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  1. Hello, I am a US citizen and my fiancé is based in Nigeria. We are both from the same country. We are trying to determine the best option of having filing a K-1 or spousal visa. We are currently not married but we would like for him to join me as soon as possible but also be able to work or at the worst go to school. I have tried to read through the instructions for both but still having difficult which one is best. These are my questions Which one is faster Fiancé (K-1) or Spousal Visa? I will be applying to the Texas location. How long will it take for him to join me here through K-1 or Spousal? If he comes here on the Fiancé (K-1), is he allowed to go work or go to school? I read online somewhere that after we get married within the 90 day period, we can apply for the I-485- Adjustment to Permanent residence along with a form I-765 – card. Can this be done while he is on K-1 visa or simultaneously with I-485? Any other information you have would be greatly appreciated. I need to get the process started as soon as possible as we are anxious to be together and start a family while he can either go to school or work.
  2. Sorry I'm going to try and keep this short! Back story: I married my husband in 2008. I divorced him in 2014. And I just remarried him again in December 2017. When we were married the first time we filed the I130 and were approved, but never followed through. He was given a 10 year ban and as of October this year, has completed and complied with the ban - he's been in Mexico for the last 10 years. Currently: We got married again 12/2017, and filed the I130 with our (same) lawyer. I received the I797 with a notice date of 10/01/2018 saying it was approved. Our priority date is 01/16/2018. We submitted all required documents and received notification on February 11, 2019 that all documents were received and he is in queue waiting for an interview. We have yet to receive an interview date! Is this normal? The lawyer says that they are taking longer than usual at the embassy in Juarez. Do you think our previous marriage is negatively impacting him obtaining an interview date? Is there anything else I can or should be doing? Just looking for opinions and any help/advice/signs of hope is greatly appreciated! 😁
  3. Hello i just had my spouse visa interview today. I was given a 221G blue slip and the consulate instructed my to submit the Proof of LPR in CEAC and send my passport thru emirates post. I already did both of these. Any idea what would be the next step? Or just need to wait? How long does it for them to process my visa after submitting the missing documents?
  4. Hey my case is filed under F2a, and I’m on NVC STAGE. I’ve not been working when I filled form i130, but now I’m working as a freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger. Been doing paid partnerships with companies. Should I write self employed in the employment section? If yes, what should I take to the interview as a proof of self employment? I’m from Pakistan btw. Thanks in advance!
  5. spouse i-130. my wife is a petitioner.we got married in Philippines 2018 i am from Pakistan i went to Philippines to get married .my wife is US citizen.she already applied for spouse i 130 petition and after 12 days she received form 797c . now its been more than 3 months they did not response yet . there is alot of frustrations and questions in my mind so any one can help me please .....i will look forward for the answers. living in rawalpindi
  6. Hey everyone. My Pd is June 30th’ 2017 and my case is filed under f2a for spouse visa by my husband. We’re on nvc stage atm, what do I need to know is that my husband’s this year income is around $31,000 is that enough? Also, he joined this job 2018s summer (June) but his last year pay with this job was around $24000, what should we do now? Should we submit his this year’s paystubs along with employers letter? Do we need to submit any other documents too? We are going to submit his brother’s paystubs too as a backup. Do we necessarily need to submit; IRS, w2 and 1040? Please someone make a proper list for me!! Thank you in advance
