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    Historic re-enacting/living history, historic costumes, art (watercolour; pen&ink;coloured pencil), gardening, cats, sailing, walking, horses, needlecrafts, reading (mysteries, sci-fi, history, science, classical literature)

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    Our immigration journey is now complete. We met on line at a mutual interest group in 2001; started to 'chat' in 2002; started to really chat early in 2003; first met in person 2003; became engaged in 2003, and filed for K-1 in June, 2003. I moved to the US along with my 6 cats in May 2004; we married June 2004 (on the one year anniversary of our NOA for our K-1) ,and applied for AOS in July, 2004. AOS was approved 3 weeks before our 2nd anniversary in May 2006. We filed to remove conditions in February 2008, and I received my 10 year card in February 2009. I filed for US citizenship the last day of April 2009, had my biometrics in early June, my interview in mid August and became a US citizen on August 26, 2009 - by far the easiest and fastest leg of our 6 year visa journey.

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  1. The Games Threads on Visa Journey are for the enjoyment of all our members. The immigration process can be very stressful, and playing 'games' is one way to help deal with that stress. So, this thread will list the various games available on Visa Journey, and post the instructions/rules about how to play them. Keeping these instructions in this one pinned topic will mean no one will have to try to find the first post in a game thread to figure out how to play the game. Anyone who starts a new game should make a post in this thread identifying the game and providing instructions about how to play it. Please don't be really strict or nit-picky with the rules. Remember - this is supposed to be fun! Try not to take them - or each other - too seriously, but please be respectful of the other players in the game and do try to play the game by the posted instructions. Attempts to disrupt, manipulate or monopolize game threads or the use of the game threads to make personal attacks or inappropriate comments about other members will be treated seriously and may result in thread-bans or suspensions. Honest errors or mistakes are fine; deliberately 'mis-playing' a game to cause a disruption or to make a 'scene' is not. Posts to this thread that discuss topics other than the instructions or clarifications of instructions for the games will either be removed or moved so that the actual instructions don't get overwhelmed by too many other posts. Let the games begin! (I'll be spending the next little while pulling together all of the posted instructions for the various games so be patient while I find them all and post them here)
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