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  1. hey all, I've seen some helpful advice on this forum so posting for thoughts. I am a UK citizen and boyfriend is a US citizen. I visited him in early March on the Visa Waiver Program just before the US banned travel from the UK. I was only intending to stay here for 1.5 weeks but all my flights (6 to date) had been cancelled. I've now been in the US (California) for over 90 days and was granted satisfactory departure recently (so now 27 days into the 30 day satisfactory departure extension). We decided we wanted to get married and applied for a marriage license and appointment. The County office are due to get back to us this week to confirm an appointment - so not legally married yet. But I have a flight booked on the day of admission expiry (in 4 days) but it can be moved back if needed. I do not intend to stay or move to the US immediately, my goal is maybe move in the next 6-12 months (if permitted). So plan was always for me to go back to UK after marriage if it were to happen here. However, it is now looking unlikely that we'll get married before I return home to the UK due to the County office not responding, so I was wondering what my best options are. I really want to marry him before I return home so that we can start applying for the relevant visa as I know it can take a long time but also so that I can visit him if the covid-19 ban were to be extended for a lot longer (assuming those on spousal visas are exempt from travel ban?). - Do I stay here a little longer and overstay by a couple of weeks (assuming marriage appointment isn't too far into future)? I'm not sure how this would look to USCIS when I get around to applying for a marriage based visa and how it would impact my next visit to the US. - Do I just go home and get married on my next visit to the US - can I next visit on a visa waiver programme, get married and go home to UK? WOuld that be allowed, or do I need some sort of marriage based visa before I get married even if I was returning to the UK? -Marry in the UK then apply for relevant visa? There's a US ban to visitors from the UK so we are considering option of getting married in the UK but there's a long waiting list, and no remote option and more costly so this option isn't ideal. If we do this, can I apply for the relevant marriage visa from abroad and enter the US without issues? -Any other options I've missed? thanks
  2. Hello, Background details: Myself: US Citizen Spouse: Japanese Citizen residing in Japan with two year home stay requirement from J1 We got married back in mid 2019 in the US. She can return to the US in early 2022, and we wanted to have her green card available so that she can work upon arrival. How soon can I start to file for her Marriage Green Card so that she can work upon arrival? Or do we need to wait until after two year home stay requirement is completed, and then file? Thanks
  3. You guys, please tell me, how much does it usually take nowadays to get documentary qualified? Thanks so much for your answers.
  4. I want to know if Embassies are open now, especially the ISLAMABAD EMBASSY AND CONSULATE. Any idea when will they be open?
  5. Hello, Is anyone else having problems with the CEAC website when submitting a NVC payment? I submitted my IV payment and it was with drawn from my bank account the next day but the status still shows as "PROCESSING" and does not allow me to submit any documents. My AOS payment processed with out any issues.
  6. Hi, I just wanted to know, after accepting documents by NVC how long U.S embassy call for an interview. Thank you Best,
  7. HI, my U.S spouse visa filing is on working. my lawyer had submitted only my urdu marriage certificate and its translation (into English) but NVC rejected that document. Now i have submitted Nadra, Urdu and English Translation of marriage Certificate. Total 3 documents merge into one PDF file. i just wanted to confirm that is it right way to submit? and is it what they want? please guide me. Thank You Best,
  8. I understand that the Embassy is closed for routine visa processing, but does anyone know if that includes the visas that where approved for expedite? since it is considered a emergency.
  9. Hi!! I am having a huge issue right now. What should you do if your name is too long to fit in the name box on DS 260? I have 4 given names and 1 surname. the last 3 letters of my given name won't type on the box. Does anybody know what to do?
  10. Hello! just wanted to update anyone with a expedite request approved......my husbands expedite was approved on 3/17/2020 the day before the embassy closed, I thought we wouldn’t hear anything from the consult until the reopened but today I received a call to schedule our interview! They have appointments as soon as the first week of April. The agent stated that expedites are being worked on during the shut down as they are considered emergency cases!
  11. My expedite was approved & sent to the embassy on 3/17/2020. Does anyone have a idea about how long does it take for embassy to contact me for the interview?
  12. question..... I paid my NVC fees, submitted my documents and DS-260 on 2/26/2020...……. I also requested my application to be expedited via email today 2/27/2020 Does anyone have a idea of how long it will take to hear back from NVC?