  7. Dear all, I am a Belgian & US citizen, currently still living in Brussels, Belgium with my Belgian husband. We would like to relocate to the US beginning of 2020 ( around February -March) and to do so I would fly to the US in January and look for a job ( and a place to stay) so I can file the I130 & the affadavit of support. Our question is the following : can my husband enter the US with me in January and stay with me while I file the paperwork? I am aware he will not be able to work until he receives the necessary papers (which is absolutely fine). We read that we could file documents simultaneously allowing him to do an adjustment of status (from tourist, ESTA) and allowing him to stay in the US during the immigration process. Is this actually the case or must I initially file the i130 & affadavit of support, wait until this is accepted & a visa number is granted? (meaning he would have to stay in Belgium?) Also read about DS 260... I am thinking of contacting an immigration lawyer since I am reading conflicting articles on how to proceed / length of the process. Thanks in advance, KR, Georgia
  8. Hi all, I am creating this thread for all people who have Case Complete in January 2019 and waiting for interview from Montreal Consulate. Please mention your Case Complete (CC) date and Priority Date (PD). In this way we can track and predict the interview dates. My timeline is below: Case Complete (CC) date: January-14-2019 Priority date (PD): April-30-208 Best Wishes to everyone. Peace! MK
  9. Good day everyone. I am a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and USA. But since my family is in Sri Lanka and also due to my personal matters I had to remain in Sri Lanka for the most part of my life. I was born and raised in the USA for about 1.5 years only. and brought back to Sri Lanka in my childhood. after that I only had to visit USA for just one month in last 2012. And haven’t been there ever since. But I have the SSN/Us Passport. So I recently petitioned for my spouse for the CR1 visa. Will it get rejected because I am not domiciled in the US? But I’m hoping to get back to the USA with a job. I’m currently looking for a job. Does anyone know a website or something that offers US jobs for US expats abroad? Thanks guys!
  10. Hello guys!! I am a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and US. I recently sent out the i 130 petition for my spouse. And received the NOA1 in 23rd Aug. and it has been transferred to the Potomac Service Center. My question is that I have lived in Sri Lanka for almost all my life because my family is there. And hoping to get back to the USA to re-establish domicile and find a job in Pharmaceutical industry because I have Bsc in Microbiology & biotechnology. Well I started working in Sri Lanka last year OCT. I do not make much money to file taxes, my annual income doesn’t even hit the required threshold. Since it is necessary to have tax returns when filing the affidavit of support after the i 130 is approved and if I don’t have tax returns by the time NVC contacts me but have a permanent job in the USA, will they buy it? And what will be the precautions I should take as I’m living abroad.
  11. Do they check for education of the beneficiary at the interview before issuing the CR1? What if someone doesn’t have a college degree? Can they reject the case?
  12. My spouse started i-130 petition as a LPR in May 2018 , later in current year March 2019 became Citizen. Case upgradation was sent at the last of March. So my question is that Will USCIS count May 2018 as initial date or March 2019 for Case date???
  13. Facts The last time I was on here was regarding the denial of two tourist visas for my wife to visit my Country the good ol' USA. My wife is Indonesian , we are both in our mid 40's , we married July 1st 2018. Our original intent for applying for the tourist visa was for my wife to accompany me during work, see my family , see the statue of liberty, shop, and site see for 4 to 6 months before we both returned to USA. On my last post this community determined that I had more ties in America than In Indonesia, the consulate automatically assumes every tourist visa applicant has intent to overstay their visa and never return to their home. No need to discuss tourist visas anymore because we recently decided that moving o the USA would be ..... A. a better choice for our future. B. a better chance of having her visa approved if we applied for cr1. C. we are tired of getting denied by reapplying for tourist visa. so we are moving on. Originally I stated I had a job in Colorado , A place to live which is partially true but only temporary. A friend lets me keep a room in his house indefinitely but my wife can not stay there , only me. I no longer have a current job, I am a seasonal salesman, a roofing salesman, which means I only make money if it hails which it didn't this year. Due to a hip injury I am currently seeking work outside the USA closer to Indonesia but could have my job back at any time in USA> I have a mother and father in the USA who are both 80 yrs old, one has Parkinson's the other has dementia. My wife would like to meet both asap. Neither of us want my wife to lose her