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    benuk got a reaction from codie in London Medical - Knightsbridge Doctors   
    Trust me that doctor is a joke...she is out of line! She even told me to ask my GP for some BP medicine!My GP want to call her to say that if was the case for me to take something I would be taking 8 years ago when she start monitoring my BP! What a joke
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    benuk reacted to Holly2234 in London Medical - Knightsbridge Doctors   
    I had my medical today at Bentinck Mansions. It was pretty painless in all. I got there quite early around 8:05am for a 9:10am appointment. I tried the buzzer just in case they were already open but they werent. I found a bench nearby and sat and read the Metro until 8:55 then i tried again and got let in. Once you get inside, the door to Knightsbridge Doctors is on the right. When i got to the desk, the lady (who i believe is called Jade) was friendly and took my passport, photo, police certificate and vaccination records and questionnaire. She kept my passport and other documents right up until i left. They were in a folder that the doctor had. The police certificate was photocopied and i was given the original back straight away.
    I was given another questionnaire which was almost the same as the first, just a few more details. I gave that back at reception and they said i will be called in a few minutes. About 2 minutes later, a friendly older woman called me and we went to the furthest room on the right for the X-Ray. She told me to take off everything on the top half including my necklace and put on this blue robe/dressing gown thing. Then i had to get into an awkward position and the X-Ray was done. Then i went to sit in a small separate waiting room still wearing it.
    After about 15 minutes, i was called into another room by the doctor. She was called Alex and seemed to be British. She was very friendly and made me feel at ease. She managed to get a normal blood pressure reading so she must have done something right! She went through the questions with me again and asked about my hospital admission and wrote a few notes. She then weighed me and measured me. Then she asked me to cover one eye at a time and read a line from the eye chart. Then looked in my eyes, ears and throat. She then told me to take off my trousers and get on the bed. After that, she felt my stomach and did a breast exam. Then checked i was female. Happy to confirm i was right all along and then asked me to push against her arms with my legs and then my arms and moved my legs to check my hips. Finally she did the blood test which didnt hurt at all. This all took 20ish minutes.
    I got dressed and she told me that she will send my vaccination records to the nurse to check over so i went back to the main waiting room. I never saw her. I was just called up to pay and told everything was complete. I notice they have marked down that i have had chicken pox without even asking me! (I have had it, but they werent to know).
    So in all, it took 45 minutes and was completely painless. They could do with re-filling the soap in the toilet though... For £227 for 45 minutes, i expect soap!
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    benuk reacted to JimVaPhuong in Petitioning on Behalf of Parents   
    The OP was posting on behalf of her husband and his parents. It's unclear what their intent was when they entered the US, but it's irrelevant. We can't give retroactive advice. The fact is that it's illegal to enter the US with a non-immigrant visa or other entry pass while having the intent to remain in the US and become an immigrant before leaving. It's called "preconceived intent". It's not often used as a reason for denying adjustment of status, especially if the person adjusting status is an immediate relative of a US citizen and the preconceived intent is the only negative factor they've got against them. The BIA determined long ago that preconceived intent wasn't serious enough, on it's own, to overcome the positive factor of being an immediate relative of a US citizen.
    A bigger concern for you is entering with the VWP. The ESTA rules require that you waive all rights to appeal any decision by any immigration officer. This means that the IO who decides your adjustment of status case will be judge, jury, and executioner. They can deny you for whatever reason they want, and you will not be able to appeal their decision. An immigrant visa doesn't come with these risks.
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    benuk reacted to RICARDO4EVA2 in visiting the US with a pending F2A petition   
    from the US Border Office
    *tho it says K1 the same applies to any other pending application/petition while travelling.
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    benuk reacted to aaron2020 in Petitioning my mom who is currently here in the US   
    It's better if the US citizen child petitions to adjust mom's status.
    If the USC child petitions, then mom gets a 10 years green card.
    If the USC husband files, then mom gets a 2 years conditional green card. She must remove condition at the end of 2 years.
    Also, it's easier to prove a child/mom relationship with a birth certificate than a bona-fide marriage.
    If the USC child petitions, then USC hubby cannot hold any immigration issues over mom's head. (See other threads where the USC threatens not to remove the condition or ship the LPR back home.)
    If the USC child petitions, USC hubby can be the Joint Sponsor.
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    benuk reacted to cathy2904 in NOA2 EMAIL   
    Congratulations! Things will move much quicker from this point.
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    benuk got a reaction from Orando in January 2012 I-130 filers?   
