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  1. ****** Moving from CR-1 to Philipines regional forum for country specific answers *******
  2. I can't believe they are trying to string the Maria thing out with a visit to Ukraine, enough already. Deavan is beginning to see the issues with her "husband" who she will have to treat more like a third kid. I kind of like Aladin, but it is clear ultimately Laura will put her grown kid first. The scene in the bathhouse was telling, her son still wants to be babied and get all her money. There was a 76 year old woman in India who just had twins via IVF But yeah very rare.
  3. ***** Moving from K3 to CR-1 forum for more answers and as the Op mentions a I-130, part of the CR-2 process *****
  4. Living together is being in the same home for weeks/ months, having the same mailing address, sharing bills etc. So not one night in a hotel. However, you do not need to live together to apply for a spousal visa, you just need to be legally marry and have met, which you have by being in the same hotel for a night (presumably in the same room, and have photos of you together).
  5. ***** post split from other thread by other member about another subject and other visa. Please ask questions about your own case in your own thread. ******
  6. ***** Moving from K1 to Philippines regional forum for country specific answers *******
  7. ****** moving from K1 to Philippines regional forum for country specific answers ******
  8. ***** moving from K3- a mostly obsolete visa- to CR-1 forum for more answers *****
  9. Back when I lived over there, there was a show called Essex Girls or something- like Jersey Shore for the UK. She reminds me of a not-really-grown-up version of that.
  10. ***** personal info removed. Please post on the forums as much as possible, so others can benefit from the info too. In any case, do not post email or postal addresses, case or phone numbers or full names online for your own privacy and security. *****
  11. ***** Mod note: This thread will not be locked as Op was mistaken, and did not truly intend to comitt fraud (which could lead to a lifetime ban from US immigration). However, there will be NO discussion/ advice on/ encouraging of fraudulent activity, just what OP should actually do. ******
  12. **** three threads merged. PLease do not post more than once on an issue/ question, it can be considered spamming ******
  13. We have general filers threads for each month. Check out the July thread for more info and to continue this discussion: https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/711345-i-751-july-2019-filers/
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