rights in Indonesia so she will try her hardest to keep her residency in Indonesia, but for now we are saying " we just want to move to the USA''. If for some reason she needs to fly back and forth in the future , we will but neither of us want her to lose her rights as a Indonesian, especially for owning land or buying a house which is our 2 year goal. Facts about Wife : She is the owner of a event organizing business She has a daughter who is 26 years old and helps manage the company she has had the same place of residence in Bali for 15 years She does not own any properties as of yet. owns a car has her whole family in Indonesia I am just trying to state everythig down here so i can get the most accurate help. I believe every situation is different so I really don't want to read a old thread. So today marks the official new date of our new CR1 visa journey, Aug 13th 2019. Questions I Have 1. Is trump really passing or has already passed new immigrant visa regulations that will come into effect this October of 2019 making it even harder for my wife to come to America? 2. Is the cr1 the best route to getting into the USA for Visit or to live for my wife. 3. Does it really take a year to get approved? 4. Would it be faster if I apply for her from the USA. 5. Should I and where do I register our marriage online for the USA, we are already registered in Indonesia and I filled out and paid the intent to marry thing at the US embassy prior to marriage. 6. Should I fill out the I-30 form asap ? 7. Since I am not earning money at the moment will we have problems with getting her approved? Is there a minimum income I have to have? Or is it joint now that we are married? 8. Am I missing any other important questions? 9. Can we hire someone for this process to help with paperwork? or is it easy to do? 10. should we get a lawyer and what is normal price ? should we hire in Indonesia or USA? Any help will be much appreciated and I will keep posting and updating here until this process is finished. Gerry
  14. Hi all. I am waiting for CR-1 interview for Montreal consulate since January 2019. Its already been 5 months that my case got documentarily complete at NVC and every time I call NVC they just reply same thing "Case is complete and there is no interview scheduled". I don't know why its taking so long for them to schedule an interview for me however, I have seen people who got Case Complete after me getting their interviews done. I don't know what to do? And whom to contact? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  15. We both are living outside of the US right now. Im a US citizen, my husband's not. We want to move to the US together, and want to live there. What are the processes, what should I look out for?
  16. Hi! I am based in London with a valid 10 year-tourist visa. My husband, who is based in America, and I just recently got married. I am on the process of getting a new passport bearing my husband’s last name. Few months ago, we already started my petition paper. Since my petition won’t be finalised until probably next year, I would still want to visit him every now and then. The problem is, I am on the process of getting a new passport using my married name. Based on your experiences, will I be able to travel to US with the given situation? I wanted to hear your experiences. According to travel.state.gove, “If your name has legally changed through marriage, divorce, or a court ordered name change, you will need to obtain a new passport. Once you have a new passport, the Department of State recommends that you apply for a new U.S. visa to make it easier for you to travel to and from the United States.” The dilemma is I don't think I will be approved of a new tourist visa if I apply since I have a pending petition to be an immigrant.
  17. Really need help on this one. American citizen, native born, married a Filipino and had a child. I want to take my spouse to visit my home and family, but we DO NOT want to stay. We had already tried to obtain a K1 visa before we married, but ended up at an impasse because we were unable to acquire a police clearance from a certain country because the country will not issue one to non-natives. You can get one by bribery, which we did. They then processed it for 3 months, but dated it for the date of bribery, withheld the document, and then gave it to us 3 days before it's expiration. Tried to explain everything to consulate/embassy. They didn't care, obviously. We need a visa where we can skip this step as it is not possible to obtain these documents legally. Also, a visa that will not limit our travel. We wish to remain abroad. Any and all help or advice is greatly appreciated!