    Got a email from USCIS today with the NOA2 approved!
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    benuk got a reaction from avi8tornole in IR-5 Timeline   
    Good news
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    benuk reacted to jaycali in I-130 Feb 2012 filers   
    That's how I did it.. On a Sunday full of frustration. Manually doing it took me a long time lol but it's fully possible to keep track of case numbers right before and right after yours.
    The last three digits of the number is the order in which your petition was received that day. For example, if your case number ends in 391, yours was the 391st case received by VSC that day. So if you happen to find out 389 and 392 were approved, your time is inevitably soon.
    This was extremely helpful to me btw when I got frustrated. Is an interview with a former USCIS adjudicator who later became a member on VJ!
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    benuk got a reaction from NevermindVz in Got DUI when I-130 was pending   
    So he should buy a clean Police Certificate in Mongolia and then come and kill innocent people in the US? Just because you can arrange things there with money?
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    benuk reacted to IR5FORMUMSIE in IR5 - Got AOS Approval - What Now?   
    I agree. But it usually has to be some pre-existing health condition that is likely to become a burden on the taxpayer if the sponsor isn't able to afford it. It has to be something that is palliative or terminal in nature and it is always up to the discretion of the CO. My parents had a few health issues when they went for the interview but that wasn't an issue, nor was age, as i saw people much older being successful. That was at the Consulate in Montreal, it may or may not apply to the OP's situation.
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    benuk reacted to Boiler in Can a POE be in London?   
    American Airlines flies direct.
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    benuk got a reaction from NevermindVz in We are foreign parents of a US born child, now what?   
    No,21 is the age that the child could file a petition for the parents not 18!
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    benuk got a reaction from Julie y Pat in We are foreign parents of a US born child, now what?   
    No,21 is the age that the child could file a petition for the parents not 18!
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    benuk got a reaction from Inluv in I-130 NOA2!!!!!!!!   
    Congrats one less on the waiting list!!
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    benuk reacted to Penguin_ie in I-864 CO-SPONSOR CAN PROVIDE ONLY 2011 TAX TRANSCRIPTS   
    If she didn't file because she made no money, you are fine.
    If she didn't file herself because she files jointly with an ex, she can get transcripts.
    If she is behind in taxes, but has made payment arrangements, she'll be fine.
    If she just didn't file, you need someone else.
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    benuk reacted to bigdog in I-864 CO-SPONSOR CAN PROVIDE ONLY 2011 TAX TRANSCRIPTS   
    Penguin great answer, finished my unknown thoughts.
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    benuk reacted to Kathryn41 in the new process time   
    Why in heavens would this raise further suspicions? Changes in processing times happen all the time. They increase, sometimes they decrease, sometimes they even stay the same - but not very often. Every one who has ever been through any of the stages of the immigration processes will tell you this.
    There are many things that affect the time frames involved from the volume of petitions received to what is the priority at the time. Please remember that all of the service centers handle many other types of petitions and applications than just the spousal and family based ones. Family based petitions is one of the smaller percentage of the actual work done by USCIS.
    USCIS generally tends to focus its personal in any given service center on the petitions and applications which have the most petitions waiting or back-logged. Some petitions have a deadline date involved and there can be a sudden influx of petitions trying to arrive before the deadline. USCIS doesn't seem to work on all petition types at all times - they tend to work on getting the backlog reduced in one area, and then move on to another type of petition. When a service center is working on, for example, Adjustment of Status requests, then the K-1 and the CR-1 petitions get put on the back burner while agents focus on AOS. The time frames for processing K-1s and CR-1s then change to reflect that these petitions are beginning to accumulate, and that USCIS won't be working on those types of petitions until after they catch up with the back log on the AOS petitions in several weeks. The expected time for processing those petitions then increases. When the service center then starts processing IR-1 petitions, the time frame on them will decrease as they start to make headway into the backlog.
    There really is no conspiracy and no reason to be suspicious. When you have been around the immigration process as long as I have, you will realize that nothing is carved in stone time wise. USCIS works at their own pace, is understaffed and overworked, and nothing more than that.
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    benuk reacted to Penguin_ie in Guarantee Approval   
    If it was "just" an overstay (no deportation, no missrepresentation etc), and beofre you were born, if you are petitioning for her that means it was at least 21 years ago, yes? If so, she may be asked about it but it shouldn;t affect approval.
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    benuk got a reaction from Air Force Wife in Italy working visa   
    Have a good journey!!
