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  1. Hello, you definitely will want to travel back to Chile to take photos not only with your potential fiancée, but also photos with his family and friends if possible. Try to also take photos of you and your loved one with landmarks in Chile. This will help prove that your relationship is bonafide. Best wishes and congratulations!
  2. The main reason that I started this thread was to find if anyone had gone through a similar process. If I thought that I knew everything, I would not be here. Everyone has opinion!
  3. Thanks SusieQQQ. You must be an immigration attorney and know all the written and unwritten rules of the K visa. That is a good question, what is most important to a 20 year old child. What they think and want does not always align with wisdom.
  4. There are no guarantees that she would be approved with option 2 after she turns 21 and many years later. She is approved now! Upon further thought, as a family, we will be able to visit the child in the DR frequently, while the K2 mother waits to adjust status and file for petition for her child. This process is different for couples and will not take two or three years.
  5. As her K2 visa has been approved, it makes sense for her to pursue the first option, assuming no other options exists. To expect a mother to leave her child behind without family to watch over her child for even one year, let alone 5 years is not human. Thanks for your response.
  6. Yes, I'm aware that grandchildren are not included as a derivative of the K1. That's not how I filed the I-129F petition for fiancé visa last year. I was told by Rapidvisa that the K2 (20 y.o daughter) has to apply for her visa as a K1 on the Form DS-160, and her 2 y.o. child as a K2. That's what was done, and the MRV fees were paid for my step-daughter as the K1 and her son as the K2. Rapidvisa also told me that the consulate officer has to approve/process the 2 y.o. Child's visa. It appears Rapidvisa's counsel was inaccurate. Thanks for your response.
  7. The approved I-129F Petition for Fiancé Visa includes my wife and her two daughters. The oldest daughter was told that her visa was approved, but because her 2 year old son was not included on the I-129F petition, she would have to petition for her son after she receives her green card. I was told last year that the consulate officer was enabled to approve the visa for the child of the K-2 who is a child of a K-1 (mother) during the interview. Has as anyone had a similar situation?
  8. Don't do it! I did something similar and ended paying a lot more for booking in advance of my fiancee receiving her visas. I was also enticed by the cheaper flights, and I was sure that the visa would be approved within seven days after the interview, but we received a 221g letter. We were in administrative processing for four weeks. It was very costly to cancel our flights and then pay a $200 dollar change flight fee for three ($600). I didn't book my return flight to the Dominican Republic until my fiancee' (now wife) was told that her visa was approved and ready for pickup. It would have been cheaper to wait on the interview results and then book our flights. Best wishes! 😅
  9. Oh my God! We were recently in administration processing for 5 weeks and I can only imagine the level of frustration that you are experiencing. I hope that you have inquired as to why you have been in AP so long and possibly have obtained an immigration attorney. I feel for you and your family. May God bring a favorable end to your situation soon. Take care.
  10. Congratulations!!! Enjoy your time with your husband. Thanks, we have our interview next Tuesday. 🥳👏🎉👏🙏😊
  11. I was not pointing blame at you. Thank You @Greenbaumfor providing the IRS link. That was a blessing. I stand corrected. 😁
  12. Thank you, for explaining that. I thought I was an anomaly. What you said regarding the phone number makes since now, as I gave up my land line phone number for my mobile number, the IRS did not recognize. This is why the IRS needed verification.
  13. That's good to know! At the time, I was unaware of this feature using the mobile phone last fall. I was referring to my experiences using the website as referenced on this forum. If that is true, that second option should be published for other's to use.
  14. This happened to a few of us at the Dominican Republic Consulate. There are two possibilities, 1) there are no dates available, or 2) your consulate has blocked the available dates for the purpose of control. Keep checking at least once daily. The openings will reappear. Also, if you check several times in a day, you may be blocked from the consulate's website, but you will receive a warning first. Happy hunting.
  15. As I explained to @Greenbaum, if this is your first time requesting your IRS transcripts, the IRS will verify your identity before enabling you to download your transcripts. As of the Fall of 2019, the IRS will send you a code to use to log in for the first time. The IRS does not want your sensitive tax information to be downloaded by an imposter.
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