  13. Hi, Does the spouse of a US citizen who is already in the US working on an H1B or L1A visa need to file the I-131 advance parole and I-765 EAD forms? Would he or she be able to travel outside the states on the H1B/L1A visa without these being file while they wait for the the i-130 adjustment of status to be approved? If they do need to file these forms (i-131 and i-765) then will it then cancel out the H1B / L1A visa once she receives the EAD? Any assistance would be appreciated.
  14. Hello, I think I'm in a bit of a pickle and need some light shed on my thinking. I'm an LPR currently visiting my spouse abroad. My spouse has a valid tourist visa to US for which he applied before our nuptials. We think we want to start our life together in US, but not 100% sure... also, which route do we take? Filing I-130 online is the first logical step, but then what... I've read on few websites I can file I-130 from abroad and then decide if we want to go with AOS or consular processing, but how does it work in real world? 1. can he come to US on his tourist visa AFTER filing I-130 and then file for AOS from within when we decide this is where we want to settle? 2. do we file I-130 and proceed with NVC while he stays abroad and I go back to US? 3. Can he freely visit me in US while his paperwork is pending? 3. What consequences are we possibly facing going with option nr 1? Does the dreaded 90 day intent rule affect us even though we're already married? 3. Can we start process with NVC and have it transferred to USCIS in case he is physically in US by then? What's the best way to get all this done?
  15. I'm a US citizen, my wife is a lebanese citizen. We were living in Lebanon (where we were married) and attempted to move back to the US December 2019. We had not filed for the spouse visa since we were only planning on staying in the U.S. for 6 months. My wife was denied entry and returned back to Lebanon. Reasons for denial: she planned on working remotely while in the U.S. She was a freelance editor/translator for a project based in lebanon funded by an American missionary. She did not lie to the officer about anything, and we didn't know at the time this was illegal for her to do. The citation however was not based on the illegality of working, it was based on the fact she didn't "qualify as a tourist" or something like that. She was given a 5 year ban. Many answers on her transcript of questions from the CBP officer were fabricated and had additional information added to make it seem like her intent was to stay indefinitely with me, and that she wanted to work for a US company and even to visit the US company she worked for (she didn't work for a US company, and never said she wanted to visit the company). Her signature was taken at the airport to prove "she gave her statement" and then was applied to the whole transcript affirming that she "has read all answers and confirm that the above information is true and correct". She didn't sign the papers; in fact she was only allowed access to the papers after she left the country. I reached out to multiple lawyers, and met with one in person. One lawyer said the real reason was she intended to work in the US. 3 others said that the real reason wasn't the work, but the fear of her attempting to stay in the U.S. According to the lawyer I met with, the citation given stated she was found to be "indamissable" because she didn't have the right visa upon entry; she needed a different one. All lawyers said best practice is to wait 5 years until the ban is up before reapplying for entry. there are other things however that are confusing us. Here's where my confusion lies: 1. The supervisory CBP officer assigned to her case told her in the airport that she can apply anytime for a Spouse visa to come back. Yet, 2. The judgement says she is prohibited to enter, attempt to enter, or being in the US for 5 years. 2. The lawyers said best practice is to wait 5 years to reapply, 3. The papers with her judgement on it indicate that she must reapply for permission to reapply before the 5 year period is over, and that this must be done "before commencing travel to the US". If it's supposed to be done within the 5 year period AND before commencing travel to the US, how can the 5 year ban be applied? It seems like we are banned for 5 years and also told to apply for permission to reapply and travel back to the US before the 5 year period. So we have the lawyers saying to apply after 5 years, the paper saying apply for permission to reapply before 5 years, and the CBP officer saying she can apply right now for the spouse visa. We. Are. Confused. Can anyone speak into this situation?
  16. Hello all!! Quick question! As y’all know the trump’s new public charge rule was approved recently, are the people awaiting the i130 petition to be approved affected by this? Or does this apply to new filters? The petition was applied outside the US. I’m a bit confused. thanks
  17. Guys!! Small question. I saw on the USCIS website that the final rule of public charge will be applied only for the applicants/petitioners postmarked on or after Oct 15th 2019 (if applicable submitted electronically). What does this mean? Does it mean that the i130 petitions postmarked after Oct 15th 2019? Or AOS submitted on or after Oct 15th 2019. I mean although the rule is on hold for the time being, I just wanna know if this goes into effect someday, the stage of the process this applies to? Thanks in advance!!!!