  18. Good evening to everyone, I hope some of you could give me your thoughts and advice about my girlfriend's situation: She's a permanent resident. She was born in Mexico, but her dad got a sponsored job and took them with him. She studied, elementary and middle school in the US and then came back to Mexico to finish the last year of High school and started a Bachelor's degree here. When she left to start University in Mexico, she had (if I'm not pretty sure) a H4 visa, being sponsored by her dad, and after a few years being enrolled in university, her dad got the green card for all his family. She usually traveled every 4-6 months back to the US for a few days in order of keeping that status. After ending university she worked a few months here in Mexico, and she moved back to the United States about a month ago, and she's actually living and working in Corpus Christi TX. We met in our career last year and we have been a couple for 19 months, and we're willing to get married ASAP. She's also being able to apply for citizenship in November of this year. She and her family have never had any kind of trouble in the border because of living abroad. My questions are: 1. With her history of being outside the US, and not having a work history, credit history or a valid US high school diploma, is it reliable applying right now for a spouse visa? 2. If not because of her situation, how much would you recommend us to wait? 3. What kind of actions would benefit our situation (like asking her to work for a couple more months, renting an appartment for a few months)? 4. Is it safe or high risk for her applying for a citizenship by the beginning of 2020? 5. Could they know by investigating our relationship that she lived all these years in Mexico putting her at risk of loosing her Residency? For your time and advice, Thank you in advance.
  19. Good day, I just want to ask because me and my husband are already in NVC Stage, Now we have completed civil documents and Affidavit of Support and supporting documents. We have his Federal Tax Returns 2016-2018 and w2&taxstatement. Do we need his tax transcripts? We already ordered tax transcripts in IRS but until now we haven't receive anything yet. We are under CR1 Visa.
  20. How long should we expect to get an interview letter, after approval? (Noa2) PD is June 30th 2017, our case is filed under f2a (spousal visa). And what’s next?
  21. Hello! CR1 Visa, Nebraska Service Center We're still currently waiting for our NOA 2, 169 days already. And I haven't heard lots of approvals from Nebraska service center. I want to have an idea how many cases are already been approved since this year 2019 and how many months did you wait for your NOA 2? Thank you so much for those who'll ever respond to this forum.
  22. Hey everyone, I need to know what happens after your PD becomes current? My Pd is june’17. So it’s almost here!!! Plus, does everyone gets RFE? I mean we only submitted our marriage certificate and stuff at the time of filing. What kind of people being asked for RFE lol. Plus I’m thinking to get our chats and stuff printed, but we have been together since 5 years and I think I don’t have a full record. My chats with my husband got deleted from my messenger long ago. I may have a chats from past 4-3 years? What can I do? And should I print all the messages we did by now? They’re too much. I mean way TOO MUCH! Who’d read them out lol. Please answer me what to do with these messages. I wish I could get a full record :,( Also we got married in January 2017.
  23. Hello everyone. My fiance and I are getting married soon in my home country(Nigeria) after which we would file for CR-1. We both talked about it and I don't want to change my last name to my husband's last name. I want to retain my maiden name as it has been on all my documents(Birth cert, passport, etc) Would this be a red flag for a CR-1 visa? Especially since I am from a 'high fraud country'? Would the consular officer suspect we are genuine because I don't bear my husband's last name? Does this have any effect on the approval? Thank you! 🇳🇬
  24. I am From the States and my husband is from Nigeria,we both live and work in Qatar, Got married in 2018, but his tourist visa was denied twice. The immigrate officer suggested that he apply for the spouse visa on his last interview... So now we are processing a “spouse visa” so he can be able to meet my family....... My questions is 1. can I as an American citizen still live and work abroad while My husband stays back in the US with my family after our visits for a year or two to be able to keep the green card before he gets his citizenship.. 2. Or must I permanently move back to the US with him on these process ? Thanks
  25. I am from Nigeria and my wife is a US Citizen. We both live and work in Qatar for over four years now. But we got married [wedding] on "march,2018" here in Qatar. i have applied for a visitors visa so i can met my new families but was denied TWICE, On my last interview the officer suggested i apply for a spouse visa instead. I only want to be visiting i do not plan on staying in the US for now.. my Questions 1. Dose getting a spouse visa allows me to still live abroad or do i have to live in the US for a period of time ? 2. what documents do i need to get ready before starting the spouse visa application process? from me and my wife ? Thanks for your help in advance.......
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