not have a SSN and the documentation need to get an ITIN was unattainable. I was forced to file Married Filing Seperately. She has now received her SSN and I had no trouble filing Married/Jointly in 2018 (FY2017) using her SSN. What I am trying to do is file an amended return for the 2016 tax year as Married Filing Jointly. Does anyone know what docs I need besides a 1040X? Any help/response received is appreciated! Thank you!
  11. Hi, my wife never worked before and so my friend is going to file as joint sponsor. As she never worked, she doesn't have any tax return documents. In this case, what supporting documents should be submitted on behalf of her for the I-864 affidavit of support?
  12. Hi all, So I am filling out the Affidavit of Support as the petitioner and am sponsoring my husband for the CR-1 visa. Since I do not meet the required income requirement (I've been on maternity leave in Sweden and get government assistance), my uncle has agreed and filled out the form as a joint sponsor. His income does meet the requirements. Yay! However, in the form I am filling out, it asks for a tax return from the previous year for me. Since I have lived overseas, I mailed in and filed all my taxes for the last 3 years about 1.5 years ago. I submitted 2016 taxes in August 2017. When I logged into the IRS website, I couldn't find my transcripts. I called the IRS a few days ago and they said they didn't have any of my taxes from the last 4 years in their system yet... I know they received them as I sent them tracked with certification. Anyway, I have a copy I made of the 2016 tax return I mailed them. Is it possible I can use this? The income I made in Sweden was less than $2000, so that is what I put on the taxes, and I am aware I do not meet the income requirements no matter what I do. But is it absolutely necessary to supply this transcript or copy of a return with the form if my income is insufficient? And if the IRS can't find the transcripts or returns or have not added them yet, what can I do? I have not submitted my 2017 taxes yet as I have not finished my Swedish taxes yet, I filed the extension. Any help would be appreciated. I know I should call the NVC, though I figured I would ask here so I don't clog up their phone line, haha. Thanks!!
  13. Hi there, we are filing out the affidavit of supporting and wondering if we should provide 3 years of tax return or only one. The sponsor is self-employed and his tax returns as following: 2017: 21k 2016: 11k 2015: 15k The reason for the dip on 2016 is due to purchase of vehicle. We are not sure in this case we should only provide the latest year return. Thank you all!
  14. We are filing form i-864a we are using my wife's income, she is the intending immigrant. However, she started working from Feb of this year and her total income from the previous tax year was less than the amount that would have required her to file a tax return, so she didn't file. In part 4 question 1a it says that we have to attach a photo copy of her tax return, but since she doesn't have a tax return to attach. What should we do?
  15. Hello, me and my mother (co-sponsor) already filed our 2017 tax return for the year. We have it here but I need the tax transcripts. The problem is that irs.gov hasn't updated it yet online so I can't print them... what should I do in this case? It is also my first year filing so I tried to make an account on irs.gov but it said there was no information.. It has been about 2 weeks since filing,. I don't want to use 2016 information on the i-134, Thanks
  16. Hello all, I am applying for the K1, my fiance will interview in Manilla. I am concerned about the proof of support because my last two years tax returns are both less than 5k. I left the military in 2016 and went to school for a full year so no real income. I currently have a job earning around 7k gross per month, how much savings do I need in the bank to prove I can support her ? Thanks
  17. Last week i have Filled 2017 Tax Returns as Single While IR1 visa in Process. Last year i also have filed as single and NVC has no issue with it. We are going to submit i-864 at US embassy my question is that is there can be any issue regarding this? If we must have to amend that tax returns as married then how much time it takes?? Please Help!!!
  18. Hello, all. Hopefully you can help me in answering a few questions. I'll explain it very simply - or as simply as I can... Husband and I married 07/27/17 after his admittance on a K1 Visa. He has a social security number. He's lived here now since July 2017. He doesn't work - did not work in the US at all during 2017. He has an EAD we received 12/26/17... has not used... does not work. Current status: Adjustment of Status (AOS) - waiting for date for Green Card Interview - USCIS informed us he's ready to interview as of end of October 2017 - just waiting on a date they are to schedule. Questions: 1) I've seen a lot of posts asking about whether to file, jointly, single etc.... I'm filing 2017 taxes. He moved here July 2017. Never worked here. a) Do I file Married filing jointly b) If I file Married filing jointly, do I mark him down as a resident alien, non-resident, or whatever else? He is in AOS at the moment. I'm assuming resident alien? He has resided here since July 2017 and will continue to. c) He made $0 in 2017 in the US. So does he have to be on the taxes at all????? I'm sure it'll help with getting more $ back obviously but is it necessary? Harder? Easier? Your experience? Your move? 2) Say after answering the above, I DO file Married Filing Jointly and listing him as _________________, what are the benefits of doing this? What would be the losses of not doing this? 3) If I am putting him on my 2017 taxes, am I still claiming head of household? I work. I have a daughter (I'm her primary residence and custodial parent). So it's me, my daughter and my husband. 3 people. 4) If I am putting him on my 2017 taxes, will it take longer to get the tax return refund back? I usually have filed online with HR tax software online and past year Turbo Tax software online and they were quick - it was simple returns - no house, bonds etc or stocks or 401k - and just my daughter and I and my jobs I listed. Will putting him on taxes slow the process down (ie. will they be looking closer at my return as a result and slowing it down in the process)? 5) #4 brings me to my last question - how did you (or someone else) go about filing taxes when the got married to a K1 visa immigrant and they were in AOS for that tax year and didn't work? 6) Finally, #6 - thanks for bearing with me, guys! ... does he have to report ANYTHING about his taxes from the United Kingdom for the year of 2017? (He worked in the UK until he moved over in July 2017). This has been a major question of both his and ours. THANKS! Add anything else if you feel it's helpful! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!
  19. Hi guys. I have a question for I-864 tax return for 3 years. Is it a problem if a sponsor makes over 125% for the last year 2016 but the last 2 years 2015 and 2014 he or she didnt meet the requirement? And how about he or she makes above 125% for the last 2 years 2016 and 2015, but didnt make enough money on 2014? Do they still need a co-sponsor? Thank you!
  20. Hello all. Just received an email from the NVC stating that they are going to schedule the interview! However, they have stated that some of my wifes' tax information is missing. The year in question is 2016, my wife was not in the states or working for that year as she was studying abroad. Pretty sure this has been stated on the previous forms that we have filled in, but just a little unsure. Don't want to go to the interview and find out we've missed something! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tom