  18. Hi all, I am creating this thread for all people who have Case Complete in January 2019 and waiting for interview from Montreal Consulate. Please mention your Case Complete (CC) date and Priority Date (PD). In this way we can track and predict the interview dates. My timeline is below: Case Complete (CC) date: January-14-2019 Priority date (PD): April-30-208 Best Wishes to everyone. Peace! MK
  19. I am a U.S Citizen. I got relocation offer to work for 2 years in Scottland. I will still be paying tax to U.S government although I work in Scotland for this company. I have filed I-130 for my spouse and it's been 4 months. If I relocate now, i.e. before my spouse's application is completed and before my spouse arrives here, will it affect the application and visa process?
  20. Hello, I am a US citizen and my fiancé is based in Nigeria. We are both from the same country. We are trying to determine the best option of having filing a K-1 or spousal visa. We are currently not married but we would like for him to join me as soon as possible but also be able to work or at the worst go to school. I have tried to read through the instructions for both but still having difficult which one is best. These are my questions Which one is faster Fiancé (K-1) or Spousal Visa? I will be applying to the Texas location. How long will it take for him to join me here through K-1 or Spousal? If he comes here on the Fiancé (K-1), is he allowed to go work or go to school? I read online somewhere that after we get married within the 90 day period, we can apply for the I-485- Adjustment to Permanent residence along with a form I-765 – card. Can this be done while he is on K-1 visa or simultaneously with I-485? Any other information you have would be greatly appreciated. I need to get the process started as soon as possible as we are anxious to be together and start a family while he can either go to school or work.
  21. Sorry I'm going to try and keep this short! Back story: I married my husband in 2008. I divorced him in 2014. And I just remarried him again in December 2017. When we were married the first time we filed the I130 and were approved, but never followed through. He was given a 10 year ban and as of October this year, has completed and complied with the ban - he's been in Mexico for the last 10 years. Currently: We got married again 12/2017, and filed the I130 with our (same) lawyer. I received the I797 with a notice date of 10/01/2018 saying it was approved. Our priority date is 01/16/2018. We submitted all required documents and received notification on February 11, 2019 that all documents were received and he is in queue waiting for an interview. We have yet to receive an interview date! Is this normal? The lawyer says that they are taking longer than usual at the embassy in Juarez. Do you think our previous marriage is negatively impacting him obtaining an interview date? Is there anything else I can or should be doing? Just looking for opinions and any help/advice/signs of hope is greatly appreciated! 😁
  22. Hello i just had my spouse visa interview today. I was given a 221G blue slip and the consulate instructed my to submit the Proof of LPR in CEAC and send my passport thru emirates post. I already did both of these. Any idea what would be the next step? Or just need to wait? How long does it for them to process my visa after submitting the missing documents?
  23. Hey my case is filed under F2a, and I’m on NVC STAGE. I’ve not been working when I filled form i130, but now I’m working as a freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger. Been doing paid partnerships with companies. Should I write self employed in the employment section? If yes, what should I take to the interview as a proof of self employment? I’m from Pakistan btw. Thanks in advance!
  24. spouse i-130. my wife is a petitioner.we got married in Philippines 2018 i am from Pakistan i went to Philippines to get married .my wife is US citizen.she already applied for spouse i 130 petition and after 12 days she received form 797c . now its been more than 3 months they did not response yet . there is alot of frustrations and questions in my mind so any one can help me please .....i will look forward for the answers. living in rawalpindi
  25. Hey everyone. My Pd is June 30th’ 2017 and my case is filed under f2a for spouse visa by my husband. We’re on nvc stage atm, what do I need to know is that my husband’s this year income is around $31,000 is that enough? Also, he joined this job 2018s summer (June) but his last year pay with this job was around $24000, what should we do now? Should we submit his this year’s paystubs along with employers letter? Do we need to submit any other documents too? We are going to submit his brother’s paystubs too as a backup. Do we necessarily need to submit; IRS, w2 and 1040? Please someone make a proper list for me!! Thank you in advance
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