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  1. ***** Thread locked as advice has been provided. PLease make one account per person so there is no confusion in who asks advice about what and accurate advice can be given, as well as timelines being correct. *******
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    Dependent False (merged)

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    Foreign divorce clean CENOMAR help

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  4. ****** Moving from CR-1 forum to Philippines regional forum for more answers ******
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  7. **** thread locked for excessive bickering and discussion not directly related to the Op's question. Op is free to start another thread with immigration questions when they decide on their path. *****
  8. My DCF was 11 years ago, and we both lived together in the same country... I have no idea on this case, sorry.
  9. ***** one post edited to remove case number. For your own privacy and security, never post case or phone number, email or postal addresses or full names online. *******
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  11. ***** Several posts removed for advocating illegal immigration activity/ visa fraud, which could lead to a lifetime ban for Op. Thread closed as Op has been adviced of their legal option. Op is free to start another thread if they have questions about their new path. ***
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    Kids in Love

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    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    I remember there was discussion on here about it at the beginning of this series... maybe it was just a rumor