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  1. Penguin_ie

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    I think that is what we here sometimes forget.... these people are not the brightest to start off with. I mean, who'd want the drama and airing of dirty laundry on a national TV show? No-one who thinks this trough... so those that are left, those that go on the show, are hand picked for drama and, well, not being very intelligent/ not having studied the process, unlike most of us on this site. I wonder when TLC will finally announce their CR-1 visa spin off they are clearly planning.
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  3. There is lots of people who live together before marriage, so I don;t think them thinking that is a major worry unless you send in photos of a wedding-style party. I'd recommend sending in joint bills, mail addressed to both or either of you at the same address, and a couple more photos and date them.
  4. Penguin_ie

    Canadian Girlfriend Pregnant

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  5. Penguin_ie

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

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  11. Penguin_ie

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Ximena: I like her. I mean, maybe she is a good actress and that makes her likeable, but the "being in NY" thing could also be wishful thinking. Stripper girl: Her Muslim boy clearly has doubts, and so he should. If he believes in his religion, that woman is not for him, and she seems to think it is just a minor blip. Which kind of shows her Catholic faith isn't as important to her as she professes. Karin: she will always use Pole's insecurities against him. I like neither of them, but she will keep threatening to break up with him, forever, that is the way she controls him. Jesse: I liked him longer than most of you guys, but him flying over to break up did seem like an abusive move. Like he wanted to control even that, and see her suffer. I do agree she is an alcoholic though, and he is more mature than her. Rachel: I don't really understand why she doesn't want to meet the ex. I have always found it illuminating to talk to exes, and find out how my boyfriend treated them and how they treat eachother now. Besides- either your love is truly over the ex, in which case, no problem; or they are still in love, in which case, it's better to know.
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  13. Penguin_ie

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Rachel: they don't talk about a UK visa at all. I don;t mean to live there, but I thought you needed a visa to get married in the UK, even if yoiu are only staying for a week? Stripper girl: hey, it's a way to make money. Consenting adults and all that. But then don't go on about your Catholic faith being important to you. Tariq and Grandma: both the foreigners in those are so obvious. On camera. I mean, if you are trying to scam for a greencard, why mention, on a shot thousands watch and USCIS probably too, that you are considering a richer man in Japan, or dreams of coming to America after a fight with white grandma are gone, he wasted time, and so he has to patch it up?
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