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    SusieQQQ reacted to C56 for a status update, Hello Susie, I am so grateful for your advice. I am more confident now, having learne   
    Hello Susie,
    I am so grateful for your advice.
    I am more confident now, having learned your explanations that my grandson will not be aging out during the immigration process. He has just completed 15 years old this month of January 2021.
    You did help me a lot understanding the steps of the I-130 process until approval.
    I put in writing my understandings. Please be kind enough to check them.
    As per Chart A predictions of the Immigration Planner www.immigrationplaner.com/visa-bulletin/all-countries/f2b-predictions/, my son’s PD of June 2018, will be current by September 2023.
    Then, NVC would be requesting documents by September 2022:
    - September 2022 is one year sooner than September 2023 (when our PD will be current in Chart A).
    - September 2022 is also when our PD becomes current in Chart B.
    The approval I-130 letter from California Service Center will be sent to me sometime between 40 to 52 months (3 years+4 months to 4 years+4 months) from the receipt date of June 2018. I should be receiving the approval letter any time from October 2021 to October 2022.
    In the worst case scenario the I-130 will be approved by October 2022 and USCIS will send it to NVC.
    If my I-130 is approved by October 2021, then it will take until September 2022 for NVC to request our documents.
    If my I-130 is approved by October 2022, the NVC theoretically would be requesting our documents by September 2022 (before receiving my case from USCIS??).
    I understand that the Service Center time range is estimated, and the Visa bulleting dates are prediction dates.
    Please let me know if I did learn the lesson!
    I thank you very much for your kindness.
    Best Regards,
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