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    benuk got a reaction from Air Force Wife in Italy working visa   
    I don't see any problem on that honestly...I do believe your mother can wait her visa wherever she wants as long she makes for her interview date and by the way Italy is a wonderful country to spend some time! Good luck
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    benuk reacted to NY_BX in ICE Arrests 3,168 Criminal Aliens in Sweep   
    I think anyone that doesn't contribute to our society is a drain in our resources- legal or not. Florida is proving that one "Zimmerman/ Casey Anthony" case at a time. I rather have 30 undocumented construction workers than 1 Shaun Winkler anyday!
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    benuk got a reaction from Nich-Nick in NVC process for LPR   
    Hello there, a FA2 depends on your priority date or PDA now your PDA is the date when your I-130 was accepted by USCIS...so from there if you look on the VB= Visa Bulletin that is out every month you should see what PDA is available for a visa...Remember that because your husband is not a USC but a LPR you need to wait for a visa to be available and right now is running around 2 to 3 years for a FA2 get a visa!
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    benuk got a reaction from Jessa & Liam in Visiting while on NA01 and NA02   
    Yep,Yep, that is correct in Dublin they have already a POE into the US so everything is done there so when you get to the US you don't have to go through Immigration!
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    benuk reacted to JimVaPhuong in Questions on I-130 and I-485 for parents   
    Don't read that exception as being a blanket endorsement by the United States government for your parents to the come to the US using the VWP and then apply for adjustment of status. There are still some major issues you've got to deal with.
    First, the VWP is not an immigrant visa. In fact, it's not a visa of any sort, and it's even more restrictive than a B2 visitors visa. Very few visas allow for an alien to enter the United States with the intention of becoming an immigrant before they leave, and the VWP is not one of them. Immigrant intent is specifically not allowed. If a CBP officer has a gut feeling that your parents intend to apply for green cards then they'll be pulled into secondary inspection and grilled about their intentions. If they admit that they intend to apply for green cards then they will be refused admission, and put on the next plane back to Italy. If it was perfectly legal to enter the US using the VWP with the intention of applying for a green card, as you're obviously planning, then they wouldn't be denying anyone admission.
    Here's the deal about immigrant intent. Adjustment of status can't be denied solely for immigrant intent, even if USCIS has strong evidence that the alien intended to immigrate when they entered the US. A BIA decision back in the 1980's determined that immigrant intent, while a serious negative factor, did not outweigh the positive factor of being an immediate relative of a US citizen.
    Now, with the above in mind, an astute CBP officer might see solid evidence of immigrant intent. For example, if your parents are pulled into secondary inspection then their luggage is going to be searched. If they find documents that would be needed for adjustment of status (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) but would not normally be needed by someone merely visiting the US then they may decide to refuse to admit them, or they may decide to set them up. They could present your parents with a written statement declaring that they understand the terms of the VWP, and that they do not intend to immigrate, and require your parents to sign these statements before allowing them to be admitted (I've seen this happen to at least two other people on VJ). If your parents sign the statements and then subsequently apply for adjustment of status then USCIS has got them nailed - they have evidence from the CBP report of your parent's immigrant intent, and evidence from their signed statements that they lied about their intent because they applied for green cards anyway. Their AOS would be denied, and they would receive a ban from the United States for material misrepresentation, potentially for the rest of their lives. Even worse, since they entered using the VWP they would have waived any right to appeal any decision by an immigration officer. The IO would order them summarily deported (they'd be taken into custody) and there would be absolutely nothing anyone could do to stop it.
    Is that worth skipping a few months waiting for a petition to be approved?
    When Congress made it possible for an immediate relative of a US citizen to adjust status in the United States it was not their intention that it be used as an alternative to the normal immigrant visa process. It was intended to be used in extraordinary circumstances when an immediate relative finds themselves in the United States, and forcing them to return to their home country for an immigrant visa interview would be impossible, impractical, or just needlessly bureaucratic. USCIS used to be very strict about enforcing the immigrant intent restrictions, but courts have limited their ability to enforce it. The result has been widespread abuse of the AOS process by anyone who can manage to get any sort of visa to visit the United States. When CBP or USCIS sees an opportunity to catch an abuser, they usually jump on it.
    The lawyer will probably recommend they try to adjust status. Many lawyers would do the same because they get more money that way.
    There are some immigration sites that you can't link to from this site, mainly because members at those sites openly advocate immigration related activities which are not legal.
    I don't understand what you're talking about here.
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