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  1. I am glad Usman stood up to Lisa. One thing that surprises me is she doesn't seem to make an effort with her appearance at all. I mean, she isn't a beautiful woman to start with, but with having a younger man, you'd think she'd at least try a bit, do her hair, wear nice clothes....
  2. **** post and reply split from other thread by other member about another issue. Please ask questions about your own case/ concern in your own thread *****
  3. **** post and reply split from other thread by other member about another issue. Please ask your question in your own thread, thank you~ ******
  4. Lesbian couple: Was it ever explained why the Australian isn't visiting the American at home if it is so dangerous for the American girl to travel? Australians can visit for tourist purposes no problems... Ash: I remember reading somewhere he may have some chromosomal thing that makes his eyes pop. Rose: He probably thinks she is/ was a bar girl. Not an unrealistic assumption (and would make getting the visa difficult). I get why she got annoyed, especially when he refused to get his own, and from her reaction/ telling of past relationships she may have been abused. But I think there is nothing wrong with asking to get an STD test unless you trust someone is a virgin. I mean with AIDS and all that, better safe than sorry.
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  7. ***** Post with blatantly wrong information and a personal attack, and those quoting it, removed. Visajourneys are stressful and this virus situation is an added incredibly stressful time for all. Please be careful when posting and do not post stuff as fact when there are no sources, even if it would be nice if it was true. *****
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  11. **** several posts removed for personal attacks, bickering, and telling others not to post. Thread locked as Op got the correct, legal answer. *****
  12. From my understanding he made his money in computers. Programming perhaps? A lot of people I know in that field, outside of the sales guys, are... not very socially apt. Lots of Austim/ Aspergers and just anti-social folk. Super intelligent, but no street smarts. I agree. A catfish story occasionally can be interesting and educational, but they are having too many, and milking them for too long. I do think the lesbian (or bisexual) couple are genuine, but I am not sure they will make it. Sounds like the foreign lady is very out, and the American is not. Those two lifestyles don't mix. American lady is also a Instagrammer, so another one for "hey, media will make me famous".
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